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Dr. Aafia has not ‘yet’ recieved medical attention, but will get it in 24hrs

Today at a court hearing in New York a frail looking Dr. Aafia appeared in a wheel chair, this was probably the first time she was seen publicly and a group of Pakistani supporters awaited to greet her. The hearing was initially scheduled to discuss bail as planned but her lawyers said she was in dire need of medical care and surprisingly has not yet been examined let alone seek attention for her wounds. So much for the notion of having basic Human Rights in America

“She is complaining of abdominal pain. She understands she lost part of an intestine,” Siddiqui had large stitches down her torso from major surgery and may be suffering from internal bleeding. The lead lawyer on her team, Elizabeth Fink, [appealed to the judge saying] “She has been here, judge, for one week and she has not seen a doctor, even though they (U.S. authorities) know she has been shot.” – Reuters

Sahar, a supporter, who showed up for the NY hearing today said

The bail hearing was postponed, at the request of Aafia’s lawyers, so that she could get medical attention. Afia seemed extremely weak (she was in a wheelchair and barely moved throughout the proceedings). According to her lawyers, she has a major wound in her lower abdomen, and a set of stitches all the way down her front torso. She has not received appropriate medical care. The judge ordered today that she receive medical care from a qualified internist within 24 hours.

Afia’s lawyers also held a press conference after the hearing. The lawyers couldn’t speak freely but did make it clear that they were concerned about Aafia’s health and the conditions in which she was being kept. A representative from the Pakistani consulate was also present at the press conference. He received a lot of negative feedback from the crowd.

The next hearing is on September 3, 2008. Stay tuned for more details.

Hearing the plea by Dr. Aafia’s lawyer about medical attention the U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman, ordered she be seen by a physician within 24 hours as Dr. Siddiqui was has apparently a serious wound in her abdomen and stitches all the way up her torso, wounds which she received last month while ‘allegedly’ trying to fire on a group of U.S. troops who had come to question her in an Afghanistan prison

Ironically the U.S. prosecutor told the court it was “a complicated situation,” and because of her alleged recent attack she was considered a “high-security risk”


  • Xarrar |

    My heart is crying for the pain that she is going through. I can feel that pain in my heart.
    Oh God ! please bring peace to the poor lady.

  • Jusathot |

    No wonder, uncle sam through his proxy MushInc is sabotaging efforts for the restoration of CJP-Iftikhar or an independent judiciary. There are hundreds of cases such as Dr Aafia, who were kidnapped by the Agencies and bartered for dollars to uncle sam. No wonder, they are now trying to keep the ‘Aafias’ behind bars or else their xxx will be exposed. All the fabricated charges against her could fall apart under scrutiny in a fair and impartial court. But that would be too much to expect from the court in NY – knowing the bias and bigotry against Muslims in general in a post-9/11 NY and specially so close to the anniversary of 9/11.

    This case is just one more reminder of the grave injustices done to many people in the US detention facilities around the world in secret and not-so-secret locations. Our hope and salvation lies in the change of status quo at home and to put into practice a just and fair system of laws for everyone. That maybe a tall order!

  • Confused |

    Her heart-breaking news is slipping away from the front pages in Pakistani media. What a shame!

  • mikeinportc |

    McClatchey recently had a series of articles on US immigration detention . One installment dealt with this same issue. Apparently it is now US Govt. policy (unwritten) to mistreat, &/or deny treatment to all prisoners , seemingly as a method of punishment and harassment. Truly shameful, and criminal. That some are the spouses and parents of US citizens, whose families are able and willing to provide care , matters not a whit. This administration has crossed yet another boundry into barbarity .
    As for Dr. Siddiqui, probably even less can be expected, as it would benefit the fearmonger/torturers if she can tell no tales .

  • Mohsin Ehsan LLm |

    OH MY GOD.
    2-WHERE IS U.N.O


  • nogutsnoglory |

    Well, our President and our PRIME MINISTER (Both the latent and the patent) are busy with power struggle, they don’t have time for Pakistanis.

  • hassan Abbas |

    Jusathot,Please stop blaming Mush for the fiasco about Dr. aafia going on right now.The government is now in the hands of the PPP.What they will do is obvious from the no reaction we have had from the Prime Minister,The foreign ministry,The information ministry …My embassy in USA itself …and of course Mr Zardari himself.

  • Jusathot |

    Hassan sahab, the missing person or rather the barter-for-dollars happened under the joint sponsorship of our Establishment & the gringos. Mush Inc. was the proxy or ‘dalal’ if you like. This whole catastrophe was imposed on the nation under the guise of ‘war-on-terror’ and Dr Aafia was but only one such ‘ATM card’ for the old boys networks. As far as this so-called ‘war-on-terror’ in particular and most other matters in general – these folks are still calling all the shots. Our self-righteous politicians can huff and puff – but make all critical decisions only after getting the signals from the GHQ – and by extension, uncle sam.

    Even on the impeachment (or rather forced resignation) – our dysfunctional lot can make a lot of noises, but this matter can only come to fruition – if the “old boys network” stays on the sideline and thereby give the green light.

    Hassan sahab, we share your anguish and our proud of Pakistanis like yourself for standing up for truth and justice. We understand it is a hard call for ex-serviceman like yourself – and for which you may be ostracized by your comrades – but during these critical times in our beloved nation’s predicament – the nation need the true heroes of our time. Long may you keep probing and writing for truth and justice.

  • smills |

    its so sad to read n imagine da torture she has put up wid for past 5 years….
    im surprised there wuznt much coverage on her case earlier…
    i jus cant even imagine wht she had been thru…n wen she is released all da questions n ppl she will hav to face…oh gosh da poor lady..i wonder where her kids are?

    but i do hope she returns home soon…

    May ALLAH keep us all safe..
    i dont understand y ppl forget dat their actions r being watched n they will b held accountable for all the wrong doings….

  • Zeeshan |

    MAy Allah Keep her safe

    It is very rubish thing that from a muslim country one muslim lady handover to the amercians.

  • sadaqat |

    Where are the human right`s peoples in US?Are they blind and don`t know the illegal and degraded arrest of Dr.Siddique.Shame for them

  • Mark N |

    Just maybe…she is a criminal and deserves every bit of discomfort which has and will come her way. Just maybe she was involved as suspected…and if so, it would appear that she is receiving a very “Islamic” style of justice, eh?

  • Mohsin Ehsan LLm |

    dear Mr. Mark
    For your kind Information please search and view the comments of miss “British journalist Yvonne Ridley” who was once kept in imprionsment by taliban. she was released after 11 days and was treated well, and she embraced Islam after that.. i mean one of your CHRISTIAN sister just impressed by the treatment of Muslims and left you.
    now you might be aware of Muslim way of treatment with prisioners.
    instead of feeling shame my dear bro Mark you are making fun.
    and for your second kind in formation. It is general principal of natural justice—> “accused is as innocent as a normal person UNLESS it is convicted by the court”
    Dear Mr. Mark, i mark following things here.
    Dr. Aafia was an accused, not a convict, and the treatment happened with her is in-human, illegal, and unjustifiable.
    So my Bro Mr MARK, i think now you are grown up try to see things in reality and “mere pera bacha” b ashame of your self.
    wating your rational reply.

  • Faheen Nawaz |