Say NO to Terrorism – Yeh Hum Naheen

Almost a year back in February of 2007 we had on this blog, participated in campaign launched by Waseem Mahmood, where a number of popular Pakistani vocalists had joined hands to raise their voice on behalf of the Muslim world coming together in the form of an amazing soul touching sound track called Yeh Hum Naheen featuring names like Haroon, Ali Haider, Ali Zafar, Shufqat, Strings, Shuja Haider and Hadiqa Kiani.

With some good dedication on part of Waseem Mahmood’s team this initiative has grown exponentially, he even shares his surprise in his message on the website

I am amazed that what started as a simple song has gone on to become an unprecedented anti terrorism movement

The underlying message is quite simple

We plead the world to hear this cry,
Muslims are NOT Terrorists…

There are already 6.2 Million people who have said No To Terrorism to join the effort either visit the website Yeh Hum Naheen to sign up or SMS your Full name to 9460 (charges apply) to be a part of this revolution



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43 responses to “Say NO to Terrorism – Yeh Hum Naheen”

  1. Sana Avatar

    This work is awesum..and we should participate in this activity and we should say No to Terrorism..Muslims are not terrorists.!
    Yeh hum naheen…..

  2. Asim Avatar

    Off course, Muslims are not terrorists. Muslims have never been terrorists.

    Pickup the last 100 years and you will find that Muslims have always been the victims of Tyrants.

    These tyrant nations are the ones who were responsible for wiping out cities, nuking the cities and waging illegal wars on other soverign countries.

    These tyrants still hold the throne of being noble and moderates. Wow!!!

    The whole world wakes up to the call of Tibet to blackmail China, but does not hear the call of Kashmiris.

    And this NGO, somehow gets huge funds to post expensive ads in Jang. I wonder where they get this support from.


    i am strongly with this movement


    we are against the any type of terrorisom, & we are with you about this noble step against the terrorisom

  5. AamirRaz Avatar

    The world should realize now that terrorism is not a problem only for Pakistan or America… It’s everybody’s!

  6. noha Avatar

    Ok so who will we give this petition to? Bush? or the terrorists themselves? who are we trying to prove to that we are not terrorists? Is it going to help? Definiely Ye Hum Nahi.. but Is this campaign going to help anyone please tell me? Is it going to stop terrorism?. Please clarify.

  7. Quakeboy Avatar

    Im belong to hindus, Im from South india,
    I love this post.. Im with you.

    Of course muslims are not terrorists.. Here we don’t even see the differences.. Our friends circle has all religions

  8. noha Avatar

    Hello anybody? Would anyone please answer my query?

  9. Sarfraz Rizwan Avatar
    Sarfraz Rizwan

    “Yeh Hum Nahi”.
    Our religion Islam means that Just “peace” so we can not sepread terrorism.
    All the muslims love God and his creation in the whole world.
    Thank for giving me a chance to define the “Islam”
    Sarfraz Rizwan
    Dr.Kamran Irfan(Ph-D)

  10. Asim Avatar


    No body has answer to your query. We are pop-culture nation and we don’t have time to really think….

    We dont’ even know who we are….

    If you want the world to listen to you, YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE A BIG BHAND and then the world would listen to you and take you seriously.

    Otherwise your question, curiousity or intellect doesn’t matter.

  11. ali Avatar

    yeh hum nahi!we r not the terrorist.

  12. zumia shahnaz Avatar
    zumia shahnaz

    hi everyone!its obvious that MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS,they are the sign of PEACE so hw can be they terrorists. im wid u n itz true tht

  13. noha Avatar

    Finally someone answered..
    Mr. Asim..You are right,no one is actually paying attention to what i am saying!.. like always everyone is just following what they consider hip and cool, a very emtional nation arnt we…instead on actually doing something worth while, we are just signing up petitions, for whose sake anyway?!!

    EVERYONE…please wake up..kuch soch kay tou kar liya karian hum Pakistani.

    Mr TEETH…pardon me i dont know your real name.. have you heard my question? Can you tell me why you put up this post on your blog? Since you did put up this blog you would be able to answer me that what good will come out of signing up to this?

  14. aasim Avatar

    yeh hum nahi or na yeh hum logo me se ho sakte hain….

  15. AAMIR Avatar

    YES yeh hum nahi

  16. Muhammad Latif Avatar
    Muhammad Latif

    Ye hum nahin, Aur aisa karne wala muslim nahin.

  17. mahwish shaukat Avatar
    mahwish shaukat

    hwo could we diprived our future from the colors of life…. yey hum nahi jo martey hain, jo khoon bahatey hain….. wo tu koi or hain.

    yey hum nahi jo pyar ka khoon karain relations ka khoon karain.

    yey hum ho hi nahi saktey…………… yey bacha, yey log, yey rung or yey mulk hamara hai……… is ki her cheez hamay pyari hai. JAAN SAI ZIADA

  18. mahwish shaukat Avatar
    mahwish shaukat

    Islam talks about peace. this religion talks about the rights of human beings not only muslims…………. in Quran Allah talks about the rights of neighbours not the mulsim neighbours… It talks about widow, orphan!!!! etc.

    It talks about respecting others religion and giving them space to practice their own beliefs……….. HOW COULD WE BE THE TERRORISTS ………… no way


  19. asma Avatar

    Asim and Noha,

    you two are crazy ? do u want to disappear and be treated like Dr. Afia ???
    Shut up get in line and start singing … yeh hum naheeeeeeeennn yeh haum naheeeennnnn

    oh btw i am sure Dr. Afia said this a million times before she was abused in jail but what the hell, at least my friends get to see my post …. here we go … yeh hum naheeeeeennn yeh hum naheeennnn

    hey you guys know ??? bush heard the song and apologised ?

    you know i am lying 🙂 most of the ppl singing know this will never happen its not worth anything, this petition is not even worth wiping ur a$$ with … its online

    but hey who the hell am i to object, see me swing it in my new jeans …..yeh humm naaheeeennnnn yeh hum naheeeeennnn

  20. Maqbool Mahesar Avatar
    Maqbool Mahesar

    Yeh Hum Naheen

  21. tahreem Avatar

    ye hum naheen because we are muslims and our religon teaches us to love every one

  22. noha Avatar

    asma..hahaha..ridiculous people arnt we all? should hit out heads on the wall.
    Mr. Teeth, you still havent answered.

  23. Muhammad Adnan Avatar
    Muhammad Adnan

    Yes yeh hum nahi.We are not terrorists.We are moderate people and Islam is a moderate religen.History knows Islam spread through love and very good treatment to known muslims.Muhammad Bin qasim won Sindh Because of his good treatment,attitude and love not only for muslims but also for non muslims.I want to saw to terrorists that Allah said in Quran you do not have a right to kill yourself why they kill other innocent peoples when they do not have right to kill themselve.We the people of Pakistan are true muslims and we did not have any need to become muslim again.

  24. jamil Avatar

    ye waqai main hum nahiin ho saktay
    jis ne aik ansan ka qatal kia us ne pooori insaaniyat ka qatal kia….

  25. touseef ahmad Avatar

    i am agreed witj you but this thing should go to the mind of world,s leaders those who are claiming that they are leading the world and sve the world from terrorism

  26. SONIA Avatar

    i must say tat HUM YEH NAHI HAIN is the best platform 2 convey ideas of youth.Muslims r nt terorrist LEADERS OF OUR COUNTRY R THE TOERORRIST N RESPONSIBLE 4 TERORRISM

  27. Hafiz Waqar Ahmad Avatar
    Hafiz Waqar Ahmad

    YEH HUM NAHI…………..

  28. Hafiz Waqar Ahmad Avatar
    Hafiz Waqar Ahmad

    i must say tat HUM YEH NAHI HAIN is the best platform 2 convey ideas of youth.Muslims r nt terorrist LEADERS OF OUR COUNTRY R THE TOERORRIST N RESPONSIBLE 4 TERORRISM

  29. Abdullah Avatar

    YEH HUM NAHI…………..

  30. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @Noha – I had missed your request for a response – many apologies – it was not deliberate.

    This campaign in 2007 started off as just a small movement with barely a few thousand signatories (if I can recall back then – NOW the exact total as I read 57,167,824, if that is not an achievment in itself. And over 250+ blog comments on my blog – to surely become a heavily visited post and definitely if you read the reactions it does inspire a positive reaction from people who are sick and tired of being labeled as terrorist simply because their skin / religion / nationality is such that it matches known criminals .

    The goal of the campaign is to stand up and say – enough is enough – generate enough of chatter / talk that people start to understand that NOT EVERY pakistani / muslim is a terrorist.

    I hope it attempts to answer your gripe

  31. ibtisam sajid Avatar
    ibtisam sajid

    The world should keep it in his mind particularly America that The Pakistan is neither a country of terrorists nor a homeland of Taliban. we are the nation wich is suffering from this global problem. We condemn it and we say YEH HAUM NAHIN (we are not there behind)
    Salam to my natoion!

  32. noha Avatar

    @ Teeth Maestro,

    Thank you for replying, we all agree to not being the terrorists and we are tired of being labelled as such, but my point is that what good will come out if us all declaring that ‘ye hum nahin’? Because you see even if we show this signed petition to the west, the suicide bombings will continue. This campaign would have helped us more if we had targeted those people who are actually doing the bombing and created awareness among them, the rest of us are already sane enough to know its wrong.

    thanks anyway…

  33. M Nasir Saraj Avatar
    M Nasir Saraj

    I say that :ye hum nahi:
    i ,our nation and any muslim is not terorrist
    bcz a muslim like peace and unity
    and our religion teach us unity and peace.
    so he is not muslim which likes fighting or querrel
    ye hum nahi
    M Nasir Saraj

  34. M Nasir Saraj Avatar
    M Nasir Saraj

    we r true muslim
    so we dont like querrel and dont see in trouble of any one

  35. M Nasir Saraj Avatar
    M Nasir Saraj

    ye hum nahi
    ye hum nahi
    ye hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum nahi

  36. Mrs.Sharjeel Avatar

    Muslims are not terorrist.. I strongly condemned these suicide blasts. Islam is the religion whose motto is PEACE…
    Muslims are the best example of Peace, Brotherhood.

  37. Mohammad Umair Avatar
    Mohammad Umair

    @ Asma, Asim and Noha…

    I know exaclty where you are coming from. But I do beg to differ with some of your comments.

    As I see it, the campaign does not aim to simply provide an clarification to the west that yeh hum naheen. I believe its addressing our own nation. Frankly, I dont give a rat’s rugged ass to what the west thinks about me or my country… what I do care about is deliberate misrepresentation of Islam by my fellow muslims. I do not want any of my friends to be a suicide bomber and kill many others including friends and families of innocent pakistanis.

    How can we ignore the fact that fighting this war against the US or other oppressors does not mean you start killing your own? I also stand firm with you that the US has done enough damage and that we should not stand down… to fight the real enemy, we need to be united and strong at using their weapons against them. Namely… MEDIA!

    And sadly… our media has never played the role it should.

    We should not critisize a positive initiative without looking into the background. I request the moderator to contact a representative of the NGO to answer the querries of my brothers and sisters here.


  38. Waseem Mahmood Avatar

    This is regarding various posts by Asma, Asim and Noha.

    I am the Chairman of Yeh Hum Naheen! and thought that I should address some of the issues raised in this thread.

    Noha, you have got it right! We do want to give this petition to the terrorists. This has never been about appeasing the west or pleading for their pity. This has always been about us… sorting our own house out.

    Asma, it is all too easy to hold faceless agencies or foreign hands responsible for the rise in terrorism in Pakistan, but for me simply finding someone else to blame is not the way to resolve this problem. The fact remains that the perpetrators of these heinous acts are from amongst us. It has become not only the civil but also the religious responsibility of each individual to ensure that nobody from our family, our friends, our neighborhoods, our schools or our colleges gets sucked into committing these acts.

    Asim, everyone’s opinion is important to us. I firmly belive the power to stop these atrocities lies with us, the people not at the door of politicians or government. It is up to us to root these people out and let them know in the strongest possible way that what they do, they do not do in our name. Terrorism is nothing more than Murder and in Islam Murder is Haram!

    We thank you all for your interest. The whole purpose of the campaign was to engender debate and in that respect, we seem to have succeeded. Keep you comments coming. You can always contact me at

  39. SHAHID IMRAN Avatar

    Why the specifically Muslims pointed for these kind of activities particularly the Pakistanis are pointed for this kind of activities. Please make it sure being a Pakistani Muslim everyone of this country WE ARE NOT A TERRORIST and prov it.
    and also strongly saying to European countries from all over the country WE ARE NOT A TERRORIST. WE ARE NOT A TERRORIST

  40. SAUD AHMED Avatar

    1st of all what wrong with us where we r doing we dont knw that we r do
    we dont knw that and why ?
    we r MUSLIM and muslim is 1st thing thatn save other life but we culd not
    PLZ PLZ stop it

  41. afroze Avatar

    Dr Afia ko bechney waley ham nahee,
    Pakistan kai tukrey bechney waley ham nahee,
    FATA main muslmanon ko marney waley ham nahee,

    Pakistanion ko kuch dollar kai ewaz bechney waley ham naheee

  42. Mahwish Avatar

    This is the fabulous campaign started against terrorism and inhuman act of violence. Should be highly appreciated and admired by not only youth but entire nation.

  43. B.khan Avatar

    AOA,Yeh hum nahi you do the great work.Muslims are not terrorists.We want pieace.We all love Pakistan.we are true Muslims.