Dr. Aafia Indicted on Murder Charges but No Terrorism Charge

A US court on Tuesday announced the indictment of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui for allegedly attacking US agents who went to interrogate her after she was arrested by local police in Afghanistan

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui faces

  1. One count of attempting to kill US nationals abroad;
  2. One count of attempting to kill US officers and employees;
  3. One count of armed assault of US officers and employees;
  4. One count of using and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence; and
  5. Three counts of assault of US officers and employees.

If convicted, Siddiqui faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison on each of the attempted murder and armed assault charges; life in prison on the firearm charge; and eight years in prison on each of the remaining assault charges

Interestingly the U.S. intelligence officials have told Pakistani officials in past weeks that there is coercive evidence in their possession linking the Pakistani scientist to terrorism and Al Qaeda, surprisingly no such charge has been brought against her

Daily Times also adds two possible reasons for this: “one that the prosecution is fairly confident that it can obtain a conviction without charging her with terrorism; and, two, that the prosecution does not want to disclose information that would have had to be made public were Siddiqui to be charged with terrorism.” – truly this is hogwash B.S

It is astonishing, to see the US prosecutors over burden the accused with so much irrelevant charges probably in a ploy to undermine the aspect of her illegal disappearance hopefully to go unnoticed.  We must recall that Dr. Aafia was kidnapped and extradited out of Pakistan without a proper hearing or any trial within Pakistan, it has been suspected that she was one of the 600 odd missing persons who were handed over in an exchange program whereby President Musharraf had agreed to quietly hand over all suspected Pakistanis without questioning and in return Pakistan would get bounty from the money allocated to the War on Terrorism.

Let it stand for the record we here in Pakistan are not contesting the fact whether Dr. Aafia, was or was not engaged with the Al-Qaeda network, the onus of providing any and all irrefutable evidence must lie with the Govt of Pakistan and consequentially the US Govt [and not the jack-ass story where she was allegedly caught strolling in Afghanistan with the mastermind plans tucked away in her purse – I’m surprised they could even think of pulling this story off]

I believe that as a first step the Govt of Pakistan must be held accountable for extraditing its own citizens without a proper trial or hearing, then the US Govt must be brought to  task.  I believe that Dr. Aafia must be returned to Pakistan and stand trial here within our own country, but many fear for her.  So as long as the case is fought fairly I hope to have better faith in the US Justice system far more then our local Dogar courts


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  1. Silence Avatar

    Although being very much against wars and killings to resolve issues, I am of considered opinion that no peaceful way is left for Pakistan in dealing with US. Some might consider it as an extreme approach but facts on ground suggest no alternate.

    If we can get out of domestic issues and political parties can show some maturity (as was seen yesterday and I appreciate it very much, they must make the facts public and prepare NATION to face the situation.

    I have no doubt that people will stand with leadership and accept the economic hardships ahead, only then we can ask for exchange of prisoners just like Iranians did after revolution.

    The time for peaceful demands and protests is over, we have to face the reality, US is pushing us in to a war and we must accept it as ‘inevitable’, to protect our national interests.

  2. Stupids Around Me Avatar
    Stupids Around Me

    The truth about her – which americans dont want to publish is that she is invloved in training the sucide bombers. a special medicine is being injected/given to suicide bombers along with brain washing – afia is behind that formula

  3. Silence Avatar

    stupid inside you!….if Americans are not disclosing and there is no evidence of existence of such medicine then whats source of your claim?

  4. Salman Avatar


    Thank you for being fair in your article today. It is refreshing change.

    @ Silence,

    You cannot be serious to think of Pakistan declaring war on the US. Be prepared for many little provinces as the outcome, if that ever happens. Maybe this is the real issue of breaking up Pakistan, so feudal lords can have their own little kingdoms.

    @ stupids around me,

    actually Dr. Aafia was sent by the aq group as a human time bomb.

  5. Silence Avatar


    The only way to unite Pakistani’s at this stage and our borders is equally hostile policy towards US. Any one who comes out with this plan will see entire nation standing behind him, if present situation continues, we might see many provinces without being able to do anything.

    At times war is the best option for peace and we are on that critical point of time.

  6. Salman Avatar


    I do understand your view, though how unhealthy it maybe for the future of Pakistan. I just do not believe Pakistanis are ready for such a sacrifice. Neither are Pakistanis energized to defend a country, under present leadership, knowing that nothing has been done in the interest of the common man.

    Keep in mind also the country has been brainwashed for so many years now to be “enlightened moderates” and this has further created confusion. Most are just worried about how to make ends meet.

    I was reading another blog, ATP, and Adil Najam was sharing of how some Pakistanis are now trying to sell kidneys via auction sites on the Internet. What does this really tell you? When people are having difficulty to make ends meet, the last thing on their minds will be to take up arms against the US.

    And to take up arms against the US is a joke, for we all know how they carpet bombed Iraq prior to even entering the country. Do you really believe that Pakistan is even capable to withstand such might and force from the US?

    Let’s be realistic that such options are out of the question. America is not ready for such a war either. The US economy is in such a severe state right now. No one wants such a war. Such an idea will end up dragging so many other nations to an all out war (do not forget China or Russia, they will not just stand by).


  7. Silence Avatar

    Well, I have posted a new article and hope we can continue this on a more relevant place.If you look in to history of wars, the middle class in never a part of any war in world, unless it knocks down on their own doors, its always a common man from working class who sacrifices.

    US is really not ready to a war with Pakistan and please don’t compare our defense with Iraq either, your missiles can reach around half of the world and sub marrines can carry operations from any where without being detected, in case of any serious threat (which is out of question) we will make many die with us using our nukes…..leave our military power aside.

    But that stage wont come and in case we stand firmly, no one is going to attack us, its not Afghanistan. What I suggest is to be ready for a war and immidiately suspend cooperation with US on logistic supplies.

    We only have to pay in economic terms and with a leadership who puts all the facts before nation, we can survive the economic costs.

    You see, US is pushing us to wall, if we continue sitting and complaining that will result in a greater destruction when people are de-associated from government, resulting in to more terrorism.

    BTW, how long we can collect bodies of innocent women and childern and tolerate attacks inside our borders? Can not we see a reaction in people and something unwanted happening like Iranian revolution, where people take defence in their hands?

  8. Salman Avatar

    Washington Post has come out with a great article on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Here you can read what visitors to the WP site have to say:


    Overall, very healthy and balanced comments from readers of the Washington Post.

  9. Aariz Avatar


    You happen to know more than an average Pakistani? What are your resources? Do you get special presentations???

  10. Salman Avatar

    @ Aariz,

    No sir, I do not know more. God has given me a brain and I can think for myself.

    I just do not understand why you make remarks like you have. What exactly is your point?

  11. John Sheilds Avatar
    John Sheilds

    what happened to the judges?

  12. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    Iranians are a mental people;single handedly they took on the world for decades in The Iraq-Iran war.Millions of ordinary citizens died to defend their revolution and The Republic.The USA-iraq’s main supporter then- got so scared seeing their performance; even now it does not dare attack it!

    You can not expect that sort of thing from Pakistanis;neither our leadership nor our population has that type of character,dignity or even unity.

  13. confused Avatar

    Could some one please explain to me what this article of Daily Times means, author of this article is saying “all account”. What all account he forgot to mention even one. This Daily Times is truly a sickening enterprise and I used to think “Jang Akhbar” was bad!
    I will appreciate if someone can shed some light on what this paper is all about. It truly make me nauseous at times! No wonder Zardari, Altaf Hussein and alikes are the so called leader of Pakistan!

    ‘Aafia Siddiqui’s husband in Guantanamo

    By Khalid Hasan

    WASHINGTON: Ammar Al Balochi, who, all accounts suggest, is Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s second and current husband, is in Guantanamo, facing trial by a military tribunal on terrorism-related charges.
    There were six Pakistanis left at the United Sataes detention facility, one of whom, Qari Muhammad Saeed Iqbal, was repatriated to Pakistan recently and is now undergoing debriefing by the authorities at home. The other four still have to get their fate decided. Their names are, Majid Khan, a taxi driver from Baltimore, Abdul Rabbani, Ahmed Ghulam Rabbani and Saifullah Paracha.
    An eight-member delegation of Pakistani senators led by Mushahid Hussain is expected to arrive here at the end of this month for a short visit to Guantanamo.
    US authorities do not permit anyone to meet or even see the detainees. All the visitors are shown are some of the prisons where these men are being kept, as well as kitchens and medical facilities. However, they are briefed by officials in charge of the vast prison built from scratch after the first prisoners were brought here from Afghanistan and elsewhere following the invasion of Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11.’

  14. Roma Avatar

    U.S so desperately need shrinks

  15. Roma Avatar

    the next thing you know they might pick any of us from our homes and make us culprits too…..they have there screws loose

  16. Roma Avatar

    Neither of the countries can provide justice…

  17. DograKaBanda Avatar

    @Teeth … BS about Dogra should stop now ever since the judges started taking oaths..