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Musharraf to Quit rather then face impeachment

no mercy Go MusharrafIntense secret talks between the ruling coalition and President Musharraf are seemingly have come to a breakthrough where President Pervez Musharraf is expected to leave office in the next few days just before the Parliament takes up the impeachment proceedings against him. At present they are reportedly under intense discussion (48hrs) whether he will choose to live within Pakistan with full impunity or escape to greener pastures abroad though it seems they might be willing to offer him a deal with a seemingly safe passage out of the country.

“Musharraf will neither face impeachment nor be prosecuted,” one person said. Mr. Musharraf is expected to step down once a guarantee of safe passage and immunity from prosecution has been struck. “We expect a major development in the next 48 hours,” – WSJ

“The president will neither be impeached nor prosecuted on any charges. He will try and stay in Pakistan,” the paper quoted the official as saying. – Reuters

While Moin Ansari speculates whether Musharraf will choose Saudi Arabia or Turkey as his next destination, with Turkey the most likely and favorable destination since Musharraf spent his childhood in Turkey, and speaks the language and loves the country. Since he also speculates that Washington would prefer not to host his exile, as it would look bad politically, it would, if he has nowhere else to go

If Mr. Musharraf leaves office, it will remove one major political sticking point in the ruling coalition. But it is unclear who would replace him and whether the government could then move forward to tackle the country’s growing problems. So in all likelihood the nine year dynasty is about to close and reins of power will soon be handed over to the unelected duo of Zardari & his subliminal partner Nawaz Sharif to try and hash out their own difference and hopefully work towards taking Pakistan out of this mess.

The question naturally a person like me must ask, should he be allowed to go Scott free considering the mess he has led Pakistan into in the past nine years which includes numerous human rights issues, ransacking the constitution, the judicial chaos and lets not forget the NRO granting crooks back into our country – whatever happened to the Pakistan First mentality or the Enlightened Moderation he used to drum into our heads, where has all the patriotic spirit gone to now get up and leave Pakistan in probably a worse off situation then when he came into power back in 1999. Its safe to say we wasted nine years with him around. Like all politicians he is now no different, simply gets up to walk away leaving the country far worse then before and in Musharrafs case he had ample opportunity to do it, and did not

What is your take on this issue? Should we let him go without being held accountable for his misadventures

Links: WSJ, Reuters & NYT


  • Ramla Akhtar |

    I respect Musharraf, and slowly, the nation will wake up to the truth of the matter of his actions – and how the story was twisted. Of course, the usual disclaimer is: “Each man has flaws.” Also truly, each pair of eyes looking at a matter has its own flaws.

    If the Pakistani nation’s way of analysing things was prevalent in history, everything from the Noah’s Ark to the Prophet Muhammad’s Hirjah and the Treaty of Hudaibiya (including “handing over” people guilty of being Muslims to the non-Muslims for… torture!) to the war on Nazi Germany would be declared a massive act of treachery, cowardice, disloyalty and what-not!

    We are just a bunch of blabbering baboons with no reality to refer to but our own spoilt imaginations. Confronted with two arguments, most people have nothing to hold on to in their opposition of THE GOVERNMENT – which perhaps replace abba ji and ammi jan as the thing-to-blame in the mindsets of us brats!

    In every household, people should be brought up with more responsibility. Our nation is characterised by a sissy familial set-up where a whimpering mother teaches her sons to treat herself and everyone else like a piece of worthless ****. Result: years later, a nation of irresponsible adults amongst whom whoever took any responsibility is a “dictator.” But of course, what other destiny must a lump of a nation deserve than have “dictators” (i.e. people who decided to take charge of a going-nowhere-in-particular situation).

    Shame on the bloodlust of an apathetic nation!

    What have we earned in exchange for Musharraf? Asif Plundering Zardari! Nawaz Revengeful Sharif!


    Somebody get me a ticket to Turkey.

  • hassan Abbas |

    I agree.Even though I have my gripes with many of the things Musharraf has done wrong -and the absolutely high handed manner in which he handled even principled difference of opinion,let alone the political issues;I feel he has done less to deserve impeachment then the lot were are about to get now.

    This reminds me of the end of the Ayub Khan era.We had remarkable economic and industrial development under him ;We had also done exceedingly well in a war against India.A political party-was it one of the two we now have coming in?- started agitation over a non-issue ‘The cease fire’.Only to get power! The ill educated people-led by the self seekers – got carried away and joined in.

    That was the start of our troubles,and we have never looked back.Yahya – East Pakistan -Bhutto – Zia -ul- Haq.

    God help us this time.It appears a similar replay ;with possibly worse consequences.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Ramla – sorry to burst your bubble – but I still fail to find the bright spot of this nine year rule – since 2001 he sold our sole to America – there could have been a more responsible way to relinquish their demand for war on terror but hail to the king America rules so bent over backwards and then leeched the US for $11 billion only feed the ever hungry Pakistan Army & its general all of which were already busy siphoning off 60% of our existing and paltry budget

    Shortcut created the economic bubble which sadly gave loose the moment he left – it was a bubble based on speculations, on the good will of lease and lending, etc etc – with no strong steps to grow the local industry

    Musharraf sold our people to the War on Terror without trail or justice / or even court martial courts to Americans and let them RIP in Gitmo for all he cares

    He ransacked the judiciary simply because they opened the Missing persons issue which would have exposed him and his allies in the US – which was probably the only reason he asked CJP to roll over and play dead in March 2007, when he refused he threw him out – leading to the Judicial crisis we have seen played upon us for the last year – he choose to be Above the law – and when that happens bad things do start to happen.

    Then we were led to the Lal Masjod fiasco …. lets not touch that issue

    The martial law was in my opinion just to cover up his failing control on the country – forget the PCO & NON-PCO controversy it was simply to teach the judges a lesson to listen to the boss or else walk the plank

    Talking about the NRO was yet another murdering axe on our nation – allowing the proven crooks safe passage to come rule upon us – mind you this so called elected govt is NOT and cannot be called a democracy – its just another one of Musharraf’s messes left on our door steps and we are now supposed to pray that it clears up before they clear out Pakistan.

    I feel this nine year rule was a romance for those who made money – lets not fool ourselves any longer – he is now sneaking out – leaving us high and dry – ‘his flaws’ have sadly left us limping no better then nine years back when Sharif and Zardari had almost chewed us out – now he leaves us in their hands yet again – and all because he thought the NRO would have allowed him to rule over them – little did he know that it would come to bite him back so soon.

  • hassan Abbas |

    Well Having said that,if he has to go it must be after a trial.He can’t be allowed to just run away and leave us in the grip of this lot whom he himself charge sheeted as crooks.

    To leave like a coward – the nation in a mess and in the hands of those who would do us in -just to save his skin.That is unacceptable.

  • Khurran Qureshi |

    I agree with everyone here, you all have excellent points.
    To those who want to impeach Mush, I ask why did we let his (Mush) henchman Mr Short-Cut Aziz slip out of the country, no where to be found. He is probably living in US once again. Oh, wait a minute, most of our blessd class, their kids, their ami and abba jans are here as well.

    Awab.. then why do we blame AMERICA for all the bad that happens in Pakistan.
    THERE WILL BE BLOOD …at a scale not seen before to make things right in our country. Its called Kurbani.

  • Silence |

    He is a former head of state and must be given indemnity for his action like imposing martial laws, imprisioning the elected leaders, killing Bugti and everything else including his corruption.

    However he must face trial in Afia Siddiqi’s sale to Americans including his son who is benificiary of this transection.

    Although he did not gave oppertunity to Afia Siddiqi to face charges before Pakistani courts, he must be given a chance to prove himself innocent before the court of law.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi |

    I am sorry Mush. These Paki bastards don’t understand what have you done for them. May be you made mistakes but then who does not. I wish you all the luck for your future endeavors and if you leave Pakistan for any where, I will visit you inshAllah next year where ever you are. I know I would not be able to laugh when these all so called civil society would fail because it would be a lose-lose condition for Pakistan. God bless you Mush.

    Awab, your Imran Khan is out of govt for next 5 years or do you want election to be re held next year ? 🙂

  • hafeez tahir |

    besides irrepairable damages that Musharraf regime has done to this country of innocents the main destruction has been inflicted upon the vital institutions of this land of immense resources including judiciary, parliament, democtracy, bureaucracy , and armed forces.Had the democracy been given a continious chance to grow this country could have seen tremendous economic growth Politicians might be corrupt but cannot be more than a man with absolute power like Musharraf because absolute power corrupts absolutely. the continous process of democracy filters the corrupt ones away and ultimately we can have a government sincere to the people of Pakistan. we may please be given chance. musharraf must leave if has the slightest patriotism left in his heart.

  • hassan Abbas |

    If Zardari unchecked ,with Nawaz Sharif in tow is the only choice;I would prefer Musharraf any day.

    Have you noticed in the last few days 98% of the time it is all pro-impeachment people talking.Hardly any time is given to opposing views.Musharraf ALLOWED much fairer coverage to the opposition in his time.And they havn’t even fully taken over as yet.

    Secondly if the stand is about finishing “amreeyat” for ever;why are PPP so desperately offering safe passage if Musharraf steps down.I thought finishing amreeyat would be about having no deals with amiers !Clearly all they want is to loot the country themselves as they sell it,the ISI and the army to America -after removing the only threat to them i.e.Musharraf!!

    But Musharraf you still have 52-2b. So GO MUSHARRAF GO !!

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    The way Ramla et all follow Mush religiously, If they make attempt to follow the religion in this way then jahils like me would be able to learn something new every day in life.

    Shame on the bloodlust of an apathetic nation!

    Babe you are part of it. SO curse yourself first!

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    Awab yo didn’t tell these self acclaimed Feminist and women right activist about that “Baiti Farosh” that how he and his son bilal sold out Afia for sake of dollars. Mush is official dalal of Pakistani women and those ignorant women who are still in love of him have no shame and sympathy for their own women community. *vomits*

  • Unaiza Fatima |

    Adnan Siddiqui, you seriously need professional mental help. The vocabulary of your comments reflects your background and bringing-up.

  • d0ct0r |

    Musharraf : “Pakistani women do get themselves raped to get Canadian Nationality”

    later on he changed his stance..

    Mush: oops i never said that

    only to be confronted with the audio tape that the journalist interviewing him had recorded .

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    Unaiza Fatima I didn’t know you still _love_ me. Thanks for remembering me. Cheers

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    back to topic: If Musharraf is true then I would expect him to face the trial like man. I was reading in Jang that his friends provoking him to act like Saddam and emerge as _hero_ of the nation.

  • Hassan Abbas |

    Adnan Siddiqi,
    It is Zardari and Co,who are delaying presenting the charge sheet.More over they are the ones asking him to resign inexchange for a safe passage.They are also the ones spreading rumors about his resigning any day now.

    Inspite of the facts that very few are allowed to give Musharrafs side of the story;the few who do are treated in a most uncivilized manner – like for example your replies to bladies.Shame on you.People like you desrve even Zardari.

    As for Musharraf being a man.Please note inspite of propoganda against him 99% of the time,and little air time to his side;the few times his sides voice has been allowed to get through to us,it has always been he is awaiting the charge sheet before he acts….and I bet the charge sheet will make no mention of his selling the country to the Americans!!!!!!!!
    Also please note any anchor giving the facts for both sides is off the air thereafter.

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    Hasan, he’s down now. He has run like a rat. End of the story.