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Guantanamo Bay Prison in the Long March to Islamabad

A special truck customized to represent the illegal prison run by the US Army at Guantanamo Bay is seen to be en route to Islamabad along with the Long March. Some student volunteers were rallied across various student networks to join on the float as mock prisoners.

Catch the Live updates of the Long March at PkLongMarch.blogspot.com


  • paindoo |

    With less than 45,000 participants, including 1,000 lawyers and their munshis, 3,000 madrassash students and Mullahs, 3,000 activists of Jamaat Islami and its student wing Jamiat, 1,500 workers of Imran Khan’s PTI, and the remaining participants brought by Pakistan Muslim League -N, the so called Long March proved to be a Short March. It started with humiliatingly low numbers in Karachi, Sukkur and Multan. It created funny scenes such as the Jamiat students beating up the pro-Imran Khan SAC students in Lahore and ended up with an ugly show of noise and indecency by a few thousand activists in Islamabd. Actually the crowd was so uncivilised and unruly that they also tried to beat their own leader Aitezaz Ahsan who was rescued by police. Here is a picture which shows that the total number of participants in the so called Long March was less than 50,000, a number one tenth of the claim of 5 lac made by Mr Aitezaz Ahsan.

    Details at: http://letusbuildpakistan.blogspot.com

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Whole Country has become Guantanamo bay for the Pakistanis. I am afaraid of that day when we may see even worst conditions then now we are facing.

  • M@NI |

    @ paindoo hahahah hahahaha…. you are even bigger @$%@!#!@# then rehman malik… yaaar woo bhi maan gya hay kaay the show was big… and same acknowledgement by Zardari.
    Proud to be there with my friends ๐Ÿ™‚
    AFP reported lakhon pplz

  • paindoo |

    @Mani, AoA,

    The figures reported at http://letusbuildpakistan.blogspot.com are based on BBC and Daily Times. Nevertheless, let us assume it was a crowd comprising more than 1 lac persons or 2 or 5 lac (or whatever figure pleases you), I aks one thing: what did the show achieve? are the judges restored? will they be restored by a resolution? is Musharraf gone?

    Kuraidtay ho jo ab raakh, justju kia hay? (Ghalib)

  • M@NI |

    @paindoo ๐Ÿ™‚ ok thanks alot for showing the courage to accept the truth/reality of more than 2 lac people

    “2-5 lac people” not one accident, not a single death.. no mishap..no fell from the roof (as whole pindi was on their roof and roads, eye witness).. no car screen broken, tell me one thing did you ever see such a peaceful protest in pakistan. The protestors have given a clear cut message to the govt. we do not want to clash with you but you have seen our strength.. now be careful and restore it because next time the crowd will be even bigger and no gurantee of peace:-) so my dear paindoo… don’t ever falsely comment on the people who were waking from 4 days and saying what they have got. Proud to be there and i agree with lawyers decsion. Hats off to lawyers for such a peaceful event where families also came in huge numbers.

  • M@NI |

    ๐Ÿ™‚ How can lawyers make our pplz happy. When they started long march.. many sections opposed … clash was on cards.. when they entered isbd … 20k was reported to be end result.. when the crowd gathered in lakh.. critics started saying … fedration is in danger.. and if dharna was done.. PPP would have started crying.. see these lawyers dont want Pakistan to move.. and then musharaf would have done his job by doing a blast.. and i feel you would be the first one to blame every thing on laywer movement..

    dear paindoo, lovers of IMC still have cards.. whole world have seen that pplz of pakistan are not dead meat who will always obey.. next time they will come in millions … if (Godforbid) judges are not restored. We need to use our cards timely and care for the people also who have come from sindh. b/w uptill now we have seen lawyer movement is the most peaceful movement. Be positive paindoo… “Khalq khuda raaj karay gi aab”

  • Silence |

    guys please dont get in to numbers, although it was in more then 200,000 even not 500k, but anyway it was not 20 k, forget all that………

    Have you seen such a huge public mobalisation in your life before?

    Why you are excluding people in every town village and road comming out from homes and wellcomming long march, offering them drinks and putting wellcome capms in hot and humid weather.

    Surely everyone dont have resources to travel to Islamabad.

    But at least in my life it was the biggest public mobilisation that was peaceful and organised by liberal groups unlike any procession by jihadi's with US$, thats what matters.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Thanks God we were there, Islamaqbad had only seen such gathering in 1979 when Mufti Jaffer Hussain called for demonstration in zia’s regime. History is made no matter what are the results. Ch Aitzaz Ahsan and his team have done their part weldone sir you did it. Pakistan is alive and Vocal people have given their Mendate very loud and clear. Without Justice the Society is like JUNGLEE GROUP OF INDUSTIES. May Allah Save Pakistan Amin. LONG MARCH ZINDABAD. Pakistan Zindabad.

  • musa |

    dear all muslims da need is not to get emotional . need is to go 4 rizke halal. if its govt as u asy govt sold dr afia den its da responsibility of higher authority not to take bribe an not only dat even small clek howmuch he takes from other resources aagin rizke halal.islam ka context rizke halal he think on it .an jaisay hum log hoon gy hamary operhukmuran be hamary jaisy ai gy