Peoples Resistance meets CM Sindh for Dr. Riaz

Today afternoon a delegation of the Peoples Resistance visited the Chief Minister house and met the CM Mr. Qaim Ali Shah in a one-on-one meeting to discuss at length the issue of Dr. Riaz Ahmed and his maltreatment at the hand of Rangers on March 31st. This meeting was hurriedly arranged by the members of the People’s Resistance as a few days prior the comments made by the prosecuting lawyer showed signs of serious concern. Additionally the Judge was also under pressure to decide the case very soon and in turn simply reserved his judgment till the following week

The prosecuting lawyer made claims of an uncooperative Dr. Raiz and requested the honorable judge to arrest the Professor. All these comments have generally alerted us to the urgency with which the administration / rangers want to finalize the case, it must be mentioned that Dr. Riaz has repeatedly tried to go to the Mubina Police Station to file his FIR as per the directive of the Session Court Judge but the Police has continued to delay it on one pretext after another. Dr. Riaz’s lawyer quoted two instances where Dr. Riaz was notified to reach the police station or inquiry committee several hours AFTER the time for investigation meeting had passed. In fact, realizing that a trap was being laid, Riaz had already given a written statement to the Chief Secretary’s inquiry committee mentioning the events and the fact that he could not appear for investigation as he was notified much later than supposed to.

Looking at these typical bureaucratic delay tactics employed by the administration, we at People Resistance were extremely concerned and hence requested the Chief Minister to step in and ensure justice is served. We were pleased to note that the Chief Minster was fully aware of the issue and had already started work on the matter and promised to act upon it urgently. During the meeting we were also able to raise the demand to demilitarize the University on which he mentioned of the steps he plans to take to soon ensure the sanctity of the educational institutes in his region



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5 responses to “Peoples Resistance meets CM Sindh for Dr. Riaz”

  1. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar

    Immidiate actions are needed to prove the seriousness of the provincial govt. Actions should speak louder than the words.

  2. Ashraf Paracha Avatar
    Ashraf Paracha

    I have been following this case for the past two weeks, I am amazed it has not been resolved yet. Let’s hope right will be done by the CM

  3. Kanwar Chaudary Avatar
    Kanwar Chaudary

    Do the higher ups of Karachi University realize that they are now mentally brutalizing the poor professor. I think the honorable CM should mete out some punishment for the Vice Chancellor for letting the matter drag so.

  4. pjs Avatar

    I agree with the three comments.
    The CM should do the right thing by the Professor.
    He should then turn his attention to appointing some competent, decent human beings to run the affairs of University of Karachi. The current Vice Chancellor has brought shame to the office once held by giants such as Professor Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi

  5. dr razahaider Avatar
    dr razahaider

    the only way to encounter and put the culprit in to criminal assault is by way of boycott at all institutional level without the element of discreapencies on racial and political affiliation at large.although i am un aware of the incident but in my opinion,action in right direction can only manipulate the my opinion these paramilitary forces are under the command of military personels where as it directly comes under the domain of ministry of interior.the only way to engage these indivisual who has distracted the image of a guardian is to indulge by intimating to the director general rangers sindh with copy to the corps head quarter and similar copy to ministry of interior and GHQppdirectorate and AG’s Branch,endorsing the name of commanding officer in charge ,for lapse of duty .the same copy should also be forwarded to president ,prime minister ,chief justice and chief justice od sindh high court for pro bono publico actions ,without grieviances of present judicial crisis .