Explosive Shahid Masood Show exposes Musharraf

no mercy Go MusharrafIn the recent weeks Dr. Shahid Masood’s Meray Mutabiq Show has been very revealing, barely a week back Dr. Masood had pulled the cart out of the bag when he brought Steel Mills Ex-Chairman to expose the corruption of Shaukat Aziz, but today (June 2nd) he was able to pull yet another cat out of the bag bringing Lt. General (r) Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani the ex Core Commander of Rawalpindi the famous 111 Brigade, which has generally been the historic the stronghold of power in Pakistan.

The two hour casual discussion was far more revealing then ever imaginable where the ex-army man talks about issues regarding the Coop of 1999, Kargil issue, 9/11 events and the negotiations with the US, the missing persons issues, Lal Masjid incident where he confirmed the reports that the Army used Phosphorus Grenades on Children. Simply said the show was explosive and revealing.

Watch the two part online video on Pakistan First (will update the post once the video is available)

Dramatics aside, one must step back to evaluate this interview more pragmatically, there is no way that Lt. General (r) Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani appeared on Geo without the explicit permission of the Chief of Army Staff General Kiyani and the knowledge of ISI and ISPR. This move could very well be a chain link to pressurize Musharraf and open the door for the sitting COAS to walk up to Musharraf and tell him to [finally] leave us alone.

The country has been abuzz with speculations of a Musharraf exit but nothing has yet transpired, could this be the turning point or is this just another distractor [keep in mind that the constitutional package is in circulation and the Lawyers are also planning the Long March on 10th June] there are definite signs of it being a carefully timed and planned move, it is sure to damage Musharraf tremendously but it may also have some disastrous repercussions on other issues as well



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  1. Who me? Avatar
    Who me?

    A retired general does not require permission to appear on tv.

  2. Riaz Haq Avatar

    Did this retired general Kiyani hold Musharraf entirely and personally responsible for his “explosive” charges? Or did he take any responsibility for his own participation in crimes? Has he heard about the “Nuremberg defense” of “only following orders” and how it was completely rejected by the courts? How many other military officers has he exposed to “war crimes” charges by his “revelations”? If these charges are pursued for veracity and deemed credible, then the entire army leadership could technically be hauled before international judges for crimes against humanity.

  3. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    What Else is needed???????????. If Gen Jamshed’s evidence is not enough then ALLAH’s Courts are open lets see what result that brings.

  4. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    Why did not he speak up about Kargil till now. He was chairman for Federal commission board for 3 years b/w 2003-2005 and was sacked and before that enjoyed all the amenities. Now he is sucking up to Nawaz Sharif(NS) by saying that NS was not “completely” briefed about Kargil. And do you really believe if even Kargil was a failed attempt, it was only a decision of Mush? And how could you take this person as credible resource who did not speak up any thing for 9 years and now availing an opportunity to earn trust of NS to gain some benefits.

  5. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    There is no specific time to reveal the truth it is never too late. Gen Jamshed Kayani did the right thing to bring reality in front of the Nation.

  6. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    why is that we beileve in the people than we want to beileve in even if they r telling a lie and we dont beileve in people that we don’t wana beleive in even if they r telling the truth ?

  7. M@NI Avatar

    @Malik Aman: because musharaf is a proven liar 🙂

    All these generals should be called by CJ Iftikhar and they be accountable for their deeds…

  8. Imran Avatar

    Meanwhile in other news, Shahid Masood took a huge bribe in shape of salary to become ptv head, and agreed to keep his mouth shut for few years.

  9. Imran Avatar

    A) Who do Pakistani generals become so honest and democracy lovers, once they are out of uniforms?

    B) If they are so honest and Pakistan lovers why cant they take actions against lunatics like mental monkey musharraf while they are in uniform and have key positions.

  10. Imran Qureshi Avatar
    Imran Qureshi

    Dr Shahid Masood should have asked the question from this Stiff Neck NUT that had he be soo concerned about his soldiers in kargil WHY HE DID NOT RESIGN? at that time he was a Lt Gen and he had a say as well. after that he had been in army enjoying all the perks, supporting mush, who made him a lt gen, and gave him the position of FPSC chairman, when he was thrown out he started talking ……….

    Same is the case with that General who was the steel mills chairman, He screwed the government assets once he was a POF chairman, bought the Mercedese at the cost of govt expense, when he was thrown out he has started talking.

    He never resigned at that time because at that time he was seeing his plots, house, staff car nothing else. They all like the Dogs who will be quite till the time you are gettnig the bone.

    There is the difference and shows from where he belongs, I mean you were with mush at the good time, one he is under the fire you become part to the others. One should have some morals, Dr Shahid Should salute to those who really object the things while in uniform and have faced the consiquences. What is at Stake of this MAN. to me he is hypocrate and immoral.

    In my opinion if there is a probe in kargil issue, all the Lt Gen of that time shoudl also be held responsible, as they are all part to that . retirement aur sab khanay kay bad inko soldiers ka dard yad aa gia hay,

    I have a question from Dr Shahid Masood that instead of taking the CHASKAS he shoudl get hold of the people who really have morals. and things should be constructive

  11. Pkhan Avatar

    This Ret General Kiyani is a kind of person when they keep on getting the PERKS from Poor they are Happy but once he is out he becomes Bloody Soldger of Pakistan. Where Were his GUTS when he work under Musharaff as army man and after that as Chairman of a Public service? These are the people who Encourge the Generals to take over and LICK the Boots of their Superior and then when there POWER and PERKS get cut off they become real PAKISTANI BLOODY soldgers? HOW he GOT promoted as GENERAL? Looks like a Sipahi and behave like a no values and Chracter and morale.
    These are the People who are Eating up PAkistan like a termite.

  12. symk Avatar

    Gen JG Kiani deems Pak Army as highly professional despite the fact that they have violated constitution of pakistan several times with no dissent among the top generals. If this is professionalism than he is totally delusional.
    Where was his conscious when a civilian prime Minister was overthrown ans put on trial for a crime that he never committed. Not a single Army general resigned in protest when all these crimes against bengalis, baluchis, bajur and residents of laal masjid were committed (single exception of Gen Yaqoob in east pakistan). If they can’t sacrifice their perks and priviliges for priciples and rule of law how can we expect them to sacrifice thier life for pakistan.
    Gen Kiani may be telling the truth but this won’t absolve him from his crimes. I wish all these Generals go through a trial and severely punished.

  13. jazzyrebel Avatar

    General Kiyani..has now got the courage to speak..
    if someone knows what agencies are capable of after the truth is revealed then…we should be thankful to kiyani.
    Kiyani may be at sometime back..was the same as musharraf now,
    but,i guess he has now chose to speak truth.

  14. Jigar Avatar

    I think we all should appreciate them being truthful. They have nothing to fear, because they know everyone hates Musharaf. No one even knew about them. To come out openly and say things about a person who is still the president and still enjoys lot of power requires guts. And remember they have given examples of how they even refused some of his wrong orders. I think they have made this point clear that Musharaf after some time in power became corrupt and appointed his trusted generals to manipulate the politicians. He then became dependent on these corrupt politician to remain in power. That is why the ex-army people are raising against him to show that he acted on his own with the help of some (but not all) general and politicians. They want to make it a point that army should not be a target of scorn and attacks by the society. The responsible man and his supporters should be taken to trial.

  15. Altaf Avatar

    Bullshit! Anyone thinking that this retired general Kiyani is some kind of a hero who has suddenly found conscience should clear their minds a little. Just because one hates Musharraf, we become totally blind to the reasons & background of people criticising him.

    I think in the comments above it is amply clear that Kiyani enjoyed all the perks of his positions for 5 years under Musharraf’s rule that he has now termed illegal. It was illegal from the start in 1999, not 2007/8 when it has become fashionable to criticise Musharraf for everything.

    Criticising your former boss after he he has lost much of his power & you have lost favor with him is not CONSCIENCE. It is called OPPURTUNISM in which our politicians & generals are all too experienced.

  16. Rashid Avatar

    the retd general is a pakistani and we all are pakistani the people criticizing him are actually criticizing themselves he is not an angel the people blaming him must first look at themselves did they protest against any evil action of musharraf or did they have any courage to go into streets for protest..i mean do we have enough courage to criticize any dictator in front of public..we must appreciate him for his courage…

  17. Ali  Khan Avatar

    Smoke grenades

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  18. Nasir Waheed Avatar
    Nasir Waheed

    Lt Gen Retd Jamshed Gulzar is a man without conscience and as rightly said bt Altaf that Criticising your former boss after he he has lost much of his power & you have lost favor with him is not CONSCIENCE. It is called OPPURTUNISM in which our politicians & generals are all too experienced.

    Observe Gen Jamshed in the interview and close watch the sly eyes of his giving out much of his personality as one who would like to avail all the opportunities and stab in the back whenever possible.

    The timing of the interview was not correct. It has created more confusion in an already disarray sitution. Dr Shahid Masood should have also thought about it.

    The interview would have been better in front of an fact finding mission established by Govt of Pakistan. Gen Jamshed only relaised the 'dard' of the 'Jawans' after he was sacked from FPSC Chairman's position.

    Gen Jamshed has set a BAD example for his fellow army men and for his family as well.

  19. DR Humair Avatar
    DR Humair

    I am pleased to learn the comments of my fellow people who are well able to judge right from wrong.

    Anyone who is against Jihad or War like Kargil is a born PIMP. They only went to Army because they would have not fitted anywhere. LEFT OVER GEN. JAM SHED GoolJar is not man enough to face a bullet. He said,

    Musharaf was grabbing India's Sha Rug, atleast Mush has the courage to do so.

    Kargil is not India's shah rug its Pakistan's. This was the post which we lost in 1971 and Musharaf went to get it back and this wasnot the first time.

    I have no faith in my politicians specially Sharif's.They are liar's and full of it.

    You know why because they can sell anything for their comfort and popularity.


    If someone has memory in 90's election when most of us heard that after national assembly results Trains were burnt and punjabis were killed in SIND

    N Sharif won election with massive nos and became Chief minister of Punjab.

    Those Zamima's were in my Family house in my study in thousand's 2 days before national assembly's elections.i.e before results came out.

    Why in my house?, because one of my relations was in his Personel Jiala force.

    He ran from Pakistan to USA to save himself as he knew to much. and most of jiala's are dead/killed or kept quiet. Dont believe me go in GAWAL MANDI AND TEMPLE ROAD lahore.

    They believe in divide and rule and divide pakistan.

    I am not saying Gen. MUSH is a saint but in my believe at least Army is seincere to Pakistan's existence and integrity and doesnot give or get ready to sign away Pakista for few dollars or horse or mill.

    If our politicians are so good they would not be changed so often .

    Anyone who questions Pak Army has no clue about geopolitical situation and Islam has been taken slowly step by step from us.

    First it was education- who learns english is kafir, donot send your women for education but film industry and human rights is ok.

    Then SUNNAH OF RASOOL, BANK INTEREST, wrong concept of islam as terriost, Drinking alcohol etc

    Now Jehad is bad.

    So we are left defenceless.


    In my opinion any general or any politician who fails to deliever should be hanged in public.

  20. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    Please do not mix up personal gains and Jehad. There are other prerequsites of Jehad, are they completed or any body can stand up and start Jehad??????.

  21. RAJA Avatar






  22. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    For God Sake Ghazwa e Tabooq was fought by those who were following the Holy Prophet, therefore now who is the leader of the Jehad. These Mullahs they can not lead any Jehad they have their own wested intrests. We should start Self Actualisation and cleaning our own self. Please honestly tell me are we ready for Jehad, are we Practicing Islam in its true spirits. Allah May bless us understandings of our Deen Amin.

  23. Raja Avatar


    I think we r not here to win a comment.
    plz tell us about jehad.

    so we can move from there.

  24. RAJA Avatar





    ALLAH KA WASTAY do not judge others Imaan leave this to Allah try to correct instead puting allegatinos this is jehad aswell.

  25. amjad Avatar

    True independence of institutions or just a ‘job’ a short story of struggle for institutional rights in Pakistan By: Amjad Malik

    On 5th of May 2007 Lahore High Court Bar gathered a storm where deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan was facing trial on charges of misconduct, came to the city with a procession of lawyers and won the day. He won the hearts and minds of lay Pakistanis for just saying ‘No’ to the outgoing General. Ahsan Bhoon then President of Lahore High Court Bar was at forefront in the host committee organising that event. Since then he became a priority in the eyes of establishment and like Americans say ‘there is a price for everyone in Pakistan’ Mr. Bhoon proved that right by putting the price of his leadership of popular lawyer movement for the sake of becoming Mr. Justice Bhoon proving Sir Allama Iqbal right that Muslims bowed down when the time came to standstill in the battlefield. No offence to the judge, he did what all are doing around, he grabbed what he could.

    Another example of a fiery anchor Dr Shahid Masood who gained prominence from his popular ‘views on news’ programme at local TV channel later was prompted or rather demoted to ‘Merey Mutabiq.’ He successfully caused stir in the ranks of the blue eyed clan by touching the corny subjects. One TV channel nearly went bankrupt as these lots were adamant that these newly liberated channels can truly bring true independence of media in a society where military regimes have deep rooted stakes visible at every corner of the major cities and ingrained in every chapters of the national history of Pakistan. He hit the nail aright and after partly causing 3 of November emergency, caved in when newly installed Government found him to be their loyal subject ready to do a job under them other than the job of nailing them for their wrong doings. At last his fire, mighty claims of principles, and future aspirations seeing media on top, all went to ashes and he gave in and accepted the hiring & firing role of chairmanship of national television PTV, a job truly well suited for a managerial type man. In UK, Jeremy Paxman would never accept a job of management of a TV station when his mastery is an anchorship of BBC ‘Newsnight’ a popular daily current affair programme. However, the sacred struggle for a genuinely free media was sacrificed at the altar of pragmatism and after shaking all the conscience of the nation to be brave and steadfast against the General, he left all on the likes of Hamid Mir, Ansaar Abbassi and Rauf Klasra or at best for the younger generations to fight for the so called freedom in some other times. He must have thought that he has done enough and let’s give other a chance, can’t blame him, he did befittingly to the environment as who knows he may not have this opportunity again. Alas, the destination is far away but struggle is lost for a job.

    9th March initiated an era of constitutionalism in Pakistan and 20th of July 2007 could have been a beginning of a new era if the top judge understood it, however, we lost the opportunity to psychologically defeating the mind set which promotes dictatorship in our minds and attitudes. On 3rd of November General Musharraf once again imposed emergency curbing media freedom and sacking loyalist judges. Be Nazir was hunted down to save the western monopoly and despite all odds 18th February 2008 election results vetoed all the actions of the military man. Parliament came and went without declaring unlawfully confined judges as ‘restored’ instead they were merely freed by the Chief Executive who was yet to swear his oath. General Musharraf was resuscitated by the same clan who prayed 9 years for his ouster and if he survives another 6 months, critics strongly believe that he has the capacity to stay for another 5 years and all thanks to anti Musharraf forces who are wishy washy lacking unity of thought and action. Since taking his oath, PM so far, could not get time to enact the so called ‘Bhurban Declaration.’ Despite the fact that Mr. Gilani lost good 5 years of his life in jail on trumped up charges for the sake of parliament’s sovereignty, when the time came he happily handed over to the military commander the very powers and vested in him to exhibit fireworks in Fata at his sweet will. It begs the question what is the difference of Q league and the current administration, is it not just faces. Rule of law’ justice and constitutionalism became a slogan and a ball in the hands of politicians and My God, they played it well.

    Then came a call for a long march as mandate was being humiliated by rulers. Lawyers without meritoriously bringing ‘legal action committee’ into action to adjudicate the wisdom of Chief Justice’s visit to then under trial Zardari failed in bringing a close check on those responsible rather went ahead with the leadership of one man. Aitzaz with the slogan and style of Bhuttoos and with the aid of ‘habib jalab’s verses mesmerised most of the nation especially young dancing advocates. We thought for once, that he meant it. Negligent ignorance to leave Justice Wajeeh, Siddiqui and Fakhur uddin Ibrahim behind was spared too. Then came 14th of June when all was set and ready to rock and roll but Ali Ahmed Kurd was gone and here came a messiah of the nation who taught the lesson of pragmatism that leader of his party must have understood the underlying message of this million march. In his self belief he called it a day without taking any public statement in response to his million march, in fear of unrest without proper consultation leaving the nation in shock and lawyers in dejection. How will he ever gather 5 lakhs in future, only he knows?

    On top, people were humiliated by saying that Supreme Court Bar is short of funds and there was a fear of unrest. Alas, who will tell them that Quaid made Pakistan and 40 lakh people died at that time but no one blamed him for that onslaught. How come a few scoundrels in peaceful gathering could have created havoc in this march or sit in if the lawyers were determined? Young advocates cried and genuinely lawyers mourned with them and apologised to the nation. I must say, in the past even Clerk’s association have performed better in their negotiation skills to muster their minimum demands whilst staging a protest. He caved in meagrely, called off his moot and went to United States where all leaders go once they are tired.

    With him on that day the dream of rule of law, justice and constitutionalism for the time being was also washed away as it will take time to pick up pieces from the rubble of pragmatism. Constitutional package is yet to be tabled and I genuinely feel for those great judges who did what they could but in the end the issue became a shuttlecock. In these circumstances, how can we expect a successful drive of democracy when every one wishes to keep his feet in two boats keeping their options open? They are busy negotiating their future on one hand whilst shouting slogans of ‘Go Musharraf Go’ and ‘long live Iftikhar’ on the other. They consider receipt of judge’s salaries out of PM’s alimony fund as their partial success, funnily they cannot see the difference, as they see everything with their own eyes and read Jalab with their style without understanding him. I think they need to read Allama Iqbal more. Aitzaz is confronted with his own conscience his aspirations, party loyalty up are against the popular drive of restoration of 2nd November judiciary. He cannot escape from lawyer’s movement as that is his recognition but he cannot decide on 40 years association either so he himself is standing in between both. Jinnah left congress the day he knew it can’t go together. His lawyer’s move against his own party PPP is failing as his party knows how to lose one stalwart for the sake of party. But he is no different to other Pakistani folks who know that freedom will take time, and in his self belief he put all off till some other day when people will not be hungry and he will have money for food, and when General Musharraf is a little more aged. That’s why we have no independent judges as the very people who raise voice for them do not want them back due to fear of losing their jobs.

    This is the sorry state of play of the drive of civic rights in Pakistan where all stake holders keenly keep an eye on each other so that no one could rock the boat. It’s a land where heroes are ruined like Qadeer Khan, where judges are detained like Iftikhar Choudhary and Premiers are hanged, shot and exiled like Bhuttoo’s and Sharifs. Protest leaders eyes are stuck in their bellies. Public for once is confused whether all this is carried out in genuine sincerity or everything is done for a job. It’s a fittest to survive society and I fear the day when public who always back popular movements turn into a pragmatic nation and never come out when they call, then where will all these lots go and who will give them a job.

    Amjad Malik is a Solicitor-Advocate of the Supreme Court (England) and a political analyst based in UK

    2 July 2008

  26. Zain Abbass Avatar

    The author of this article has no idea what he is talking about and should kindly refrain from talking about politics.