Dharna at Karachi University


The report from the Karachi University Dharna was great, despite a total University holiday we were able to get a large group of supporters for Dr Riaz.

The protest started at 12:30pm sharp at the Silver Jubilee gate and by around 1:00pm we were able to stage a 15 minute Dharna blocking the main university road. The short span was carefully timed to ensure that we successfully registered our protest as well as not to seriously inconvenience the citizens of Karachi.

Here are a few pictures – though I do not have pictures of the actual Dharna as practically all the activists were sitting on burning hot University road.

We return up beat and to the celebration of the news that Dr. Riaz has been granted bail before arrest in the hearing held later today

More pictures of the Karachi University Dharna here



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One response to “Dharna at Karachi University”

  1. nazia Avatar

    The beating of a honourbale teacher in university area and gang rape of innocent visitor in one of most high secure area of Pakistan is forcing people to think in some direction.There are lot of common things in both tragic incidents
    Both incidents are done in highly guarded area.
    both victims are unarmed and no background of crimnal record.
    both victims are ordinary civilians and act of violenceas were done under the nose of army management.
    No high profile figure and even media are still not giving importance to such a degraded acts of violence in biggest city of Pakistan.
    Instead of this they are crying on hooting of soome ppp workers to MQM lady mpas and slapping of satanic character of arbab raheem.
    Shame for the elected memebers and eye opening examples for common civilians to forsee their future in mafia state.