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Long March preparation from Karachi

In the past few days lawyers and civil society activists have been in full swing for the preparations of the Long March to Islamabad. This procession is based on the simple one-point agenda for the unconditional restoration of the independence of Judiciary in Pakistan. A large delegation is expected to leave Karachi on the morning of Monday the 9th towards Hyderabad and onwards. The schedule is as follows

  • 9th June – Karachi – Hyderabad (2 hours stop) – Sukkur (night stay)
  • 10th June – Sukkur to Multan
  • 11th June – Multan to Lahore
  • 12th June – Lahore to Islamabad
  • 13 & 14th June – Massive protest in Islamabad with a stand off at the Parliament House

For the people of Karachi it will actually mean a week long commitment, a sacrifice which many will make for the cause to restore the Judiciary, but it is very much possible that some might not be able to go the long haul to Islamabad, hence alternate and shorter arraignments are being offered to cater or customize to any opportunity. Which can be divided into four basic routes

  1. Karachi to Islamabad – For the die-hards and committed individuals this will be chance of a life time to be part of history, many have attributed the events leading up to the Independence in 1947 as those that made Pakistan this Long March is probably an event that keeps Pakistan together. The trip to Islamabad and back will almost last for seven days and quite a large delegation has already committed to this long journey
  2. Karachi to Sukkur – For those who can spare a day or two from their bust schedule this, can be a good show of commitment to the cause. The long march procession is expected to arrive at Sukkur on Monday evening, where a Jalsa will most likely be held and participant will be put up for the night. Many may favor an overnight stay in Sukkur to return on Tuesday, while some may venture to drive back all night in time for office early morning [difficult proposition]
  3. Karachi to Hyderabad – This 5-6 hour trip to Hyderabad and back might favor many who can spare a day, with the hope of returning home by 5pm the same day.
  4. Farewell Reception at Toll Plaza – The last and probably the most convenient is to request activists throughout Karachi to join the procession till the toll plaza, this in all technicality will help ensure larger numbers to push this movement off too a flying start.

Though we welcome everyone to join us for the trip to Islamabad but if not possible then anywhere in between. In true essence an appeal is being made to everyone across Karachi (and also throughout Pakistan) to spare a moment of your busy schedule to become a part of history. This is probably a critical juncture for our nation where we can be a part of a movement that saves Pakistan. We ask for no political twists and ramblings just simply to agree on a unifeid one-point agenda and that is to appeal for the restoration of the Independent Judiciary, no-half hearted compromises, or tongue-in-cheek offers and counter offers, Just the restoration of the pre-Nov 2nd Judiciary.



  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Countrymen this is the time to join hands with leagle freternity, and to prove that we are living and still bring about the required change.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Dear Salman sb,
    You can join from Lahore. This is first time a National Cause so every Pakistani should take active part in this Long March and may Allah brings good and positive changes which this poor Country of ours need.

  • M@NI |

    best of luck khites… hope to c you in large numbers.
    @Salman: We are taking students and professionals with us. Please call at 0343-4167447 and get yourself register for long march. We will be leaving on thursday (12th June) morning from lahore

  • Shuja Alam |

    Godspeed Awab and the rest!

    This is the biggest movement in Pakistan since the independence movement led by Quaid-i Azam in the 40s.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |


    This is for silent majority. Speak up to up hold the rule of LAW in our battered Motherland.

    Long live Pakistan & People of Pakistan.

  • M@Ni |

    If you can’t come all the way to isbd.. please join the processions and events in your city on long march. Please come with your family to see off the valiant citizens of your city on whome all the Pakistan is proud off…

  • Poor Pakistani |

    I also want to come and see Mr. Iftikhar and his supporters but i am very hungry and need roti and kupra to survive. I also dont have transport fare for the long march. If i go on long March, i will lose my daily earnings with which i arrange food for my family. Because of the loadshedding, my daily earnings have already come down significantly.

    When you meat Chaudhry Iftikhar, tell him to please resign and ask lawyers to calm down for the sake of poor people like me so that Govt. of the day can focus on providing us roti, rozgar aur bijlee. Last one year since March, me and my family are going through a very tough time.

    I am now very frustrated and want to do die but waiting only for my kids and family to die first. Suicidal death may be better than dying each and every day.

  • M@NI |

    @Poor Pakistani: Do you think our govt is so loyal to provide rooti kapra makaan if lawyer movement stops:-)
    We never ask them to provide the basic needs… and how can lawyer movement be connected to these needs. we are fighting for rule of law…
    Really Poor Pakistani-> you are very innocent citizen who so easily influenced by the fake propoganda of our govt.. judge issue is of 3 minutes by the way for restoration

  • Aamir pakistani |

    menay ap sab logon k comments parrhay me b kuch share kerna chahoon ga,meri nazer me ager Roti,Kaprra,Makan mil jaye or insaaf na milay tu ye be-ani khush hali ziada deir nahi chal sakti,hum ne apnay 60 saal me dekh liya k insaaf na honay ki waja se hum kitnay paspa hoye hein,hum uth ni paa rahay hein,lekin ab hamaray paas moka ha kuch ker dikhanay ka,ager abhi b tv ko dekh kr tamash biniyaan kertay rahay,tu hum kabhi khud ko hi muun nahi dikha sakain ge,hamari next genration kiya kahay gi k hum kitnay buzdil they,ALLAH aisay moqay kabhi kabhi deta ha hamein issay miss ni kerna,humein uthna ha MULAK ko bachana ha,right or insaaf ko plate me rakh ki nahi de de ga,iske liya JIHAD(striving)kerna ha….


  • Malik |


    I appreciate your efforts for supremacy of judiciary, but you should also stand for these people below. Justice should be applied across the board and not selectively… and mob rule should always be opposed.

    Please raise your voice at this great injustice that has been committed in Nawaz League’s government.

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    Since Nawaz government has come into power, religious strife has increased considerably in Punjab. This is in complete contrast to the apparent support Nawaz League claims to lay towards free judiciary and justice for all.

    Please pass this on to as many people as you can. Please prove that you really stand for justice.




  • paindoo |

    Long march?

    I think a ‘long danda’ should be prepared for bay zameer retired journails (e.g. Hameed Gul and Jamshaid Gulzar Kiani) and kalay journalists who are making good money from all this drama.

    Sometimes, I wish that tyrant General Zia was alive; I am sure he would have taught the so-called ‘azaad media’ and other memebers of the ‘high-class’ ‘civil society’ the right lesson.

  • Aamir pakistani |

    paindo there r two kind of person in every society,
    1.who see d brighter side of the thing.we call them optimist
    2,who see darker side of d thing,we call them pestimist
    ..Gen Jmshed Kiyani when speaks truth some people condemend,y?for truth?
    when C.J Iftikhar ch. stands against milatary dictator..y PP dont restore him and
    y PP looks like to protect doger court?
    y a man with clean hands have been detained,punished?
    brother c d brighter sides of d things..its not too difficult.b possitive

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Yahee Chiragh jalain gae toe rooshni ho gi

  • Poor Pakistani |

    Justice JUstice khailnay se logo ko time milay tou hum jaisay ghareebo kaa bhee kuch soch lena. Iss se pehlay ke dair ho jae.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Justice for all is the gurantee for the betterment of the country and its inhabitants.