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The Ex-Servicemen and Bureaucrats & Their Consicence

Guest Blog by Temporal from Baithak

Geo has been repeating that interview with retired gen. Kayani. Recently the ex-servicemen have been flexing their muscles. Troubling consciences are known to strike at men and women of good will at all times. Even ordinary mortals like you and me are troubled and stricken with conscience generated guilt and remorse at odd times.

But am intrigued with one odd phenomenon. All the recent public displays of conscience by the retired army personnels and bureaucrats have invariably been against the Musharraf administration.

Do you not find this odd? I mean, all these fine men are ex-servicemen (and bureaucrats) – “retired” after having “served” the nation – then they also served as parachuted civilian administrators in the higher echelons. I am sure they must have seen other wrongs and injustices perpetrated by the high and the mighty in the course of their “illustrious” careers. How come their conscience only bothers them about the Musharraf administration?

Or are they oblivious to the other ills of the society they lived in? How come they hold their peace and silence over other gave issues that we read about, that we discuss, that we notice everyday? Feudalism, karo-kari, watta-satta, petty jirgas handling out capital punishment, petty lords with armies and jails, the drug mafia, the parochial mafia, the vigilant arbitrariness, the suicide by mothers with their children, the collection of bhattas, pollution and increase in lung diseases, absence of schools and medical care in rural areas, their own “purchases” of plots of lands at throw away prices… this is a never ending list.

Why are the “ex-servicemen” conscience dumb stricken with other “issues”?


  • nazia |

    The awareness of X servicmen clearly indicate the poor system of our mangement that they start realising their national crimes near the retirment time.Through out their service time they all enjoyed the royal benefits from the treasury of poor country.Any body can still go and see the luxurious life styles of 20 to 22 grade secerataries and in army from Bgdr to general job status and could easily see that they have adopted so lavish life styles that are even not granted to PM of Ist world countries.

    These generals example is just like villan of our cheap old movies where all villans started begging of mercy at the end of movie from hero or herion on his or her foxy acts.Now they also want to act like ch ifitkhar or one can say ch iftkhar's daring act has helped lot of Hijras to transform into a real man.But sorry to say practically its too late as they in their time had helped a evil to become monster for his nation.They all are his accomplices of this dark era.God can forgive them as he is almighty God but we human cant as they have make our next generation to be effectess of their wrong doing.

  • Syed Faraz Mahmood |

    I am of the same opinion, why they are crying over split milk?, why didn’t they left while they were serving, why they opted to become part of the process which they felt dangerous to country’s future.
    If you have watched closely yesterday’s interview, you might have noticed that Dr. Masood asked two three similar questions, like why didn’t you resign, and does the gen. appreciate the ingenuity of the kargil plan, but the gen. skipped both these questions. He may be sincere in his words and thoughts, but this behavior clearly rings some bells.

    Another thing, which I observed is that no one takes credit for any mishaps, and it is always binded to the opponent. furthermore when we start opposing someone, we neglect all his good work, and when we start praising some one , we forget all his mischiefs. good and bad are part of every human being. Disregarding the other part, will only result in deceiving yourself.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    EX-Servicemen are also part of the society specificaly who have their intrests in this poor country. Unfortunatly most of our TOPS are here till they are in service then they fly to comfortable countries alongwith their families. If at all somebody has uttered few words of reality they should be welcomed by us. I Salute Gen Jamshed Kayani’s Courage for telling the truth and unvailing the hidden ground realities. Mian Nawaz Sharif was victimised, and a properly elected Govenment was toppeled for some body’s personal interests. Pakistan never was priority for the people sitting at the helm of the affairs for 9 years. I pray for the prosperity & Stability of our Country. May Allah Save Pakistan Amin.

  • spill the beans! |

    yea right!make the most of it while you can..when you see a new party emerging and coming up, shift sides!! so you can reap benefits from that side as well..petty crooks!!the so called self Conscientious ex service men only realized how corrupt and messed up the system is after serving atleast 3 years… as sometimes Federel commision minister etc etc. please spare me the stupid analogies!..its all politics..they had alot back then and now they just want more!!

    Gen jamshed kayani had no problems with anyhthing then when he was at a lucrative post.. but now suddenly just to get into the good books of the bald one and the colgate poster boy he is fishing out stuff!(let me ask one simple thing was rolling his balls over there when all this was happening!!right under him??)

    are you people literally blind!!!and deaf im not going to add dumb cuz im definite about tht!praising general jamshed kayani!wah!wah!

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    He who Utters truth even late is always welcome irrespective of his designation. We are neither blind nor dumb we only respect truth whenever uttered. Truth has no time binding.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |