When will the Heavens Fall

Guest Post by Naeem Sadiq

It only pertained to five women. The media gave the matter such a colour as if heavens have fallen.” ~ Jan Mohammad Jamali, Acting Chairman of the Senate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

How does Jan Mohammad Jamali know if the heavens chose to fall or not. Surely the heavens did not fall on the killers of the Umrani tribe. Surely it did not fall on their patrons in the senate of the Islamic Republic. It also did not fall on the political party who is banking on the votes of the killers to make it to the President House. They must all therefore defend their ‘honourable tradition’, give the usual insipid statements or simply look the other way. The more intellectually inclined like the Aitezaz Ahsans, Raza Rubbanis, Sherry Rehmans, Nafisa Shahs and the Kaiser Bengalis may even address a press conference, but will not resign in protest. After all the heavens did not fall upon them.

But the heavens did fall. It fell on the five women who were buried alive at Baba Kot. For them that is the end of it all. The heavens have been endlessly falling on the ordinary people of Pakistan for the past sixty years. They have no place to go to seek justice. The courts are laden with PCO judges, who are willing to take any number of any kind of oaths – as long as they get their monthly salaries. The 350 million dollar ‘Access to justice” was a dream that has long been encashed by the lending agencies and their local partners in crime. Thus for an ordinary citizen, the queue on the road to justice is a life long delusion.

What must the ordinary citizens do to avoid heavens falling upon them again and again. It is not that the heavens feel good about falling upon the poor and the helpless. It is the acquired helplessness that invites falling of heavens. Thus the only hope lies in the citizens organising themselves – at every level and every platform. It is the privileged who must stand up and fight for the under-privileged. They could form groups who would fight for a case like the ‘Baba Kot live burials’, and keep it alive till the justice is done.

One hopes that the lawyer community and the civil society, which has been fighting for the cause of the judiciary, will also pursue justice for the five helpless buried alive women of Baba Kot.



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  1. Silence Avatar

    What must the ordinary citizens do?

    Think a little bit why this all is happening!

    Corrupt Lawyers,
    Corrupt Judges,
    Sell out politicians,
    Traitor Generals,
    Selfish public,
    Careless and corrupt beaurucracy.

    Who are these all people, they are amongst us, you, me, your nrother or sister or mine…all equally selfish and shameless. No feelings, no ethics and no regretts, everything is ‘right’ when it comes to our person.

    Who will rule us? Some angles? Obviously people like us, nothing more nothing less.

    I was in Pakistan in recent elections and had myself seen people taking money for votes and swearing on Holy Quran to candidates, not just poor….very well to do and respectable’s as well, each one gets as many votes he can contribute.

    This was first time I have seen such practice in rural areas, before people cared a bit about dignity and self respect. A sociaty which is degenerating and norms going in to drain should not expect better, all of us are same (in our circumstances), some get bigger “CHANCE” and others lesser, but all are trying to get bigger bite!

    What do you expect from those who pay us for votes? And who will stand against a tribal chiefs which have few thousands votes.

    Even educated people hold a simmilar mindset as of these saveges, crying wont help, get out, change urself and then change things around you!

  2. azhar aslam Avatar
    azhar aslam

    and how do we do that ? change things around us. any practical suggestions ?

  3. azhar aslam Avatar
    azhar aslam

    any one ? please.

  4. Adeel Avatar

    Even educated people hold a simmilar mindset as of these saveges, crying wont help, get out, change urself and then change things around you!

    the statemetn says it all, to answer those who enquired ‘change urself’, i think thats practical enough.

  5. Silence Avatar

    @azhar aslam

    Society is composed of you and me, or people like u and me, none alians, if we are bad society will be bad and if we are good, society will be good.

    I have seen the most corrupt officer on earth complaining about corruption, criminals complaining about deteriorating law and order situation and….drunk judges sitting on ‘chair’ sending people to prison for ‘drinking’.

    Last time on my visit back my brother was constantly complaining about electricity problem and law and order, when I asked him, why dont you pay your taxes? He angrily asked what my taxes have to do with electricity or crime?

    Well, if you dont pay taxes, governments can not pay power producers and they can not pay oil company, result is less power, same way if not enough funds governments can not spend on education and welfare of less fortune, they will come in street and snatch your cell phone.

    We have to pay one way or other, but as a whole, our society chooses to pay through buying generaters and robbery, rather then legal way.

    This is just one example, if we discharge our responsibilities, and we make the society, society will be good. Even one person will make a difference.

    But as we talked in some other topic….it needs a time and process…..when people start thininking that we need to change society and ourself, ……the time comes when we are victims of ‘our own deeds’….before that, if you go and tell even your real brother that the way he is following will lead entire society to hell, he wont listen, rather laugh at you.

    We have started to realise that we are following the path to destruction, what we can do is first make sure we are discharging our social responsibilities. Then we start spreading this awareness by all means to others, once majority of people realises this, we will not see selling of votes, burining or robbers alive, killing women for pride, snatch of cell phones and cars and load shedding. Because we are discharging our duties honestly and will get same in return.

    Here, every month on a weekend, all residents of my housing, we get to gather, take cleaning tools with us and clean our streets, trim the grass and plants, take out garbage from drains…..our housing is beautiful, if we leave it to muncapility, although they too do it, but wont be same as we do ourself.

    Its a simple rule, things change around us when we change as we are units which make society, if we are dirty society will be dirty.

  6. Osman Avatar

    this is exactly how the taliban came to power

    in afghanistan and why there are becomming

    popular there again.

    Even on tv locals of the agencies were saying

    the same thing about them bringing justice.

    With "writ of the Government" like this shoved

    down the common man, you are going to have

    taliban here, like it or not. When 10% walks

    free and the kid who stole bread after days of

    hunger is tortured by the police.

    The Writ of the Pakistani state is a Joke.

  7. Silence Avatar

    Two suspects burnt alive

    By Our Staff Reporter

    KARACHI, Sept 2: Two suspected dacoits were burnt to death by enraged people late on Tuesday night in Buffer Zone, witnesses said.

    They said two dacoits waylaid a man, Mohammed Riaz, in Sector 15, but some passers-by came to his rescue. They first gave the suspects a good hiding and then put them to the torch.

    Edhi ambulances shifted the bodies to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where the suspected bandits remained unidentified.


  8. YesSir Avatar

    These Feudal Lords are the main cause of corruption in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh and Baluchistan. These Feudal lords know that the laws of Govt do no apply to them and in fact we will see that this hue-and-cry over these buried-alive, will settle in few days and the culprits would roam around freely in their Land Cruisers and Pajeros.

    These Sardars and Waderas have been sucking Sindh and Baluchistan for far too long.

    These ‘Waderas’ run tribal sanctuaries and groom bandits for their sake. While the rest of tribe supports them, because they are from that tribe, these parasites prey on their own people.

    The poor peasants take them as GOD, since these ‘Waderas’ run the lives of farmers and villagers. Their earnings and their families all belong to these ‘Sardars’.

    What should be done:

    People should force the Government to punish the actual culprits and not the bogey man, the severest punishment so that no body in Pakistan would ever think to get away with such a henious crime.

    But people, the reality is, the murderers belong to the ruling party. No party ever, either PML or PPP or any one else would do that.

    They will not punish one of their very own. Rather these Sardars would buy a poor peasant and he will accept the responsibility and he would be hanged to death. Every body would live happily.

  9. zaheer Avatar

    this incident has raised some questions about the morality of pakistani nation in distant horizons. can we still protest for dr. afia siddiqui?

  10. Alfoo_bey_blog Avatar


    Why on earth you think that Pakistanis can not protest the brutal torture committed on Dr Afia?

    Do you think people who are protesting for Dr Afia have committed this crime? NOOOO

    Its the same group of puppets committing both crimes, the only difference is those Warlords and THEIR MASTERS were on the other side of the border where as on this side its the Warlords themselves.



  11. A. Chohan Avatar
    A. Chohan


    Good post, I guess people in Baluchistan now need to do the same thing with these Dacoits(aka Sardars) as the dakooz in karachi met the fate.

    People are tired of these Bandits!!!

  12. ms.shah Avatar

    I wonder where Human rights comisssion is just to bloody arrange protest or publishing a story to gain attention and add to their numbers in international press.
    Why woman of Pakistan is so silent??????????
    If I would have been in Pkiatan I would have cried silently felt angry ………..keeping it inside………
    I was always confused about woman rights……….
    Whenever a woman comes out in protest in Pakistan the common alligation is they have no husbands or fathers or brothers to control them?
    These woman want freedom to sleep around?
    Woman want home,husband,children and if need be to work and support themselves ,their husbands and families……….
    Woman wants right to be accepted as a human being?
    I do not understand why the so called leaders and Media is still so shutup?
    it is PRE MEDETATIVE brutal cold murder?????????
    I always agree that IN PAKISTAN ,MAN AND WOMAN both are slaves……….their lives and their fates are no different?
    Many men are brutally murdered as well.
    But woman is suffring more.
    Unless man of today will not start respecting their class-fellows,co-workers ,wives ,sisters and treat them as human beings MAN himself will not get this freedom.
    FREEDOM means to live a quality life……….
    What is quality life ….where you have mutual respect,friendship,love,sympathy and companionship.
    IT IS NOT WEALTH or STATUS which makes you happy it is always companions.
    Why we always cherish and miss the University and college days because we are sorrounded by like minded people and have the same values.
    We both men and women need to support and respect each other and stand for our rights,Media and politicians would not do it.
    We have to do it for ourselves.
    Pakistan I love it in a way the respect and the treatment of woman over all is good.I am very proud of my ISLAMIC RIGHTS and am proud that I am a muslim woman.
    I am happy that I was sent to a girls school and college to enjoy the freedom and liberty of school parties and college trips.
    MOST IMPORTANTLY…………….whoever it is dacoits or robbers we must provide them justice,court,trial and decision.
    No human being has a right to kill anyone out in streets.
    We must protest and try to protect life……in so doing only we can protect our rights…….
    The problem is our responses are individual,not collective,when we see awoman raped we think oh some thing bad happened but it did not happened to my family or me so why should i react??????????
    WHy we all have to wait unless something wrong happen to us?
    Why cannt we react collectively together.
    The above incident just shows ,they can kill anyone without discriminating between man and woman????????

  13. zenubia Avatar

    This world is not conclusion, there will be retribution in the Hereafter. The cost of killing 'just five women' will be that of killing the entire humanity…

    "And when the female infant buried alive is asked for what sin she was killed"

    Quran Surah:At-Tawkir (the Overthrowing) verse 8-9

  14. mochismo Avatar

    Our Senate and parliament is full of Tribal retards. They need to be executed along the culprits.[PERIOD]

  15. You Wonder?? Avatar
    You Wonder??

    Dear concerned Pakistanis,

    Just imagine what these retarded Senator can do. They can boldly justify the henious murder of 5 harmless women of their own family. So how safe are women of other families under the rule of these so called ELECTED SENATORS.

    It will not be a wonder if Asif Zardari would come forward and justify it too to save his party-men. The only fear they have is the International Media. They don't fear any thing else, because they have connections every where. Every Umrani or Zahri or Jamali would support them (their education is merely a piece of paper). Doesn't matter how many elections you hold these bandits would still make it to the Parilament and Senate.

  16. WhatASorryState Avatar

    Inna Lillahi Waa Inna Iaihee Rajion,


    The whole Umrani tribe is behind the killers. I’m sure they are taking this whole situation as a conspiracy against the Balochis….what a pathetic people.

    I can’t blame them alone. Our whole nation worships false idols. If MQM voters can justify Altaf Hussain and if PPP voters can justify Asif Zardari then no wonder these ill-iterates are going to back their SARDARS…


  17. KarimG Avatar

    Are yaar baqi batain choro, 2 din main har edare har daftar main zardari ka admi bhata lene ke liye bheta hoga us ki tyari karo. pakistan ki ghioor or bashaoor awam in apne azeem leader ki shahadat ko zaia nahin hone diya aur azeem leader ke vasiyatname par bhi mokamal iman or vafadari se amal kiya. hum logon ne jo manga tha hamain mil giya, sadr mamlikat janab asif ali zardari (aka) janab 10% ki hokomat shoroo hone vali he, bas tiyar ho jao!!!

    Jiye Bhutto Sada Jiye
    Jiye Zardari Sada Jiye

  18. aza Avatar

    thanx all of u who commented on this topic actually i had to write an assignment on this stuff and i copied all this thing u knowlack of time,relaxxxxx its a short life enjoyyyy!!!! kya karo pakistani hoo na;