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A business proposal for Pervaiz Musharraf

Guest Post by Rana Raheel Babar

Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf
The President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Re: A Business Proposal

Dear Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf,

It is such an undesirable pleasure to have you (General Purvez s/o Busharraf) as our forced president.

Mr. President, I truly consider it as an outcome of your sincere and untiring efforts for Pakistan that you were able to fulfill the obligations committed to Pakistan’s allies and their war on terror. You have truly done an outstanding job also in promoting Pakistani men and women as “saleable commodities” in foreign markets and more specifically the American market. Due credit must also go to your appointed Prime Minister stooge who also jointly welcomed these financial powerhouses sweeping into our country compromising our security and national integrity beyond repair

Your enlightened decisions have also had a great impact in promoting the business interests of foreigners and locals alike, it is a fact that we have never had such an environment of ample trading opportunities available right here on our door steps, hence a valid reason to explore the option of offering you a lucrative business proposal which I hope you would consider favorably.

Mr. President, it is an established fact that you have been selling Pakistani men and women @ US$ 5000/- each in effect participating with the collaboration of foreign investors in the lucrative business of human trafficking, bartering our Pakistani/Muslim women with foreign investors right under our noses.

You must be well aware of the fact that we call human traffickers as “brokers” which can be further translated into Urdu or Punjabi with its equivalent slang, which I dare not use here for the sake of sounding disrespectful to the office of the President of Pakistan.

It must however hurt to see your partners (US & FBI friends) tarnishing your outstanding image just in a lame attempt to divest the credit from you directly. However, it requires just a little common sense to see through their evil plans and we must acknowledge and applaud your services to our country, more so as our resident Army General and more importantly as the forced President of Pakistan who has truly supported Pakistani interests for the wider good.

Mr. President, we take this opportunity to formally invite you to explore the business potential with us local Pakistani nationals, after all we should be having more rights on our own abundant local resources instead of serving up a sweet deal to your foreign compatriots. Since, we would be buying and selling with the local commodities, might we suggest that the mode of payment be geared up towards our local Pakistani currency and not be dependent on an erratically unstable US dollars surely this would be option might be of interest to a man who has forever proclaimed ‘Sub Say Pehlay Pakistan’ [Pakistan First]

To show our good faith we offer to have it initiated right from within your own home, more so as a blessing and goodwill charm, than anything else. Mr. President, we are presenting an offer to buy your immediate family members, as suggestive of our goodwill gesture might we have the honor to start from your mother, father(s), daughters, sons, brothers and sisters, @ Rs.5,000/- each. It is truly an amazing offer one that might have made you instantly jump up in surprise and astonishment as to why you had not thought of this before, a wealth of resources right at your doorstep, truly we agree with you, how could you have overlooked such prime business potential.

Might we take a little more time to explain the silent features of our deal, it is our firm belief we, the Pakistani Muslims, will be treating your sold commodities with utmost respect and dignity they deserve as of any Muslim/Pakistani men/women and would hope not to repeat the mistakes made by the United States of America who may have mistreated your previously sold commodities ie. our Pakistani/Muslim brethren and sisters being held in Baghram and Guantanamo jails. Please also rest assured that in we will be covering all expenses entailed in the delivery of the goods to the final destination yet again perfectly in line with your previous commitment to the Unites States government and the FBI

To complete the transaction we would only like a verbal approval at your earliest convenience, additionally we would appreciate if you can email us directly details of how you would like to have the funds transferred to your multiple accounts located across the world

We conclude with the hope that you view this business proposal favorably to ensure that Pakistan may aptly utilize their own resources to improve the financial stability of our country. After all we chant the slogan with you in tandem – Sab Se Pehlay Pakistan

With the best regards,

Rana Raheel Babar
on behalf of all Pakistanis


  • tahir naqash |

    A very well-written article in fact.It depicts the feeling of more than 90 percent people of this country who are praying for his ouster as he simply does have the ability and sincerity to rule this country.we Pakistani have been very late in demanding for getting rid of such a disastrous layer……

  • Nasir Jamal |

    I do not agree with the contents of this article at all. Forget about Pervez Musharraf, lets see what our democratic leaders have been doing and what they intend to do in future. If you disagree with someone it does not mean that you start calling names. If you must criticize the President, this does not mean that you drag his father also. This is highly condemnable. I think that people like you have gone very far in their hate feelings towards the President.

    There is a hue and cry over Dr. Aafia Siddiqui these days. Even Nawaz Sharif has demanded that she be brought back from the United States. May I ask as to who allowed FBI to carry out a raid in Pakistan for arresting Aimal Kansi? May I ask who allowed Ramzi Yousuf to be swiftly taken out of Pakistan by the American agents? Who went to Camp David to clear his position on Kargil?

    People like you live in a fools paradise. Let me hear as what President Musharraf did that others would not have done. Pervez Musharraf is accused of carrying out military operation in Baluchistan, NWFP and the tribal areas. Why is it that the civilian government has not brought the forces back from these areas. It would have taken a simple order from the prime minister and the operation would have been ended.

    We must realize that America is a economic and military power in the world. Even developed countries in the work have not dared to go against it.

    I hope that you will write in as much detail as to what should have Pervez Musharraf done after 9/11. Please keep in mind the stark warning given by the Americans “Either with us or against us”.

  • arshad hussain zubairi |

    First of all, I consider mine a really a big stupid cos I shit my time to read this article as this person living in fools paradise.

  • hassan Abbas |

    What a stupid article.This person wants to behave as badly as President Pervaiz Musharraf and hand over Pakistani women and children to America also.His thought process in no different from the one he calls wrong.

    Even if guilty all Pakistanis -even more so women and children- need to be tried in Pakistani courts.

  • rrb |


    allow me to ask a question…..

    why is that “musharaf’s son can sell me, my parents, brothers and sisters to americans…..
    what do you expect from us to do…
    have you not heard people been crying in pakistani roads for their beloved missing people
    didnt they go to supreme court

    What happened?
    now the judges are missing

    what else do you people epxect from us

    just go thourgh this link and see the names of people missing i balochistan….. and let me know if you feel the same for them


  • Silence |

    You are offering too high, the story I read about the German guy who was arrested in Pakistan, later sent to Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay and was lucky enough to prove himself innocent, according to his claim, he was sold in $3,000 by ISI to FBI.

    Later he wrote a book “Five Years of My Life” and it gave a worldwide fame to great defenders of Pakistan.

    Another example is a guy who was in love and dating affair with a gril, the girl happened to be a daughter of an army officer and was arrested as a terririst and spent years in ‘underground’ prison of ISI, he was relised on Iftakha Chaudhri’s famour ‘missing pakistani’s campaign.

    Apart from ISI’s role as a security agency, which is not disputed, they are a worst then Gastapo, we need to put this jinne in bottle, assign them a role of national security and pull them away from all political and war on terror issues, its better for them and for people.

    Otherwise we can not say who is going to be next Dr. Afia, it can be your sister or my sister or even their own daughters or sisters.

    To be blunt, you have to distinguish ‘dalas’ from ‘professionals’ and now we have more ‘dalas’ in ISI and army then professional soliders.

    We need to build an image of ‘Pakistan Army’ from the present ‘dala army’ and its not easy job, pimps are too powerful to change governments if we look in to history!

  • hassan Abbas |

    Rana Babar,
    People who can do something about it are already doing so -so dont worry.but what you say you want to do is no answer,for it will make you another american …….(i dont want to use the word for you ,because I know you did not give the matter a cool thought and just got carried away by your sincere emotional disturbance over the crime of ISI and Musharraf.

  • Sadaf |

    i agree with Mr Nasir Jamal’s Comments yahan to awey ka awa hi sirf self interest ki baat karta hey sab hi bigrey hoey hain…what they are doing for the

  • Sadaf |

    i agree with Mr Nasir Jamal’s Comments yahan to awey ka awa hi sirf self interest ki baat karta hey sab hi bigrey hoey hain…what they are doing for the sake of that innocent girl ….they are doing nothing coz she is not her sister they are coward..

  • hambal |

    she and many like are captured by Us on false claims, We the people of pakistan are in different to it, we need to realise the fact that she was the citizen of pakistan and she has a right to know what was her crime and how could she be picked by intelligence agencies on the way to the airport where she was leaving for islamabad, that day and now no one knows where she is and what happend to her. People sitting in homes and talking about this wil never matter you have to make a point and you have to make the people involved Realise and bring this matter to the public and let them know the real story.

    Many many have been handed over to FBI and this will keep on going like this!!

  • Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar |

    I hope that I live to see the day that Musharraf is hanged for his crimes against Pakistan and its people. I hope his mother, wife and daughter suffer the same torture that Dr. Aafia Siddiqi has suffered.

    The dictator dog must not only go, it must also pay for its crimes. Its family must also be destroyed. And I for one will celebrate when that happens…

  • Pakistani |

    Great article.
    It not only reflects the view point of a vast majority of Pakistanis but also slaps on the faces of mush supporters like nasir jamal (mqm activist) etc.

  • Malangi |

    Rana Saib has said Kalma Haq and therefore it bites the likes of Nasir Jamal. The west knows that people like Musharaf and his military establishment of ISI are sort of people who can sell their mothers for money. According to an ex Qatri Minister for justice that Paki establishement are selling illusions to the west. Selling a muslim brother for $3000 to Yahood and Nasara, you can think of level of Pakistanis. No wonder young men and women with a bit of Iyman and Ghairat the likes of Rana Sahib are blowing themselves.

  • rrb |

    with all the respect for the people on the other side of truth

    did anyone check the following link????

    what if i inform all of you that dr. afia siddiqui is my sister? and swear that she did not do anything wrong? and she was kidnapped by a pakistani agency (that was directly reporting to Purvez S/O Musharaf…

    A> what would be your reaction on that
    B> what would you advise me
    C> Let me know what do you think on that
    D> What should i do… considering that i know the fact that my sister was kidnapped by the orders of our President and with his further instructions she was sold to americans…

    Woudl Mr. Nasir Jamal, Ms. Sadaf, Mr. Hassan Abbas and Mr. Arshad Hussain Zubairi like me to advise me on that…

  • Kanwal Tariq |

    Kudos to Rana Raheel! You have slapped the President right on his (makkaar)face without even letting him know. And that too from all Pakistanis.

    Thanx to u man!

    I would very much like to propose all of my wealth (even if that leaves me nothing)to buy Musharraf’s family, trap them in torture cells and pray fr them to live longer in hell on earth.

  • Kanwal Tariq |

    rrb: I dont know if im of any help,but i know that a bigger group makes a louder sound! Watever happened, however sad, has happened. there is no way to undo it! gather more ppl on your side, but even then do u think a whole colony of ants wud be able to move a herd of Giant elephants??

    WHo ru protesting against? Musharraf? USA? Do u seek only vengeance or justice?? Justice in Paki is far frm possible, not in another 20yrs. No!

    if you r really Afia’s bro, ur family has seen enuf, they wudnt want to lose another of their family member. Although at the moment all they must want to do is give up EVERYTHING to seek revenge! It’s human nature. If u believe in God, have patience and seek justice in His court. there is no court more supreme than HIS!

  • Teeth Maestro |

    RRB – somehow the balochvoice.com website says Access Denied – I ran a traceroute and its apparently not blocked on PTA servers – is the site down or something fishy is at play – see if you can open the site from yoru end

  • rrb |

    it is working here
    perhaps it is been blocked by pta
    you can go to http://www.anchorfree.com/
    download hotspot shield from top right corner and install it
    whenever you come across a blocked/banned web page
    run hotspot shield
    wait for it to turn green
    and open that page again
    this will help you bypass pta’s security firewalls and you will be able to open banned webpages

  • Retd. General Pervaiz Musharraf |

    Dear Babar – our english is very poor and writing style is very bad. Ask your parents how well was english of General Retd Niazi, even at time of surrender he was speaking fluent and beautiful english. Bilal (my son) has command over comprehension and english writing.

    You must be the one to whom I have not given any job so you are against me. I can appoint you vice chairman in any government organization. By the way I could not understnad that your are on my side or on wrong side. Look at 7 crore mobile 6 crore motorcycles so people are getting wealthy. What I have done wrong.

    Your president for life (Ameen)

  • rrb |

    for the eyes of Retd. General Pervaiz Musharraf

    Dear His Excellency

    we, the whole nation wonder as to why did you have to compare yourself with General Niazi or even anyone else… let all of us correct ourselves and admit that for the past nine years, you have proved yourself far better than your predecessors and it is hard to find anyone even to match the level of virtues that you were borne with…

    the history of million years flunks entirely whenever it is necessitated to set forth even a single instance of any swayer unconstrained by laws and ethical values…

    Dear Sir, we regret to point out that, at times it becomes very disappointing to see some erred masses trying to equate that old Egyptian Feron and Namrood of Babylon with you and your such integral characteristics that they were never cursed with…

    and sir… you dont have to worry about your or our english… as most of the times it is your body language that speaks more than your tongue….

    Dear Mr. President, you been very true… i did want to become chairman or vice chairman atleast of some national or multi national… and i did apply for that too… but my application was rejected immediatley by NAB as i did not have any criminal record… further they embarrassed me a lot when they came to know that i did not have bank loans to pay back…

  • Syed Ahmed |

    I don’t agree with the article. Actually we Pakistanis are very emotional people and have no openions of theirs. We are listening to our new leadership who has landed in Pakistan on NRO issued by President Musharraf with an open heart for national reconceleation. Who doesn’t know that all these people are curropt, opportunist, useless and biggest of all looted the country. How our innocent educated people are accepting them as their leaders? It is amazing.
    In conclusion I would advise President Musharraf to stay in power using what ever authority he has in his hand and don’t leave our beloved country on these criminals. General Kiyani should also use his judgement and power to keep these ” BHARIAS” away from doing the same criminal activities they were carrying in during their power days in 90’s.

    A voice of more 95people of Pakistan

  • ABIDA |

    I believe it to be the most henious crime.Such inhumane act on part of Lords of the nation couldnt be justified even in the times of war and anarchy.The same people who took up the case of Mukhtaran Mai internationally are quiet on the issue of Dr.Afia is beyond my comprehension.

  • Salman |

    You people deserve President like Zardari..
    Shit worms will always remain in shit, thats your destiny, ur fait.

  • rrb |

    salman forgot to add that the shit he talked about has been left by purvez busharaf and such other dictators in the past.