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Judicial Crisis in Review

This short 10 minute video presentation is a timeline of the political and judicial crisis in Pakistan. The timeline starts from the appointment of Mr.Iftikhar Chaurdy as CJ in 2005 and moves on to imposition of emergency in 2007 and its after effects. Various snapshots and videos for each event in between these dates have been added. Created by Ale-Xpressed

by Ale-Xpressed | Pakistan’s Judicial Crisis


  • M@NI |

    Ale, really classic…please remove lateef khoosa from your video…
    Latif khoosa is new Ahsan bhoon …. we dont want these mean pplz in our struggle

  • ALE-Xpressed |

    I can understand your feelings but not showing them in the video would be injustice – not to him but to the nation. Everyone should know that Latif Khoosa was among the first to be tortured by the police in the lawyers movement and what dirty tricks is he playing now. It reveals that he and alikes were just promoting themselves through the movement and had nothing to do with the cause.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    This is the biggest crisis in the History of Pakistan if we realize.

  • shah |

    Such crisis are bad omens for any nation.May Allah Almighty be kind to us.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Countries having no rule of law suffer a lot. Judicary has to be reinstated on an immdieate basis otherwise things will be out of hands. Pakistan has to have the Rule of Law back in the country or we may face Crisis of the life time.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Why they are not reinstated????
    Who does not want them to be reinstated??????
    What is the hurdle in reinstatement??????
    Where is the Political Will gone to reinstate the Judiciary ???????????
    Pity on the rulers who think Judiciary is not the main crisis of this country. Stitch in time would have saved Nine.