The Supremacy of The People – An Open Letter To Mr. Zardari

Dear Mr. Zardari,

I am sick and tired of you –and all your party stalwarts- constantly drumming into our ears your ideas about the supremacy of The Parliament. I have yet to hear you talk so forcefully about the supremacy of The Constitution or even of the supremacy of The People as the Bhutto’s used to do .More over you even flout your own so fondly repeated slogan by continuing to take every meaningful decision outside the parliament !

What may I ask was so wrong with roti, kapra aur makan slogan given by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto? Has it become so impossible to achieve that you conveniently discarded it and adopt the hallow and patently false one you now profess? What is Parliament except a reflection and representative of the people who elected it –and pledged to uphold The Constitution of Pakistan as reflected in that will. Where in this entire concept do you see a supremacy of Parliament? We need to remind you –for you and your party seems to have forgotten – that the Parliament is subservient to the Constitution and a servant of the people.

We also need to remind you that politicians (or parliament) are only one constitutional pillar of the state; the others are the judiciary and the executive. Both the later had been dealt the death blow by our last dictator. Yet while the people looked on silently at the murder of the civil services, the ouster of Ch. Iftikhar and his judges was quite another matter.

With one voice, the nation joined our lawyers in demanding that the disastrous consequences of this grievous blow to our judiciary, be effaced by the reinstatement of the Chief Justice as well as all honorable judges packed off along with him. It was the people’s movement in support of this demand which shook the dictator and his allies-and opened the door for your party’s deal with Musharraf.

Even your departed leader Benazir Bhutto acknowledged this, and promised a restoration of the Judiciary if elected to power. You yourself have signed countless agreements to this effect, starting with The Murree declaration – but are dilly dallying when it comes to the actual restoration.

Mr. Zardari it is very clear that the deal you had with the dictator has fallen through. It did not work out, and he has left the scene in a most cowardly manner without even attempting to face the charges against him. Those who were empowered by him are resigning and going away too. The people are now demanding his trial, but your government gives him immunity!! Just as he did not represent the voice of the people neither do you. Just as he flouted the will of the people, so do you. Even with all his patronage and the sympathy vote generated due to the shocking demise of Mohtrama Shaheed Benazir Bhutto you failed to get a convincing majority to form a strong government at the centre. Some of us even then suspected that you represented your masters voice-rather then the will of the people.

The mandate you claim is a gift of a dictator who is gotten rid of. Moreover with your obstinate refusal to honor the will of the people you have even betrayed the trust of the one’s who voted for you. It is now highly doubtful if PPP can be considered to represent the will of the majority of this country. You are thus morally unqualified to govern this country even before you start.

Just as Musharraf resigned ‘in the national interest’, the honorable thing for you to do now would be to resign, and face a re-election. This continued dilly dallying is creating an instability in national politics and economy which we can ill afford.

A free and fair election at this stage will perhaps bring home to all most clearly what the people want. My final advise to you either this or accept the peoples will and restore the Judiciary immediately. Let them decide if Musharraf needs to be tried.

The alternative to a restoration of the Chief Justice – for you and the country – are too horrendous to contemplate.

Hassan Abbas





13 responses to “The Supremacy of The People – An Open Letter To Mr. Zardari”

  1. Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar Avatar
    Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar

    I can’t believe that the PPP is backtracking on the judges AGAIN!!! they are making a mockery of the wishes of the vast majority of Pakistanis.

  2. Mickey Avatar

    Zadari’s new strapline is dollar, dirham aur pound

  3. Mickey Avatar

    Zadari never had any intention of restoring the judges . Why – because as they soon as they are restated, they will go after Zadari

  4. Jigar Avatar

    Mr. Hassan Abbas, you are absolutely accurate about ten percents intentions. Zardari is playing cat and mouse games with the people of Pakistan and it will not be long that PPP will break up into smaller ranks with their own petty agendas to come into power after re-elections.
    Moreover, Zardari will never re-instate the judges as those judges will rule against the NRO as an unconstitutional motion due to Musharraf own Presidential agenda before Nov 2. NRO has made Benazir and Zardari more confident of looting Pakistan. This is a new game, if Zardari wants to save the coalition then he must assure PML (N) on the judges fate or face re-election. Gillani is just a puppet of Zardari who himself has problem representing himself and not capable of being a rep for the pakistanis.
    If for some good reason, Zardari agrees to re-instate the judges, then an insider deal is imminent between the judges, PML and other parties.
    Altaf Hussain who has just recommended Zardari to be the next President is an example of how illterate minds such Pakistanis have who are self exiled, do not love their own country to defend themselves and poison the minds of millions. Altaf you time will come as well, eventually you are human and you will die as well.

  5. Freedom Avatar

    Go Zardari GO…..

  6. Jang Avatar

    I dont like zardari.

  7. And Now Avatar
    And Now

    MQM Now favours Zardari to be the President

    I can now understand why MQM would support Zardari. MQM now got the GREEN LIGHT from our beloved MASTER.

  8. And Now Avatar

    MQM now back Zardari for Presidency!!!!

    Zardari backed for Pakistan president

    Looks like MQM is now told to SUPPORT ZARDARI.

    Welcome Mr. Zardari to your new duty as THE PRESIDENT (or PUPPET x.n)

  9. Abdullah Avatar

    zardari is the worst pakistan have faced so far

  10. Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki) of CANADA Avatar
    Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki) of CANADA

    Dear Mohatarams and Mohataramas,

    Aslaam O Alaikum,

    Briefly and precisely, the criminal acts, crimes, dishonesty and disinformation have no place in the institution of Zamhooriat/democracy as well as the political system.

    Best wishes and regards,

    Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki) of CANADA, Ph D, FIBA, RM (CCM)
    Associate Professor (Retired), Medical Microbiology and Immunology

  11. Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki) of CANADA Avatar
    Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki) of CANADA

    Thank you,

    May Khudawand Bakhshinda shower His blessings on you ALL.

  12. Shahid Aslam Avatar
    Shahid Aslam

    Hello all.

    What a nation Pakistan is! First they chooses well known corrupt people to run a government and then expect good things from them. Really a stupid nation and the only one in the entire universe.

  13. Lab Avatar

    I dont understand why we dont learn from our mistakes.. why Mr 10% is going to become 100%….. his intentions were never to restore judges only his hunger for power… on Musharraf gone and another vulture ready to satisfy his hunger…… WAKE UP PAKISTANIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lawyers brothers and sisters keep up ur struggle, u are the only hope!!! AITZAZ AHSAN SAVE US PLEASE