Dharna at Karachi University on Tuesday 8th April

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In a meeting of the People’s Resistance today (6th April) at Aurat Foundation it was decided that the members of the civil society seriously condemn the recent incident where the Pakistan Rangers posted at the Karachi University brutality beat up a University Professor on 31st March, leaving him battered and bruised

To show their support and concern the Peoples Resistance along with other NGO’s, Civil Society groups and CMKP would join the Teachers and Students of Karachi University in a Dharna outside the Silver Jubilee gate of Karachi University on Tuesday 8th April 2008 at 12:30 PM to condemn mistreatment of Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmed by the Pakistan Rangers a few days earlier. The Dharna would also demand an immediate withdrawal of all military & para-military personnel from the Karachi University campus.

LOCATION : Silver Jubilee Gate, Karachi University
DATE : 8th April 2008 (Tuesday)
TIME : 12:30 PM

A call is being issued to all concerned citizens of Karachi to join us in this protest and show their support for a respectable teacher & professor of the University while at the same time say NO to the presence of military forces in these educational institutes.



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One response to “Dharna at Karachi University on Tuesday 8th April”

  1. sikandar janjua Avatar
    sikandar janjua

    I think civil society should come forward and protest against the presence of rangers and police in educational institutions. Rangers have nothing to do in campuses. They are there to serve the interests of administrations of institutions. They also don’t know how to behave with students and teachers. Instead, they are busy in creating a state of terror and insecurity. They are a continuous Burdon on budgets of institutions and they have also occupied large number of buildings and hostels which must be handed back over to students and institutions. This is the right time that civil society and concerned citizens come forward and say loudly, “ NO MORE RANGERS IN CAMPUSES NOW”

    Sikandar Janjua

    Ex-student, Karachi University