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People’s Resistance – Welcomes Judges to Karachi

The People’s Resistance (PR) welcomes Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, a symbol of constitutionalism, to the city of Karachi. We salute the Chief Justice and all those honorable judges who upheld the constitution of Pakistan by saying “NO” to the illegal Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO). Together they stood for the voice of their conscience, sacrificing their liberty and well-being, to protect the Constitution of Pakistan.

We protest and hold the government responsible for its failure to do what should have been its very first priority. We believe that a lawful and independent judicial system is a pre-requisite for development and progress in Pakistan. We are fearful that the absence of Justice will lead to lawlessness and disorder, which will exacerbate the shortage of food, the spread of extremism and the economic strife.

As a civil society advocacy and watchdog group, PR stands for the complete and unconditional restoration of the November 03, 2007 judiciary.

In offering a grand welcome to the Chief Justice, we hope the united brethren judges will see through the conspiracies of the government, and will stand by the wishes of the people for a just society in the near future.

We therefore appeal to all citizens, groups and parties to close ranks and demand immediate restoration of November 3, 2007 judiciary. Will the ‘people’s government’ act in line with the dictates of the Constitution and wishes of the people?


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  • Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto |

    Teeth Maestro,
    How about holding a protest outside the brothel (since AZ took over) at 70 Clifton.

  • QaimKhani |


    We are with you. Salute to the honorable judges, who didn’t submit to the tyrants.

  • fauzia |

    how many people are in the rally???????
    it was totally unsuccessful show
    Karachi 14 million people city. there is no succeess to gether 5 or 10 thousand.

  • aMmAr |

    Karachi is the only city where the dictator has some support. And the reason of their support is ethical and not logical. But ‘those’ Karachiites are obliviant of the fact that politicians and dictators who run on foreign payroll are honest to no one.

  • hassan Abbas |

    The judges seem to have been forgotten…..but will this nation ever forgive the PPP for this great betrayal? Time will tell…..