Its over – Musharraf has resigned

After much hoopla – President Pervaiz Musharraf has finally resigned leaving the destiny on the nation in the hands of Pakistanis and its leaders. The address talked about all his achievements but failed to discuss a few important issues for example the Martial Law, Judges, NRO or Zardari – he may have done some service but the disservice of leaving us in a lurch could be counted against him in a big way.

So the bottom line is that Musharraf is out – that’s naturally one hurdle that needed to be crossed, I celebrate this news consequentially Zardari is in – now that’s one thing I mourn – Run for the hills – the cats out of the bag.

Pakistan now needs to hold strong, it is genuine honest Pakistanis that need to get together and rebuild Pakistan – we cannot continue to be held hostage by corrupt leaders and dictators who walk away when they are done cleansing our country – history repeats itself for the umpteenth time when our leaders get up and walk out of the country when its a sordid mess – Musharraf just joined the club



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45 responses to “Its over – Musharraf has resigned”

  1. Adeel Avatar

    leadership vacuum… let the other show begin 🙁

  2. zs Avatar

    … didn’t mention missing people either. but he took time to mention how nice a place quaid’s mazar is, without even thinking about the rape that took place there a few months ago.

  3. d0ct0r Avatar

    congratulations,at the end of the day humiliation is the destiny of all dictators

  4. Saim Baig Avatar

    At last.This is the best he could do to Pakistan & himself.

  5. Fintoo Avatar

    woooooooohhhhhhhhoo yahhooooo

  6. Sofia Sultana Avatar
    Sofia Sultana

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t – if he had stayed, you would have cursed him then as well. So typical of Pakistan: twist everything to suit your own purposes. All I say to Musharraf is, if they’re shooting at you, you must be doing something right.

  7. Minty Avatar

    Happiness is all over Pakistan 🙂

  8. zs Avatar

    now we wait a few years till the next military man decides to “save Pakistan”… again.

  9. Dinky Mind Avatar

    Let’s prepare ourself for more inflation, for more unemployment, for more problems and bomb blasts and for more appearances of Zard-aari and Shareef brothers! All sounds so unbearable, no?

  10. gibran Avatar

    over to the pigs now

  11. Sophia Avatar

    This is the happiest moment for people. It is because of the struggle of the lawyers, students and civil society groups that the ruling coalition of corrupt politicians called for impeachment and Mush couldnt find any support (even Sharifuddin Pirzada couldnt do anything for him) and he resigned. I think if the people stay together and continue their struggle, there is no doubt we can replace these corrupt politicians as well 🙂

    congratulations everyone!

  12. Awab Alwi loves Immi bhai Avatar
    Awab Alwi loves Immi bhai

    A really sad day for Pakistan and Pakistanis. Now lets watch the kingship of PPP and PML(N) ruin our country with all their efforts. Already the crown prince Bilawal has arrived for his inheritance.
    We are back to the 90s, with the dictatorship, censorship and nepotism that came with the so called ‘democrazy’.

  13. loyal citizen Avatar
    loyal citizen

    u idiots….this can be da worst day..da most loyal leader of da counrty has resigned..i wish him best of luck n may God keep him under His protectin (Aameen)…now just wait and watch how da two pigs zardari n nawaz not so shareef take over n da bitch shireen rehman followz….n just wait to see how da talibanz take over karachi n doom our country…ahahaha standing united -wat a joke…people r way too mean n selfish to do that for dis country….fuck da judges n the lawyers..bloody useless creatures….now just wait n watch THE DOOM OF PAKISTAN…it may fall even in the hands of america due to talibanisation 🙂

  14. loyal citizen Avatar
    loyal citizen

    man… i m already missing musharraf (—- DA PPP N NAWAZ NOT SHAREEF)

  15. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chishti

    Let the dogs now fight over the bone now!

  16. Talha nazar Avatar
    Talha nazar

    Mush just let the dogs out……….Its a sad day

  17. Awab Alwi loves Immi bhai Avatar
    Awab Alwi loves Immi bhai

    @Talha nazar:

    Mush didn’t let the dogs out. it was the people of Pakistan who let the dogs out by voting for them in the elctions. Enjoy your democrazy now punks.

  18. Gridlock Avatar

    It is such a pity for your nation. I for one did not like the gentleman but he was a great ruler for Pakistan, and lot better than the other that your people have selected and are left with. I almost chocked when I read the destiny of Pakistani people is left in the hands of its leaders. What leaders. May I remind you that most funniest home video these days is the visit of your “Leader” to US.
    It is a pity that they will not let you drive a car without a road test but you can lead an extremely talented and gifted nation without any leadership qualities.
    I give it 6 months to a year and you will be wishing /hoping / praying for a complete change of government which generally requires drastic measures.
    The present group of people, in power are more corrupt and greedy than the devil himself. I could not believe that your nation had selected them, well reap what you sowed.

  19. HS Avatar

    I totally agree with gibran…OVer to PIGS now…
    We lost a great leader and a brave man…

  20. Freedom Avatar

    @ Mush Lovers

    You must pick a new dictator (Hint: UK)

  21. Malik Jaan Avatar
    Malik Jaan

    I want to kill musharaf in 15-days, can u agree with me. we will directlly get a heaven. I will do it till my death also with musharaf. inshallah God will help me in this matter and i will do it do it do it/jghjgjjgjjfghfhfhyretyrgf

  22. Kam Avatar

    Democracy is the biggest sham in Pakistan. I do not see good times ahead for Pakistan with the two crooks running the show. The country has the leadership it deserves

  23. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar
    Adnan Siddiqi

    The time he announced for resignation, all Mush whiners converted into “Musharraf Remnants”. Either they will hide in bin or keep babbling to prove him a god.

    17th Aug: Zia gone
    18th Aug: Mush gone

    20 years of dictatorship seems to end today. Inshallah

  24. Kam Avatar

    The last nine uears have been a complete waste of time. To a large extent Musharaf has himself to blame and the Saudi leadership for allowing a disgraced politician back into the country. Sadly any of the positive changes in the last eight years will be reversed. Already there is a such large run on the Pakistani rupee, its only days from complete collapse

  25. Freedom Avatar

    Why dictator mush lovers have victim mentality?

  26. One Pakistani Avatar
    One Pakistani

    Did you guys notice how Zardari came back to ouster MUSH

    He couldn’t get rid of MUSH until he got the GREEN LIGHT. Why did he get the green light?

    MUSH did the most he could do. So for our Masters he was all-used, nothing more he could offer.

    ISI was a thorne for our enemies. So MUSH was sacrificed to get rid of ISI. Zardari’s next move will be to remove Kiyani, and he must have by now received the name of new (approved) COAS.

    After that, media will run campaign against ISI and our beloved ZARDARI would give another gift to the Pakistani people…and people would celebrate their *FREEDOM*.

    Hangon people, this roller coaster will make us another NEPAL and Bhutan.

  27. Kam Avatar

    We are the loving stock of the world, forget Zimbawe

  28. Kam Avatar

    We are the loving stock of the world, forget Zimbabwe

  29. Kamran Avatar

    Well, atleast i’m happy that Pakistan is no more being under a military dictator…

    Now we have to move ahead.. somehow pray these idiots nawaz and zardari die asap..

    But at the minimum, as an individual, feel more responsible, be more truthful and act more honestly, and i bet pakistan would prosper if you just fix the wrongs within yourself..

    Long live Pakistan!

  30. ALE-Xpressed Avatar

    Resignation or impeachment is NOT enough. He must be tried under the law in the courts of Pakistan once the Independent Judiciary is restored.

    The Sauids, like always, are already there to help give him a safe passage which must be protested.

    This is just the first step in the right direction but a trial for this dictator is a must to prevent more military coups in the future.

  31. Wajahat Avatar

    Gibran must have written this for Pakistan…

    Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpetings,
    and farewells him with hootings, only to welcome another with trumpetings again.

    Pity this nation and the fools who inhabit it, we let one ruler go and we welcome a bunch of wild dogs in to rule us. Give it six months and the bemoaners on this board will be crying out for change yet again. Pathetic…..

  32. Don'tLooseHope Avatar

    Mush Fans!

    Don’t loose hope. Mush is gone. You didn’t love MUSH for his personality. You loved him for Pakistan. Pakistan is still here.

    Individuals don’t matter. Our country matters.

    And as far as these thugs like Zardari or Nawaz are concerned….Their own acts will push the people to hang them.

    May Allah give Pakistan Sincere and Honest Leaders and not second grade Ghulams, Ameeen and may Allah give us all Pakistanis the vision to see things how they really are, Ameeen.

  33. Shahrukh khan Avatar
    Shahrukh khan

    Thats it this was the end of the Pakistan’s Era .The only reason he was pressured to quit was ( He is a Mohajir)
    Lets see how Asif Biryani & Nawaz badmaash will save Pakistan….I assure you that Mr.10% will be 100% as soon as possible & Nawaz Badmash will have more industries.Their ayashees will prosper & they will leave these emotional fool Pakis begging on the streets for bread & water .Reality is that its not the politicians of Pakistan who are corrupt ….Its the people of Pakistan who are corrupt…Pakistan will be in the hands of dacoits one more time but its their choise & they deserve it .now they will try their best to get rid off karachi’s governer ishrat-ul-abaad & city nazim mustafa kamal & if this happens fellow mohajirs “””Pakistan say zinda bhaag ” becz now you have no reason to live in Pakistan….

  34. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar
    Adnan Siddiqi

    Shahrukh Khan: abay Chal: He was used as condom by Americans, they disposed him off after the use that’s it. That’s the auqat of any Pakistani ruler.

  35. zafar Avatar

    Its a really sad day for Pakistan. Now our country is in the hands of one of the most famous GHUNDA zardari BHAI.

  36. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar
    Adnan Siddiqi

    I think the most dangerous person on Pakistani soil is not a dictator but the moron like Shareef uddin Haram zada. He should be killed now so that he don’t show any door to next dictator.

  37. M@NI Avatar

    Thanks God, one of the worst dictator gone….charge him for Dr. Afia and hang the bastards….. hats off to lawyers movement who really crushed this dictator

  38. d0ct0r Avatar

    Finally commando put down his weapons and surrenders , his courtiers like Nasim Ashraf have also realized that its time to abandon ship , Dr Ashraf have resigned and might run away to USA in next few days.

    Next one to resign most probably would be Malik Qayum imbecile atorney genral of Pakistan, unless he bows in front of Zardari & Co and asks for forgiveness.

    In Sindh MQM’s Ishrat Ibad,the governor who was facing 22 murder cases and was elevated to the post of governor by the dictator would also be winding things up,we would have to wait to see if he resigns himself or would wait for the new president to be sworn in,most of the MQM leaders like Ghauri have already shifted their families to USA/UK or are in process of doing so.Ishrat Ibad might again get himself enrolled in UK’s Income Support Programme in which he was drawing 1500+ pounds each month coz “he did not have a job”,this time though he is a billionaire but after all who can refuse free money..,000-a-month-in-benefits.html

    I am not sure what will happen to that Mushrraf’s mouth piece Rahid Qureshi who like Saddam’s Iraqi information minister was asserting even today that Musharraf has no plan to resign,would Mush take him with him to Turkey,Timbuktu or wherever he’ll be fleeing or would he be left behind to rot in jail?..

    All elusive all powerful Tariq Aziz also fled to London last night .

    Who else would run away in coming days?

  39. noha Avatar

    i cant believe it! As soon as mush is gone we have mush lovers already, and btw all you “democracy” lovers…enjoy. Our country will be eaten up in a couple of years by your leaders.

  40. noha Avatar

    we are all crazy. ibrat ka nishaan hay hum loog pori dunya kay liye. nobody respects us, noone cares about us. All coz of our own deeds.

    guys do check this link. Please scroll done to the articleof Chris Cork called Habits and Horrors. Can anyone please tell me if its true? I am so sickened…

  41. noha Avatar

    guys i pasted it here…

    Habits and horrors
    Monday, August 18, 2008
    By Chris Cork

    Habits start early. Some habits persist for our entire lives, and for me, from around the age of eleven, I have kept some sort of daily diary. So it is with complete confidence that I can tell you that whilst standing on my roof at midday on the August 14, 2008 I could count eleven Pakistani flags flying – including our own. Last year there were fifteen and the year before that, thirty-two. I can report that none of my neighbours put coloured lights on their houses and there were no fireworks beyond a few rather feeble crackers.

    In all my years living in Pakistan, I have never known an Independence Day pass in such muted fashion. The family had descended for a few days of Olympic-standard eating and the all-Pakistan lets-see-how-long-we-can-sleep contest, which left me to get on with the research for an academic piece about the Talibanisation of Pakistan, and there, in the peace of my book-filled study on Independence Day, I ran into unparalleled horror.

    Earlier in the day I had read Bob Fisk’s account of the death of Margaret Hassan, an aid worker abducted in Baghdad and subsequently killed by her captors.

    They videoed her murder and sent the tape to al-Jazeera. Her body has never been found. Anybody who has been around some of the more troubled parts of Pakistan will have either heard about the tapes of executions by various groups, or seen them as the VCD’s are available almost everywhere and are hot-sellers in places like Peshawar. I had seen several over the years, perhaps the most awful hitherto being that of a Shia truck driver being nailed to his wooden cab on the Skardu road in 2005; but it was my search through the dark world of YouTube that took me to the depths of depravity.

    It lasted two minutes and eighteen seconds and had been viewed almost a quarter-of-a-million times. It was filmed in the Tribal Areas earlier this year. A man lies on his left side, legs pinned down. His neck is exposed by a man who is holding tight to his long beard. From the rear a boy, perhaps ten but certainly not more than that, approaches holding a knife. The boy kneels down, puts the knife to the mans throat and begins to saw backwards and forwards. He cuts the windpipe and then gets held up by the spinal column. He chops down, moving the partly-severed head this way and that to get a better cut. The men around him are amused, many of them laughing at his struggles. The boy is amused too, and smiles and laughs as he goes about his work. Eventually he cuts off the head and the corpse is rolled on to its back. The boy places the head, its eyes open, on the belly of the corpse and stands back. He is still holding the knife. We are told that the man just murdered was an American spy.

    I am no stranger to death, and I thought I had seen the worst there was to see. But seeing a child laugh as he cut a man’s throat took me further into the darkness than I had ever been before. There was no sense that there was anything wrong in allowing a child to do this. This was a happy event that was being filmed. The people in the clip were at ease with themselves and sure of the rightness of what they were doing. There was not a doubting face among them.

    Those two minutes and eighteen seconds of remarkably clear footage say more to me about how badly broken this country is than all the chattering pundits and the miles of newsprint ever will.

    The event I had seen was widely reported at the time, this was not some dark hidden secret. Was there any sense of national outrage at something as truly horrific as this? No. This is a place so blunted in its moral values that it is unmoved by the sight of a child butchering another human being. I looked at my family members, all asleep, as I gathered my thoughts together. And then I wrote in my diary.


    I think the lesson for us all who no doubt at one stage were Musharraf supporters including me is best captured in my post on the topic see it here –

    Particularly true are the words in the post that said ‘ the lesson for us all is that so called good-intentioned khaki kings like Musharraf serve only as an enemy within, they must be resisted from day one and must be treated as an enemy of the state, period’

    Food for thought indeed.



  43. Chohan Avatar

    A noble gift

    Muslims of the sub-continent were given a gift by Allah, which we call Pakistan. Honestly, nations sacrifice their generations and don’t get freedomm. It was a blessing from Allah.

    For half a century, OUR LEADERS have been cutting its roots, doing their best to kill this tree. But with the grace of Almighty Allah, it still stands.

    Out of these corrupt leaders, whoever tried to destroy it, didn’t meet a good fate. Look at what happened to the people responsible for 1971 (on both sides).

    Even today, if someone would try to take it away from what it was intended for, would meet the same fate. Insha Allah.

    Long live Pakistan

  44. spill the beans! Avatar
    spill the beans!

    eat a hudred onions or get whipped a hundred times..this nation won’t go thru either one…it would keep goin back forth…worthless!

  45. spill the beans!! Avatar
    spill the beans!!

    im so glad im leavin…we paki’s deserve zardari n nawaz..the media has been bought out by these thugs…let the country rot..was sittin with a known gentlemen the night bfore resignation(owner of some hotels) he actually packed up n left! cuz last time colgate boy tried to forcefully buy his hotel from him n we all know how mr 10% buys his stuff!idiot of a nation…there is a cartoon running arnd in US press these shows a list of catastrophes tht hve lately hit some countries..the earthquake in china, volcano erupting in chile, burma flood, n all… in the end it shows paksitan’s catastrophe..which is a grinning idiot looking zardari showing his two fingers ;)..hve so much prepared to give 10% of all ur earnings to “bilawala baablaa” n zardari burbaadee..