Walk in Karachi for Judiciary – 30th April

pr-logo-option-02-1.jpgPeoples Resistance shall hold a demonstration for restoration of judiciary on Wednesday April 30, 2008, at 6 pm at Dalton Market DHA, (in front of Rahat milk shop). Participants will walk down to the Legal Chief Justice of SHC, Mr. Sabihuddin Ahmed’s house for a 30 minute protest.

PR expresses its disappointment that this important issue has not been addressed as promised and would like to reiterate the demand for urgent and unconditional restoration of judiciary. April 30th is the last day of 30-day period committed by two major political parties in Bhurban Declaration for the resolution of this issue.

All concerned citizens /groups are requested to join and show solidarity for the cause of restoration of original judges.

People’s Resistance is a coalition of students, teachers, NGOs, journalists and citizens concerned with restoration of judiciary, freedom of media and restoration of constitution.

Bring banners, placards, flags, T-shirts and your friends!
In a rare quirk of fate if the judiciary is restored on that day, we will mark it as a celebration!

All those in Karachi are requested to join. Please inform all your friends in Karachi.



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4 responses to “Walk in Karachi for Judiciary – 30th April”

  1. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    Asif Zardari another dictator in making. He has sold the blood of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto for a very cheap bargain. If Peoples Party accepts the President why they have been telling lies to the nation that they will get rid of him. The writing on the wall is very much alarming Allah May Bless Pakistan Amin.


    Awab alvi brother,
    a news which came on various channels that a man commited sucide in karachi due to the threats and misbehaviour of recovery staff from MCB Bank , threats and misbehaviour of recovery staff of various recovery terrorists belonging to different banks especially MCB Bank is becoming a routine matter for citizens of karachi , i hope that you will also do a post on this issue.

  3. khalid Avatar

    Peoples Resistance,

    Go, people Go. We are with you.

    We need powerful, fearless judiciary who would have respect and who provide fair, cheap and fast justice to the people of Pakistan.

    May Allah help us to restore justice in Pakistan, Ameen.

  4. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    Chalo, Chalo Murree Chalo
    Chalo Chalo Dubai Chalo
    Chalo Chalo London Chalo