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Pictures of Dharna in Karachi on 28th August

Pictures of the Dharna in Karachi which was organized by the Karachi Bar Association in conjunction with various political parties and civil society activists. The Dharna started around 12pm noon on M A Jinnah Road and lasted for two hours till 2:00pm. The event was entirely peaceful and various leaders addressed the crowd.

Pictures courtesy of Abira


  • notanky |

    dant mian yah too bhut thoray log hain is say ziada log to madari akthy kar laita hai.Dant babu i post last time dont wast your time on Cj he is history now focus on economics check KSE otharwise you not gona have money and u have to shut this blog and i feel sorry about u in advance. Dant by the way u know madari mean? this Cj drama is gangas madari few people in pics r Jamati islami group i think these r only few left wh want azad adlia.DANT IF U LOOK ON TOP RITE HAND SIDE PIC OF PAGE ONE U SEE THE SLOGAN BY JAMATE ISLAMI GROUP IS WRITTEN DALDA FOOD INTAZAMIA IS CJ NOW EMPLOY OF UNILEVER WRONG PIC ON WRONG POST.DANT WHAT ABOUT DALDA ADLIA ?

  • Teeth Maestro |

    @Notanky I could agree with you that the judges issue is becoming an over flogged dead horse, it was initially a great movement, and had if the judges been restored on our shoulders [shoulders of the people] I feel they would have been in depth to society, but now its not the case, if they are restored, it will be on the graciousness of the king makers of Pakistan who will most likely demand respect before the nation.

    I have met most of these judges and can testify that practically all are very respectable people and come forth with a great sense of humbleness and responsibility for wearing the black robe of justice. I sincerely hope that this sense of responsibility holds strong in all the restored judges, and they can hold strong against any undue pressures.

    I agree with you – for now Pakistan needs attention in other things and since we are going no where with the judicial movement – it could be wise to look at other serious issues.

    Seriously I’m with you, on any initiative you might have that may address these other issues, lets not just only talk, lets be a part of the change

  • Dantache |

    Eh Dant Gee, soonieh! Reading this is giving me a dantache. Eh Dant Bhai, please prescribe me some meds.

  • guYasir |

    According to TI 2006 public survey our Judiciary came up in to 3 means got 3rd position in corruption.
    1st goes to our perverse police 2nd goes to our black WAPDA 3rd goes to juju-judiciary. that was the condition of our Judiciary in 2006 now current movement of wuklacola is seem part of dis corruption or eradicating this corruption?.

  • nadeem |

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