Lawyers future strategy for the Restoration of Judiciary


AUGUST 23, 2008.

  1. On Monday 25th August all Bar Associations will re-hoist the black flags that were lowered after the Islamabad Declaration.
  2. On Thursday 28th August there will be country-wide dharnas for two hours from 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm. (Future dharnas, if necessary, may be for a longer duration). The procedure will be:
    • Each High Court, District and Teshsil/Taluqa Bar Association will select a key point on a inter-city highway, inter-city road or, in case of metropolitan cities, the city-centre or hub, for a peaceful, non-violent sit-in (dharna).
    • Bar Associations on or close to the GT Road and the National Highway will stage the dharna on the GT Road or the National Highway/Motorway.
    • Adequate publicity will also be made of the site in liaison with the local and national media.
    • Each Bar Association will hold press conferences to inform people of the location of the proposed two hours’ dharna. Each Bar Association will inform the office of the National Co-ordination Council of its selected site by Tuesday 26th August.
    • The sit-in ‘dharna’ will be entirely non-violent and peaceful.
    • Civil society, political leaders, workers and cadres, professional bodies, trade unions, students unions and women organizations will be welcomed, indeed are hereby invited to join but will remain entirely under the discipline of the leadership of the lawyers.
    • No clash or rival slogans will be permitted.
    • Local traders and bazaars will be requested to bring their shutters down for those two hours.
    • We appeal to the people of Pakistan to bear with us this inconvenience, and indeed to join us, for a larger national cause. An independent judiciary is essential for the progress and development of the nation. We have been compelled to take this action due to the continuing failure of the Government to abide by the written commitments it has made in the Murree and Islamabad Declarations. Specific time-lines committed to the people of Pakistan have not been adhered to. Hence the need for action.
    • To minimize the inconvenience caused arrangements will be made by each Bar Association in co-operation with the traffic police for the passage of ambulances, school vans and doctors ONLY.
  3. On September 4, 2008: Office-bearers of all Bar Associations all over Pakistan will protest in front of Parliament House, Islamabad. Civil society and political cadres will be welcome to join the protest. Being the month of Ramzan there will not be any dharna.
  4. The meeting unanimously disapproved and regretted the decisions taken by the Pakistan Bar Council on August 23, 2008. It lauded the services of Mr. Rashid A. Rizvi, Mr. Ali Ahmed Kurd, Mr. Hamid Khan and Hafiz Abdur-Rahman Ansari, honourable members PBC for their role in the Lawyers’ Movement. In view of the changed situation the following Executive Committee of the Lawyers’ National Co-ordination Council was unanimously elected to give direction to the Lawyers’ Movement after the abdication of the Pakistan Bar Council from that role:

President: Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan.
Secretary: Sardar Asmathullah.
Information Secretary: Hafiz Abdur Rahman Ansari.
Members: Mr. Munir A. Malik. Mr. Ali Ahsmed Kurd, Mr. Hamid Khan.Mr. Rasheed A Rizvi. Mr. Tariq Mahmood, Mr. Anvar Kamal. Mr. Latif Afridi. Mr. Saeed Akhtar. Mr. Qazi Naeem, Mr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan, Mr. Naeem Siddiqui, Mr. Baz Mohammad Kakar, Mr. Jamal Mandokhel. Mr. Amanullah Baluch, Mr. Amin Javed.

Aitzaz Ahsan

Sardar Asmathullah Khan,
Secretary General,

National Co-ordination Council of Lawyers, Pakistan.



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6 responses to “Lawyers future strategy for the Restoration of Judiciary”

  1. imran Avatar

    country is on the verge of collapse and these advocates are adding fuel to the fire…

  2. Yo Yo Avatar
    Yo Yo

    Hey Teeth..looks like the much coveted “Democratically elected goverment” has split. Is this why Musharraf was removed from Power?

    Present Goverment will also never restore judges. So Basically we went from a better ruler to a worst one…for what exactly?

  3. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    the lawyers movement will die soon because it was not a movement for the restoring of judges but was a movement to get rid of President Musharraf and having done so it is over.
    one logical fact who dam cares abt justice in this country not me .

  4. notanky Avatar

    Dant mian only get rid of Atizaz ahsen a tout of zardari is black sheep with black coat then black crows may get something with Ganga sharif steel Ryals by the way Ch atizaz ahsen Wraich of Gujarat endorse Zardari as prsedent of islamic republic of pakistan.

  5. guYasir Avatar

    According to TIP (Transparency International Pakistan) 2006 public survey in which our Judiciary came up at #3 means got 3rd position in corruption.
    1st position goes to our perverse-police 2nd position goes to our Black-WAPDA 3rd position goes to juju-judiciary which held 4th position in 2002 ranking. that was the condition of our judiciary in 02/06 surveyed now current movement of wuklacola is seem either part of dis corruption or eradicating dis corruption?.
    I’m wondering to find out but I’m in favor of strong honest judiciary which never get 3rd position in injustice/corruption but rather get 1st position to provide Justice to the public in near future without being bias to one side to another which is their main role without caring who’s landlord and whose not.
    every1 should be an equal in judiciary eye but unfortunately contrary is going on in judiciary which turned judiciary 3rd most corrupted dept of Pakistan.
    Judiciary is being handicapped by Plutocracy and their cronies in order to avoid capture so they may get Carte blanche to do whatever they want to do in the guise of democracy or dictatorship.

  6. bushi adnan Avatar
    bushi adnan

    well,i just want to cheer n congratulate Mr.Zardari that how marvellously he has played and still playing his cards.Assasination of BB,indemnity of Musharaf,drone attacks,condition of swat,Bajour,judiciary crisis,now you are focusing on the fall of the punjab govt.Hats off!!!Our homeland"s blazing sir you have already done alot in US before coming to Pakistan during the Musharaf regime.Plz have some sense out of you.I knw my speech iz useless bt still i do not believe in ziping up my lips n borne everything whole heartedly