Update on the condition of Dr. Riaz – KU Teacher beaten by Rangers

I have just received an email from the family of Dr. Riaz Prof of Applied Chemistry who was beaten up by Rangers at Karachi University yesterday evening

He is better now and we just got back home. He has bruises on his back where the dandas hit him hard. He cant move his left arm though there is no fracture. He was also hit on his head- some 6 bruises. He bled slightly off these bruises. The dandas also hit his fingers, so hand is swollen as well. He will be on strong pain killers for next 5 days. Medico Legal was also done.

He was then taken to Agha Khan Hospital by a group of teachers and students. There is a lot of anger among student and teachers in Karachi University and they are demanding complete withdrawal of Rangers from Karachi University. Karachi University teachers Society (KUTS) has called a general body meeting on Monday at 11:00 a.m. Students and civil society groups have called for a protest at Karachi press Club (KPC) at 3:30 p.m.

We all naturally pray for his speedy recovery and stand resolute that the criminals (be it uniformed men) should be brought to justice.



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2 responses to “Update on the condition of Dr. Riaz – KU Teacher beaten by Rangers”

  1. shopping cart Avatar

    this act is strongly condemnable. We pray for Dr. health.

  2. d0ct0r Avatar

    Prof Dr Riaz while talking to Geo said that KU’s management including VC was also responsible for this whole episode