Dr. Riaz Update: Judgement reserved till Monday

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There was a hearing of Riaz’s bail application in High Court on Friday. Typically, such hearings can take upto several months to complete. However, on Friday, the judge (current CJ SHC, Soomro) said he had to “issue an order today”.

The lawyer for rangers too insisted that the case be decided quickly. He also started pointing instances in which Dr. Riaz was, allegedly, “uncooperative” in investigations.

Riaz’s lawyer rebutted and denied these allegations. He quoted two instances where Dr. Riaz was notified to reach the police station or inquiry committee several hours AFTER the time for investigation meeting had passed. In fact, realizing that a trap was being laid, Riaz had already given a written statement to the Chief Secretary’s inquiry committee mentioning the events and the fact that he could not appear for investigation as he was notified much later than supposed to.

The judge has reserved his judgment and will announce it on Monday. If the judgment is given against granting bail, Dr. Riaz will have two options – either move an appeal to Supreme Court or to move a fresh POST-ARREST bail application. Monday will be a walking-on-tightrope day.

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2 responses to “Dr. Riaz Update: Judgement reserved till Monday”

  1. Nasir Jamal Avatar

    This case must be decided quickly and stern action should be taken so that it is not repeated in future. This is not the first time that such an incident has happened at the university campus.

  2. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar

    It is right time to change the attitude otherwise
    “Hamari dastan tak na ho gi dastanoon main.”