People’s Resistance demands immediate inquiry into Rangers’ maltreatment of Professor

The People’s Resistance, a coalition of pro-democracy individuals and organisations, strongly condemns and demands immediate inquiry into the manhandling and beating up of Dr Riaz Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Applied Chemistry at Karachi University by Pakistan Rangers.

On Monday, March 31, Dr Riaz attempted to drive out of the campus from the Silver Jubilee gate. Rangers deployed in the campus had closed all entry and exit gates following a clash between two student groups and refused to open the gate for Dr Riaz’s car. After some harsh words they dragged him out of the car, abused him, kicked him with their boots, and severely beat him with their fists, batons and rifle butts. They dragged up to two meters in the presence of their Commandant Colonel Iftekhar. Students who tried to protect Dr Riaz were also injured. Some teachers and students took the injured professor to the Aga Khan Hospital where a medico-legal exam was carried out.

We demand:

  • An immediate, full-scale and high level inquiry into the incident
  • Removal of Rangers from university
  • The registration of an FIR against the Rangers involved in brutalising the Karachi University professor and the due process of law to punish the culprits.

It should be noted that Dr. Riaz was among the university professors and staff who have consistently opposed the deployment of Rangers at the university since this move was made after the ban on student unions in the 1980s. The Rangers’ deployment at KU has not only made the security situation worse at the institution, but also resulted in a disruption of the academic atmosphere. Some months ago, Dr Riaz had berated the Rangers for kicking students’ book-bags; one of the Rangers involved in that incident was among the four who maltreated him yesterday.

Peoples Resistance joins organisations like HRCP, AHRC and others in condemning the treatment meted out to Dr Riaz Ahmed and demanding a full-scale inquiry into the incident, stern action against the culprits, and the immediate filing of an FIR against the culprits to ensure justice for Dr Riaz Ahmed.



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15 responses to “People’s Resistance demands immediate inquiry into Rangers’ maltreatment of Professor”

  1. nazia Avatar

    This type of incidents are indicative of mafia cultures and personal revenges and usually happen when state and its machinery are failed to provide justice and security to its common people.Now all national resources are spent on govt top officials security plans and their movements and people who are hired for security have become extremly frustrated owing to long duty hours and fear of facing terrorism at all times.They are purging their tension on such ways that was adopted in KU.So After seeing the mishandling of CJP in Mar 2007 nation should had been realised that now there is no respect of common and noble professionals in streets of Pakistan.

  2. d0ct0r Avatar

    Rangers Version

    However, a spokesman for the Rangers, Captain Fazal, said: “Soon after a clash between two students’ groups on Monday, the Rangers were asked to tighten security. Furthermore, they were asked to keep the university’s gates closed as there were chances that some armed people might get in.”

    He said that Dr Ahmed turned up at the Silver Jubilee Gate in his car which he was driving so fast that he hit the Rangers personnel who tried to stop him.

    “He was asked again and again to use the other gate meant for the teachers, known as the Staff Gate, but he was adamant that he would use only Silver Jubilee Gate,” he added.

    According to the spokesman, when Dr Ahmed was not allowed [to leave through the Silver Jubilee Gate], he used abusive language and pushed one of the Rangers personnel who fell. The two became involved in a brawl, he said.

    Captain Fazal denied that the teacher had been beaten up at all. On the contrary, he insisted that it was the Rangers man who got injured and had one of his fingers fractured.

    The Rangers spokesman alleged that Dr Ahmed was known for his political ambitions.

  3. d0ct0r Avatar

    that was quoted from

    It should be noted that Dr. Riaz was among the university professors and staff who have consistently opposed the deployment of Rangers at the university

    it seems that prof already had issues with Rangers,he simply could’ve used the staff gate meant for teacher instead of making a fuss and should’ve been aware that rangers were ordered to close down Silver Jubilee Gate “after a clash between two students’ groups”

    Withdrawing rangers from KU would mean leaving the students at the mercy of these “two violent students group”

  4. yjan Avatar

    it is astonishing to see that even the Pakistan Rangers have a news spinning department. Captain Fazal is speculating and implying about the ‘political ambitions’ of a University of Karachi employee. Too much CNN watching and not enough discipline.

    So Captain Fazal seems to be implying that the victim either asked for a beating (for the crime of ‘insisting’ on leaving from a specific gate). Alternatively, the victim beat himself up, make himself bleed from his head, ripped his own clothes, all to achieve his political ambitions?

    Give me a break.

    By all accounts, witnesses, University administration (see article in Dawn and what the KU campus adviser said: medical report (, the man was assaulted and set upon by goons wearing uniforms.
    I give Captain Fazal credit for imaginative thinking, misguided as it may be, but the rest please show some humanity.
    Even if the man was insisting on leaving from a gate and even if there was a ‘security’ situation, does he have to be beaten up 4 against 1?

  5. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar

    Please read my comment on this topic in other post of this blog. I have been in KU for 4 years and believe me we really need rangers there. The amount of weapon these students’ parties have on their disposal, we need some one who could control them. There is no black and white so please stop posting to remove rangers. Been there, seen all and I could visualize all this w/o any details and already wrote in other thread what might had happened.

  6. anonymous Avatar

    The fact is that there have been more violent deaths since rangers were deployed however they managed to hide the news. This same thing happened on Monday as well, you can see how small the news item of the clash and subsequent beating by the rangers have been in the leading newspapers. Rangers are treating the effect and not the cause of the violence.

    About opening of the gate, I am a daughter of ex-KU professor and know that asking rangers to open the gate is not a big deal. Silver Jubilee gate is meant for not only staff but their families as well.

    Also the part of the news that was missed by all the leading newspaper was that he insisted because rangers let a motorcyclist enter the KU while they stopped him going out. So much for security!

    If you care to know more, Dr Riaz has been going to KU for the last 13 years. If he had “political ambitions” of this sort then he must have got many opportunities to become ambitous.

  7. pjs Avatar

    I agree with anonymous entirely.
    To Obi wan kanobe:
    I have been at the UoK in the darkest days of the 1980s. I was there when the last student union election was held, a violent one as well. There were armed students from all parties in those days too.
    Even then there we didnt ask for nor got rangers; and the situation has only worsened since then.
    You may be right that there needs to be some security guards, but do they have to belong to a paramilitary organization, with their own chain of command, answerable to no one but themselves?
    There are other ways, better ways, where you wont end up a teacher, think about it a teacher, getting beat up by goons in uniform.
    The core issue is this: A professor is beaten up by security staff, because he may have insisted on leaving from a particular exit. I wouldnt think even in a tinpot country you will have teachers beaten up for getting out of a University to go home. No matter which gate they wish to exit from.

  8. yj Avatar

    Good objective comment.
    However, if only one side is admitted to Hospital, you need to think twice

  9. yj Avatar

    PS: Also check out in the news what the KU campus adviser said before the Rangers news management machine got into action.

  10. pqrs Avatar

    It seems that some people think that this type of violence may be justified for a crummy argument (if thats what caused it) about who can or cannot leave from which gate?
    Also, it seems that having ‘political ambition’ may be a crime punishable by public beatings in your country!

    If you folk need martial law at a ‘University’ to keep peace (and the peacekeepers are constables from some paramilitary outfit) then you are missing the point about having an education or a University.

  11. pjs Avatar

    I think the other side of the story is out

    A man who according to the UoK Rangers was not beaten at all (what Cap Fazal said to Dawn) got all these bruises?
    Even the best spin doctors and lawyers may find this one difficult to twist. But hey who knows: ‘andheer nagri chopat raj’.

    I like the touch that the UoK Rangers have registered a case against the Professor. Nice one, chaps.

  12. Faisal Khan Avatar

    there are always two sides to a story as I say!

  13. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar

    @Pjs, I am a product of 90’s when we had worst violence in Karachi history. In 98, even one guy got killed in KU in these students’ clashes. I strongly believe that we need ARMED forces in KU. And the argument that who ended up being in hospital is lame. Of course, it had to be professor because see his pics, he even can’t run to save his life. Acc. to this theory, if rangers guys were taken to hospital then prof was guilty ?? And what this prof was asking to let him go via the gate on the basis that motor bike was allowed to enter ? Where are his moral values, he should have insisted that ok he would take another route but please follow the rules and stop those guys from coming in but he said, it’s ok you are not following the rules but please break the law once more and let me go.

    And let em tell you one more thing, the gates are closed in a way that people could walk in/out of the gates and via that space, bikes could also come in/out so Rangers have always allowed bikes to pass via this gate always no matter what.

  14. Alumni from USA Avatar
    Alumni from USA

    Dr Riaz Ahmed is still in pain from this dastardly, inhuman & totally uncalled for action by the security personnel [they are there to protect the faculty & students].
    Our question is:
    When will the world know about the recommendations by the “committee” and will “justice be served?”
    We are embarking towards a democratic, civil & a just society – I appeal to the CM [& CM designate] of Sind & the Governer of Sind to let this be a shining example
    of justice served which will speak loudly of our lofty democratic goals for years to come…..Lets be civil & human.

  15. Owi!  Ban Kenobi Avatar
    Owi! Ban Kenobi

    Obi Wan Kenobi, you seem to be ra ra-ing same illogical argument everywhere. Did Dr. Riaz really taught you a lesson when you were teaching at Karachi University for 8 hours everyday? I don’t know Dr. Riaz, but reading your illogical and cowardly comments I am sure you must have been a misfit at Karachi University.