Karachi University teacher severly beaten by Rangers on Campus

Dr Riaz — a member of International Socialists Pakistan (ISPak) and a professor at the University of Karachi (KU) — was severely beaten up an hour ago by Rangers personnel at KU.

There was tension throughout the day at Karachi University and all the gates were locked. The Rangers were seen to be in hiding as usual. By 05:00 p.m. Dr Riaz decided to leave for home. He reached the main (silver jubilee) gate of the university, and told the Rangers personnel there to open the gate so that he may leave. He’s a teacher and has the right to get gates opened. The Rangers personnel got abusive, pulled Dr Riaz out of the car, and started beating him up with the butts of their rifles and sticks. They kicked him with their boots as well. Please note that Dr Riaz was absolutely unarmed.

Students who tried to protect Dr Riaz bled as well, reportedly. He’s in bad shape right now. I’ll post updates as soon as I receive them.

Moreover, we condemn the treatment meted out to Dr Riaz, and demand a full-scale inquiry into the incident. Dr Riaz is a respected activist, and is a comrade of ours. We stand by him and his family. We will not watch silently while our friends are attacked so brutally for no reason whatsoever.



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10 responses to “Karachi University teacher severly beaten by Rangers on Campus”

  1. Rehan Avatar

    Do we retain the right of calling us humans anymore? Couple of bastards beat the teacher and thats fine.
    The whole University goes on. No authority no one bothers to beat those shit people on the same place so that others may learn the leason.

    But I think we shit people are waiting for something terrible to happen to us. We stop by small wake up calls by the nature.

  2. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    is this in our nature to disobey or what?
    why we have to do things that we are told not too?
    i think the above story is not complete and i will wait for the whole story for further comments

  3. hammy Avatar

    Shame on them. idiots.

  4. Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar Avatar
    Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar

    MALIK AMAM, you amaze me with your comments every time. How much more illogical, delusional and absurd can a person get?

  5. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar

    Okay I can tell you complete story. I attended KU for 4 years back in late 90’s. If things have not changed much then the silver jubilee gate is closed for cars during the day but they open it after 4 pm for cars. Now there was a tension in KU so rangers did not open the gate. This teacher went to silver jubilee gate and was asked to used other gates which are more than 2 kms aways. Now after the long day, the teacher was tired and asked rangers to open the door showing his id but then rangers are idiot and just follow commands so they simply refused to. The teacher started threatening rangers and might have said some thing which pissed rangers and then it all happened. During my 4 years at KU, I never saw rangers interfering with any one’s business but if they ask you to move from some place and you say you would not then it is a trouble.(I recalled one incident where gals simply said we wont move and it caused quite trouble because you know larkion kay bhai just needed excuses). And honestly I felt myself safe in presence of rangers at least at KU.

  6. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    Cmon u know the security condition in pakistan right now a bomb can go off any where so as MR obi said and as what i had mentioned above why do we disobey?
    “i dare this teacher to do this kind of a Thing in some western country.”
    u know what he will not do it and he would simply go to another gate but no as he has to show that he is a pakistani and as Pakistani’s does not care abt rules and think that they are kings and queens.
    i would love these rangers to beat up some of my teacher so that there attitude could be fix and so that there feets could touch the ground.
    but as he was a teacher and my religion teachs me to respect him as my father they should not have betean the poor guy

  7. yjan Avatar

    M AMAM
    I wouldnt like to speculate, but you are in the ‘armed forces’ arent you?
    Civilized people, dont have to obey. They think and argue and act accordingly.
    in a civil society, particularly a University, the punishment for disobeying is never ‘beating up’.
    The ‘security situation’ you refer to in Pakistan exists after 35 years including last 8 years of military rule. Wake up and think for a second.
    BTW: the teacher was a respected member of the Cambridge University, a well known Western University indeed

  8. yjan Avatar

    M Amam
    PS: I appreciate your comment about the poor guy not having to be beat up (but disagree about your suggestion that any teacher should be taught a lesson by beating them up).
    Also, a technical point re security situation, even the Rangers having denied that he was leaving a ‘tense’ situation. Your absurd argument about ‘security’ would be barely logical if the man was trying to get into the University.

  9. yjan Avatar

    To all who are skeptical about the facts of the situation and waiting for the facts to emerge, the following link will be insightful (also on Trackback)


    When evidence is presented to an objective audience, they should arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

    It is astonishing that after this, a case has been filed against the teacher. The audacity of the Rangers and UoK administration is mindboggling.

  10. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    All the comments I read here just shows the terrible fix we are in as a nation.Everyone of us has has his own way of looking at things;there are no accepted norme!The only law is power or danda.Which continues to be used at the will of the holder -the rest of us merely oppose or support it’s use,depending on our consciounce or need.And even that makes no difference except helping those in power to divide and exploit us for achieving there own ends.
    This case emphasises all over again,the need to empower the judiciary and keep it free of Government pressure.In a case like this both parties could be reffered to the their Lordships the judges – and the guilty punished.
    Unfortunately it seems that once again the politicians -and specially the defence minister of the incoming government- have started aligning themselves with the military to defy the will of the people as reflected in the recent elections.The lawyers and civil society need to remain vigilent.