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ISI spared from Rehman Dakait

After yesterday’s reports where the ISI had been handed over to the Ministry of Interior for ‘one whole day’ and then at 3am early Sunday morning the Prime Ministers office issues a clarification saying that [oops sorry] ‘it was result of a misunderstanding‘, truly one gets a feeling for a moment that the ISI was indeed spared from the wrath of Rehman Malik.

If it were a scene from Saturday Night Live, I’d have a rolling fit of laughter watching Rehman Malik,on set having gutts to hijack the ISI from the iron clad grip of veteran Army general for a whole day and as the curtains draw to a close he quietly hands it back to the Army almost as if to say with pearly innocent eye ‘oops sorry, it was just a joke’. To make the joke seem a little more realistic he even had Asif Zardari chime in from Dubai justifying the development saying that ‘this move was to save Army from bad name day‘ and ‘a strong Army with non-political command was the need of the time‘. While all this dram was being played out on the SNL set you could have almost picturised an irritated & fuming bunch of army generals standing in the bleachers watching the duo [Rehman Malik and Asif Zardari] make chicken noodle out of this cruel joke.

Seriously, are we supposed to laugh, this is the second time Rehman Malik has been involved in a 24-hour flip flopping joke the first one in early May when he allegedly fooled the NWFP Chief Minster into delaying the bye-elections, while this latest trick with the ISI will go down into history books as yet another blooper for Rehman Malik.

While we sit around worry about the crushing economy, Heckle & Jeckle [Zardari and Rehman Malik] are busy making fools out of us while there are ongoing reports of millions being swindled by this duo and their accomplices. God Save our Country


  • dr razahaider |

    hence proved people of pakistan wants their agency in its ever practicing format.it is very appreciating teeth that your active participation is awareing people with right and timely and required pace.god bless you

  • Bring back Musharraf |

    Bring back Musharraf – all is forgiven

  • anas |

    i think it was planned to happen that way by the duo of Zardari and Malik to take the army by surprise and hence avoid a coup, in case the army was planning it with the PM abroad.

  • Kashif-X |

    If only the people of our country were literate enough than to elect these b___tards to run the affairs of our counry.

  • bee |

    ‘…God save our country’, buddy! God has better things to do now… than to save.. hahh who ??
    Sorry man, No god (whether the one up there or the one in the white house) could save us unless we ourselves realize that we are our own saviours.

  • shobz |

    if it were SNL we would have chris parnell playing rehman in the sketch with amy poehler around to portray sherry rehman 😀

  • Shahzad |


    Thanks for bringing up this issue and I thank all the people too.

    May Allah spare our country from these idiots. They don't know what they are doing.


    Why people like these don't die ASAP in some accidents.

  • KarimG |

    Asif Dakait’s sidekicks Rehman Dakait and Haqqani Chooranwala are individually and collectively taking instructions from their handlers (negro, boucher etc.) Problem is that these jokers are not even good at being criminals. They remind me of the bunch from Home Alone. But finally yes, this AWAM has elected this bunch so they have earned the right to &*%$ us.

    “Democracy is the best revenge” Yeah sure!

  • hassan Abbas |

    Don’t be too sure ISI is safe yet.Just as Mush dismissed the judges on US request,and the ISI apprehended and handed over Dr.Afia Siddique and many others to ‘our allies’ on US request….it is now the ISI’s turn to face the american music….the US CIA chief suspects the ISI is in league with the militants …and requests it be undone!
    The first move has been stalled…but the chicken will come home to roost.This game will get much more inetresting before it is over.

  • guYasir |

    PPP-Z are bunch of Kleptocrats instead of democrats.
    They do exercise Kleptocracy under the guise of democracy.