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Sher Afgan’s counsel denies FIR against lawyers

It seems a very deliberate plan is under way to implicate lawyers and tarnish their image in the eyes of the public. The embarrassing way Sher Afghan was thrashed in Lahore a few days back could not only be the mastermind of a conspirator trying to make use of the strategic location. Just recently Sher Afghan has come forth claiming that the lawyers were in turn responsible for protecting him and the FIR lodged by the Police is mostly a fabrication where over 44 lawyers have been implicated in the incident

Sher Afghan’s lawyers have categorically stated that Sher Afghan believes the lawyers including SCBA president Aitzaz saved his life when the mob attacked him

Noor Muhammad Awan, counsel for Dr Sher Afgan Niazi, has declared an FIR registered by the police against 44 lawyers on charges of attack on Dr Sher Afgan fake and baseless.

Noor Muhammad Awan advocate said this at an emergent press conference held here at the Punjab Bar Council in the presence of a large number of lawyers. It is pertinent to mention here that Dr Sher Afgan Niazi had visited the office of Noor Muhammad Advocate when unidentified lawyers allegedly attacked him on April 8 and later Aitzaz along with office-bearers of SCBA and LHCBA came to his rescue.

Noor said Dr Sher Afgan did not want to register any FIR against lawyers because lawyers including SCBA president Aitzaz saved his life when the mob attacked him. He added that the FIR was baseless and against facts, because lawyers did not attack the former federal minister.

“Dr Sher Afgan Niazi did not want to get any FIR registered against lawyers and police on its own registered the FIR,” he said. According to the FIR lawyers were holding sticks and clubs for attacking the former federal minister but it was not true, he said.


  • nazia |

    If the character of our elders are like sher afghan then no doubt that is basic reason of down fall of our moral values.I am really ashmed to see the characters like sher afghan who is just praising a dictator for getting personal benefits from the ruling mafia.His one son is nazim ,one brother is SP and he is ex minister and he was assigned to charge CJP on corruption bases.He has just lost his young son and he is not thinking in a moment before giving stupid comments that he is the most unfateful father who has burrried his young son by his own hand.

  • sawan |

    It is the wrath of public which has fallen on this unscrupulous politician and he himself is to be blamed for this. The fate of the present rulers will not be any different if they back out from their promises of saving public from loadshedding, food crisis, soaring cost of basic commodities and undoubtedly restoration of judiciary. May Allah Almighty be kind to us.

  • sawan |

    Dear, please don’t say corrupt politician like this man ‘our elders’. He do not deserve to be referred like this. Rather he deserves what he received from dismayed mob on that day and now the public will not forgive corruption of any mafia whatsoever it may be.

  • Mohsin Jami |

    I wish to see more of such scenes. till date we as a nation are accustomed to unduly praise and shower respect to powerfuls.
    Remember what the Dr. Arbab said a couple of Months back that ” I need not to worry about anything because, Allah, America and Army is with me”. Bloody son of a ____, He required America and Army beside Allah.
    I wish he had been spitted on face by some lady.