We Want: A Fair Trial & Return of Nov 2nd Judiciary

People’s Resistance
Press Release – 18 August 2008

People’s Resistance attributes the resignation of retired General Pervez Musharraf as President of Pakistan to the long and untiring struggle of the Lawyers, students, civil society organizations and political groups. The civil society and media’s struggle against the arbitrary rule of General Musharraf forced the ruling democratic coalition to start the process of impeachment that eventually led to his resignation.

Though we celebrate his resignation, we call for the fair trial of General Musharraf for the long list of crimes against the people of Pakistan including removal of judiciary, abrogating the constitution, forced disappearances, torture and deaths in custody of citizens especially from Baluchistan, and for killing people in Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

In this vein the People’s Resistance demands the immediate restoration of the judiciary to its November 02 composition, as it was before the promulgation of the PCOs suspending the constitution.





17 responses to “We Want: A Fair Trial & Return of Nov 2nd Judiciary”

  1. Jigar Avatar

    What a Joke is Pakistan???

  2. Kam Avatar

    I am sorry, we do not share your celebrations and consider this the darkest day in Pakistan’s history. There are NOchecks and balances and two criminals have been left in charge. Lets give democracy an applause thanks to Asif Zadari, Nawaz Sharif and lets not forget Imran Khan

  3. Kam Avatar

    Lets no kid ourselves and you are not going to get your country back now that Musharaf has gone. Pakistan’s economy is going through an extremly testing time. Confidence in the country is an all term low since this so-called democratic elected government came into power. Already they have been stealing sugar mills and cement factories. God knows where they will stop

  4. Freedom Avatar

    Lets celebrate Musharraf’s head, for few days. We will get to Judiciary and Zaradri later.

  5. Kam Avatar

    Dream on. Zadari is king – like our friend Altaf. The king is dead, long live the king

  6. LetsNotForget Avatar

    Lets see what happens next

    Mush impeachment or resignation was not possible until MUSH tried to stop the euthanization of ISI.

    So Zardari was given GREEN LIGHT to get rid of MUSH if thats what is needed to euthanize ISI and the people were told that Zardari was fullfilling the promise.

    Looks like Zardari’s next move will be Kiyani not the restoration of Judiciary.

  7. Silence Avatar

    Musharaf has got ‘international gurantors’ involved to give him a safe passage before he resigns, government is not in the position to initiate a trial, although many thinks him the mastermind of BB’s assanination, sale of missing Pakisistani’s and Lal-Masjid darama.

    If we government tries to bring charges against him, i got a price, Pakistan has to pay 6 Billion $ to Sauidi Arabia as deffered payments for oil and sacrifice American aid (who are guarantors), surely in view of 12 Billion $ trade deficiet, no one can take this risk, even the worst enemy of Musharaff: Nawaz Sharif, otherwise economy will cripple down.

    The best thing can be to restore Ifthakhar Ch and other Judges ousted by Musharraff and let them to review NRO, take up cases of missing Pakistani’s, the Baluch’s can file cases for mischiefs committed against them and general public approches free courts against his actions and he faces the public complaints.

    This scenirio looks more probable and possible in future.

    But, we got rid of a coward dictator, this is first victory of civil society and Lawyers who educated the common man and they deserve to be appriciated.

  8. darakhshanda Avatar

    This is a sad day for pakistan.Sad day for me ’cause i’m his biggest fan. The so called democratic rulers are dirty politicians and have already been tried and took pakistan to the pits of moral and financial bankrupcy. President Musharraf was the best bet for Pakistan atleast he had integrity and sincerity for the cause of better Pakistan. Pakistan has gone to the dogs.Now we’ll see what “going to the dogs” literally means….let the show begin

  9. Zaheer Avatar

    what da heck…………!!!

    Kiyani emerged as the new owner of war against terror in Pakistan.

  10. Zaheer Avatar

    move ahead
    we need another puppet president to complete the pair with a muppet prime minister.

  11. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    if PRESIDENT musharraf is to be tried in court for killing indian spy’s like bughti and killing MAD MUllah count me in to the trial too becoz i would be happy to be hanged beside him for doing this patriotic acts.
    A very sad day for all the patriotic pakistanis who dreamt of a better Pakistan .

  12. Nisar Khoro Avatar
    Nisar Khoro

    It is time for a new movement by the lawyers and civil society against NRO beneficiaries who refuse to reinstate the judiciary.

    Zardari kutta hai hai!

    Go Zardari Go!

  13. Freedom Avatar

    Empire strikes back, evil has been terminated, Rejoice my countrymen, enjoy the ride.

  14. Fil Munas Avatar
    Fil Munas

    Musarraf’s castration and ignominous resignation under threat of impeachment is just the first act in Pakistan’s redemption. Unless Musharraf is now tried in a court of law for crimes against the people of Pakistan, the whole saga would have been in vain.

  15. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    If we had people of the mind set you appear to encourage to start off with,Pakistan would never have been created -nor would it have been able to become a nuclear power!

    What is Saudi Oil-that too at defered payment ?In the first place Pakistan has enough land mass to produce oil for ten other nations if it so decides and gears up to do.Or havn’t you ever heard of bio-fuels and algae oil? And as for US dollars ,making Gwadar port fully operational,has the potential to give you ten times the Dollars USA gives in any one year -besides of course helping us to regaining the trust and good will of the only sincere and good friend we have ever had amongst the powerful nations of the world -China;while helping us to get rid of the troublesome Americans.

    Remember on independence we survived even with boxes as table and chairs in our offices -and thorns as paper pins.I remember as late as 1956 my father a Lt-Col posted at GHQ used to bi-cycle to and back from his office every day.At the end of the year he bought our first car;a second hand Hillman,making him the one in a thousand amongst the officers then who drove to work in their own car.

    Then even later Bhutto gave the call to ‘eat grass but make the bomb’-and even though we did not have to eat grass;the nation proved it could survive without US dollars -and making the neccessary sacrifices did produce the bomb.

    Once again we are at a cross road.All we need is the will to finally act and get rid of defeatist and foreign agent mentality leaders-leaders who perforce have to supress the will of the people in order to carry on the commands of their foreign masters.

    Chief Justice Ch.iftikhar has provided us an opportunity and the inspiration to do just that.If we fail to respond to his cause,we shall be confined to perpetual slavery-and would indeed desreve it.It is thus the duty of each patroit to rise and act in support of the movement to restore the judiciary;It is Now or Never.

  16. Asad Avatar

    People say americans are ignorant. Just multiply that ignorance by about a factor of 6 and thats where the mass population of pakistan is right now intellectually.

    I can’t believe how easy it is to manipulate the public opinion.

    Long live pakistan! I hope some delusional prime minister gets elected that builds schools all over the freaking country, maybe then pakistanis will be encouraged to make use of this thing in their heads called a brain hopefully within the next 50 years. Till then, good luck to my country still living in there.