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Sassi Bhutto in Pakistan

This is nothing close to breaking news but a few weeks ago another Bhutto from within the confines of secrecy to finally emerge into the land of Pakistan. Sassi Bhutto, the 26 year old daughter of Shahnawaz Bhutto is said to have arrived in Karachi about a month or so back and also went to pay her respects on the tomb of Benazir Bhutto, the slain PPP leader in Naudero. During her trip she is also said to have applied for a Pakistani National ID Card as well. A few pictures that have been published show her being flanked by Ghinwa and Fatima Bhutto

This may seem to be an innocent trip back home after many years in exile where she and her Afghan mother Rehanna Bhutto had disappeared since the death of Sassi’s father due to a suspected overdose in 1985. It could be perceived to have a larger impact on the political uncertainty in Pakistan as there are definite undercurrent brewing up within the PPP where many faithful supporters are strongly oppose to Zardari masquerading as the legal heir to the Bhutto dynasty. For many months there has been one conspiracy after another and one looks at each with a suspicious eye trying to decipher what may turn out to be true and have some impact on the political situation in Pakistan

The arrival of Sassi Bhutto might lubricate the breakaway faction to some seriousness, but one thing that keeps the main PPP intact is probably the lust for power and the hope that staying in bed with Zardari will be a quicker access to the riches of a promised land then to burn ones boat and cling to the promise of a Bhutto dynasty which might never come to power at least until the next elections which at the latest might be five years away.

With so much political uncertainty in the air, what might be your analysis of the reinforced Bhutto name with the sudden arrival of Sassi Bhutto.

Picture Credits – PAKPHOTOS.COM

Picture Credits – PAKPHOTOS.COM


  • Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar |

    who cares if she is a Bhutto. why do we keep looking at families and dynasties?

  • Teeth Maestro |

    @thanks Aamir – yes the slideshow is not working – im sorting it out until then I have disabled the Slideshow entirely sorry – Thanks for pointing out the error

  • Reader |

    I fully agree with Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar, the tragedy of Pakistani politics is that we keep on looking at surnames Bhutto, sharif etc. What kind of democracy is this where we dont have elections in parties, and some corrupt leaders like Benazir Bhutto, willed that the most corrupt person in the whole world(Zardari) will be the chairman of PPP. And then he wants his son bilwal to be chairman who is only 19 or 20 years old. And the most funny thing is that he cant even speak urdu and and has no knowledge of Pakistani culture. What kind of democracy is this?

  • Teeth Maestro |

    @Reader & @M Tarar: quite well said – political blood-linked royal dynasties have become a pain in the ….

    What also must catch us by surprise is that when Sassi went to register for her ID Card she stated Sindhi as he primary language – don’t know the facts but I seriously doubt Sindhi would be anywhere close to being spoken by her – but this is just a guess.

    I feel calling Sassi into Pakistan – the old PPP block is just gearing up for a revolt against Zardari – trying to show the blood line – this news probably goes to indicate something is brewing and could be somewhere close to being ripe? what do you speculate

  • WouldItWork |

    Sassi’s present wouldn’t take away Zardari’s seat.

    Now Zardari is the boss. Ameen Faheem and others have lost the ground. (Atleast for now)

    I do admire Fatimah Bhutton though. She writes very well and she hasn’t been poisoned by ETHNIC SHIT (YET!). May Allah keep her clean, Ameen.

  • imran |

    i don’t think so if she would ever step into our politics … she seems nice lady and i think she won’t make that stupid mistake :)

    • Omer |

      we need nice people to come forward in every walk of life whether its politics or judges or teachers or doctors otherwise opportunist will grab the positions from back door channels

  • KarimG |

    I am desperately looking through my family tree to see if I was ever related to Bhuttos, or my forefathers ever lived or passed through their areas…something any thing to hang my hat on…I WANNA ENETR PAKISTANI POLITICS…I WANNA BECOME IL PRESIDENTE!

  • Zeeshan Tahir |

    She was very close to Benazir and Benazir Bhutto mentioned in one of her interview. But believe me there is something in the blood of bhutto family that they have produced good leaders. I am waiting for someone like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto or like Benazir again from their family.

    • Shah Rehman |

      I totally agree with Tahir,Bhutto family give musch more to Pakistan and still they will do, I hope, for Pakistan but one factor should be oblished from PPP and PPPs should be gathered once for all and preseventy block should be looked upon to get rid of present day problems. I can speculate pure BHUTTO will come out for redress.

    • Omer |

      we need polticians who can work for the country and yes both Benazir and Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto had contributed for the nation. We should not look for mistakes only everyone in this world commits mistakes, both have done more good deeds than mistakes.

  • munuzza mir |

    I am also in total agreement that our politicaL system is not at all democratic but this does not mean that such language should be used for the bhutto kids….fatima bhutto has time and again stated that she is against this system and is not intrested in dynastic politics, she has even criticized bilawal for excepting the post……..all that receptuion etc for sassi bhutto is smthing solely done in sindh and the bhuttos have a key position in sindh since the time of Sir Shanawaz Bhutto…..so plz avoid abusing the young bhuttos.

  • 1m4n |

    The reason people care about Sassi Bhutto is, yes, because she is a Bhutto; and since the Bhuttos are deeply tied in with politics, it is easy to assume that Sassi is in Pakistan for politics, though I would say that it is more likely that she’s just there for a visit.

  • Bhutto |

    Oye ! Bhotto ka putr , is waqt pakista ko ik sincere leader zarorat hay, wo chahay Shareef family sa ho ya bhutto family sa ho, ya koi or…………… Leader zarorat hay bhi SAAF suthra………….. werna apnay din gino………………………………… kub khudkas ka nam pr marain gay hum, ya phir al-qaida ka nam per, ya koi jasoos hamlay main marain gay, ya taliban ki shakal main, ya koi or bahana, but pakistan ko bachao……. ALLAH ka wastay ye leader ginna chor dain………………

  • Engr Tariq |


  • Hussain Bux |