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Pakistan welcomes the ‘new’ Godfather

September 6th, is historically celebrated as the defense day of Pakistan where on this day in 1965, that India launched her forces and attacked Pakistan across the international border without a warning or a declaration of war. 43 years later, Pakistan stands to be assaulted once more, not from any external force but instead from a fox in sheep clothing aka an utterly corrupt man masquerading as the President fo Pakistan. In all honestly many Pakistanis may truly relate to the feeling but I would have never imagined I woudl ever have say the following

We welcome The Honorable President of Pakistan
Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

Truly priceless, today has been a heavy day for Pakistan, most have labeled it as a black day while on the other hand the opportunists are seeing dancing on the streets. Whatever may be the case our faith is now sealed for another five years, like it or not Zardari is here to stay, come hail or shine, lets brace ourselves for yet another roller coaster of our life, lets hope Pakistan stays intact during the ride

Adnan has quite rightly said

‘We are so lucky that we are ruled by drunk bureaucrats, corrupt army generals and official dacoits!’

God Bless Pakistan — or it could better be said to seek blessings from the new GodFather of Pakistan and hope that he may bless and forgive Pakistan in the coming five years


  • Jusathot |

    AZ is just a new Mafioso boss for the Pak precinct – he will bow and take orders from the global Mafioso godfather aka uncle sam. The game will be played this way: when uncle sam speaks, our generals listen, and when the generals speak, AZ will listen and comply.

    The most of what uncle sam speak to the generals is about the so-called ‘war-on-terror’ and how pak army must do more i.e. to kill more. The other dictation from uncle sam to the generals is to lay low on petty domestic political, social and economic issues and let AZ and his goons siphon off some dough. In return for the power of the purse, AZ and goons will be uncle sam’s and by extension the general’s poodle.

    Until and unless someone puts a stop to such games, Pakistan will have no sovereignty to speak of and will remain a nation doomed to chaos and ruled by charlatans.

  • Mike |

    Lets thanks the People’s Resistant Movement for bringing in the honorable President Zadari – God bless those who believe in democracy!

    Zadari has his eyes set on getting a share of Gwadar and remaining assets of the state

  • gulfam |

    Now we can forget about accoutability, because there will be non. God help Pakistan and the Pakistani that live there. the dark period of our history starts today!!!!!

  • Silence |

    Unfortunately, ‘Urban Elite’ can not form their governments in any part of the world!

    However, the democracy gives them a right to express what is right in their opinion while they are not ready to respect the opinion of masses.

    You have a right of your opinion Mr. Awab, same as the majority (opportunists in your words), who put Zardari in office.

  • KarimG |

    This man reaching where he has must force us as people, nations and citizens to reflect and rethink how we approach people, politics and in particular leaders. The only reason Mr. Zardari is where he is, is because we are idol worshippers. Benazir was no leader, she was daughter of a leader, she had the gal, and the disrespect for this nation to consider PPP as her personal possesion that she could pass it on to her family members. She wrote a will for that, imagine her democratic values!

    As for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, he certainly had roots and tendencies towards peoples politics and socialism but eventually he was not able to shed off his feudal mentality and became power corrupt and an autocrate. I DO believe that he was involved in murders, but then that is a very minor crime in our PIYARA WATAN, if that were to be the basis for disqualifing politicians, we will have to import politicians.

    I believe thinking people should lay off Zardari and concentrate their efforts on this blind support phenomenon which in my opinion is the political immaturity that brings about these situations. As for Mr. Zardari, he will do what he does best…The Jiyalas and Kalyas and all the other morons will lay down their lives for him and support him, and even if we manage to get rid of him tomorrow, I don’t believe for a moment we will be better off, we will just have another milder, more humane and consumer friendly, garden variety Zardari. That’s just how things are till we have a revolution that will wipe the table off.

  • QaimKhani |

    Well, he is playing his cards right. He got Aitezaz Ahsan Shutup, he got Ameen Faheem looking for another job. Any one who would oppose him would be working at KFC. So People like Rehman Malik and Dr Shahid Masood or Hussain Haqqani will set a trend all over the politics to lick a$$ or the front and get what ever they want.

    I think he has hit the biggest jackpot of his life.

    Well folks, that not the end of the story. If people of Pakistan can get rid of MUSH, Zardari shouldn’t be any problem.

    Long live Pakistan.

  • QaimKhani |

    Silence is once again upset and in his next post would try to convince the people of Pakistan to accespt being raped again and again or in other words “LIVE WITH CORRUPTION”.

  • KarimG |

    Well folks a new dawn of corruption has arrived, the bandit has been handed the keys to the bank, and the AWAM can not contain its excitement and delight on the prospect of this time really and truly being screwed, we are so f@#$&*g lucky, I can’t believe this!
    However, there is still one thing that shocks me. I am very surprized at how senior PPP members have buried their head in the ground and sound almost like cult members, brainwashed boneheads that repeat same hogwash over and over again. They refuse to deal with the fact that Zardari did declare as recently as 2007 that he was suffering from severe psychological problems including dimentia and suicidal tendencies. We are led to believe that its okay whatever he said because he wanted to beat the rap, how f@#$%&g convenient! Let alone this man has looted the treasury, let alone that he is involved in murders, no sir, we are so in love with this clan and this clown that if he told the truth to the court via his lawyer (that he suffers from mental illness) he is still fit to be our president. But the worst is that actually we know that that was not case, he just wanted to beat the charges and delay the case, and that is also okay for us because purgery for this group of people is a daily affair. No big deal!

    Sleep well my docile sheeple, your chosen sheperd will only eat the ones that will raise their head….
    Listen to great intellectuals of our times, Babar Awan, Jahangir Badar, Khurseed Shah, Sherry, Haqqani, Naik and Malik. Listen to them carefully, sheperd has sent them with latest instructions, follow them and you will live to see another day.

    “Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve”. George Bernard Shaw

  • Silence |


    I am not up set, rather happy that we have democratically elected government after a long time.

    I dont want to go in to past of any body, and I can never say how a person will behave in future, what I can hope is he can do some good to this nation.

    Otherwise people (who are more claver then you and me) will through him out of office in next election.

    But todays reality is that he is elected president with more then 2/3 majority. We have no choice except to respect the decision of majority….do we have?

  • QaimKhani |


    Getting the majority does not prove his sanity. We have senators and politicians who would justify the murder of innocent women, so getting only 2/3 of the votes is no wonder.

    What shocks me further is that this guy calls PEER KALLAN and says that you have save the country(by electing Zardari)… This is what PPP is all about, black-mailing with SIND card.


    Did any body noticed that during his short speech he thanked the people of all the provinces except one ?

  • Ahmed Chowdhry |

    He is legally elected and has the right to govern. I am sorry but the likes of you can never stop moaning, whining and complaining…Give the man a chance…

  • Silence |

    So, can any body suggest how to remove him?

    If you don’t trust parliamentary system and don’t like to give political process refine itself!

    No body here is suggesting an alternate,just complaing, come up with some suggations, how do you recomend to stop a person who is elected under constitutional process.

    Invite a dictator to remove him? Later some of you will be talking about constitution and indipendent judiciary!

    At least Awab can suggest something as an alternate as he has started this crusade.

  • Karachiwala |

    It seems like only Punjabi Establishment and its cronies are in great pain on the election of Zardari.
    The Punjabi Establishment who ruled this country only with the power of Barrel of Gun don’t want democracy in this country that is a single reason of hue and cries of these people.
    The Same Punjabi Establishment killed the first elected PM of this country then hanged the other one from sindh and killed the 2 time Sindhi PM in Pindi.

    And now when people gave their verdict, these cronies are again trying to destabilize the government by making allegations against Zardari.

    Yesterday Hamid Mir in his program clearly said that all the mails and SMS against Zardari millions in numbers were created and dispatched from LAHORE.

    Shame on You People
    Let the People Voice heard
    Let Democracy give a chance.
    Let the People of Smaller provinces give a chance to rule this country as they are also that much Patriotic and Pakistani as much a Punjabi is.

  • well-wisher-of-pak |

    Why Islamabad feels jolts (Zalzalay ke jhatke) on the day of Presidential election???

    Mr. 10 % now become mr. 100 %
    He is aware of hidden statistics which help his gambling in a better way.
    Being a president
    He is aware of future stock position.
    He is aware of petrol prices.
    he is aware of $$$ price.
    this all guide him better way to purchase another surrey mahal.
    Why americans supports Zardari.
    Because World most corrupt leaders like corrupt people. as everybody know what behid the idea of war on terror.
    Asif Zardari become a better coalition partner of America.
    Tamam pakistanio ko chor president mubarak ho.
    May ALLAH bless Prakistan. May ALLAH help us May ALLAH bless Pakistanis.

  • Nisar Khoro |

    AZ starts off with 13% approval rating. It took Musharraf 9 years to reach this point.

    Now, the question why did MQM back AZ and why they persuaded Pir Pagaro to vote for Zardari. Here is why:

    MQM knows that AZ with his blemished past and penchant for unparalleled corruption will not last long. When he is kicked out they ‘ll stoke anger in Sindh to create a coastal country, Altafistan out of Karachi and Hyderabad. The irony in all this is that MQM wants to take a bite out of Sindh and the illiterate Sindhi gentiles are playing along.

  • Nauman A |

    Just a thought… what would a theif do, if u place the thief himself incharge of what he wants/would like to steal?..ever think of it that way?

  • Usman |


    FYI, God’s previous curse on this nation
    H.E. General Pervaiz Musharraf was not a
    punjabi he was a karachiwala.

    God’s latest curse on this nation is Sind

    And I do agree, the Establishment is mainly
    Punjabi and is God’s constant curse on this

  • Rajput |

    Why did Altaf Hussain Support Zardari instead of a Muhajir(ex justice Siddiqui)?

    He got the instructions from the top[PERIOD].

    America realized that hate against Musharraf was turning into hate against America so now they have an ELECTED PRESIDENT who would still do the same thing and yet people will now will back him (atleast thats what they hope).

    How we can get rid of Zardari? We can not, but Allah can.

    We pray that Allah give Pakistan a sincere MUSLIM leader who is not corrupt like ZARDARI and who is better MUSLIM than MUSHARRAF, some one like Hazrat Umar (RA). Who will make SINDHI, MUHAJIR, BALUCHI, PANJABI AND PAKHTON brothers and who will get Pakistan out of the current MESS and he should be strong enough to put all the politicians and corrupt GENERALS to DEATH.


  • Karachiwala |

    Mushurraf was a Mohajir that was the reason the whole Punjab was united against him and forced him to resign.

    Why the Punjab never asked Zia ul Haq to resign who was solely responsible for all the Us policies like Afghan War Drug Trade KK culture and Most important Afghan Refugees only in Sindh NWFP and Balochistan?

    Why the literate Punjabies never noticed that not a single Afghan Mohajir Camp was established in Punjab ???

    You punjabies always blame Sindhis Balochies Mohajirs and Pathans as Traitors now time has come when these 3 provinces will do the same to Punjab.

    You Punjabies have all the problems with Mohajir Pathan Sindhi and Balochi Leaders who sweeps the elections but you never accept their mandate.

    Who called Bacha Khan Serhadi Gandhi??
    Who made Saeen GM Syed the person give the vote in favor of Pakistan in Sindh Assembly Traitor?
    Who and where the First elected PM of Pakistan was killed ?
    Who hanged an elected PM from sindh?
    Who killed Benazir ??
    Who branded all the Balooch Serdars Traitors?
    Who was responsible for Army operation in Karachi ??

    Why Bombart NWFP or FATA ?
    Bomb the master minds who made them maniac on the orders of US.
    Now you are begging the army to come back.

    Punjab always steal the rights of Smaller provinces with the help of Gun of its Army now when the 3 provinces and the people of 3 provinces give their verdict you people crying for Army ??

    Where are your cries about Democracy Now ???

    You people are hypocrites.

    @ Rajput

    MQM didn’t support Mohajir Saeed uz Zaman because we don’t want to repeat the mistake of East Pakistan when the Beharis(Urdu Speaks) sides with Punjab and Army and in result still living in UN Camps in Bangladesh.
    We support Sindhis as we have to live in Sindh and Sindhis are the most suitable partners of Urdu Speaks.

    Got It !!!

  • Usman |

    Forget Omar Khattab type leader.

    Like Altaf Hussain says. We dont want
    Danda Wali Shariat.

    Basically an MQM Jibe at Omar Khattab whose impostion of shariat was most defintely Danda Wali.

    Karachiwala, I am a karachiwala get over you
    generalizations and hangups.

    You punjabs, you whatevers, what kind of nonsensnce comments are these? Not all punjabis
    are the same. Not all karachiwals are
    the same either.

    Abu Jahal and Muhammad SWAS were both arab.
    Hardly the same.

    Altaf Hussain and Afia Siddiqui are both
    from Karachi hardly the same.

    Nawaz Sharif and Perviaz Elahi and Dr Israr
    are from Punjab, hardly the same.

    You should be a little less racist.

  • Karachiwala |

    The problem is the Punjabi Nationalism by Punjabies.
    The leader of Punjab Nawaz Sharif raised the slogan

    Jaag Punjabi Jaag
    Teri Pug no lag gaya dhaag.

    The whole punjab said Labaik on his call and he becomes the leader of Punjab the recent Elections are also prove of that Punjabi Nationalism as Nawaz Sharif only won from punjab.

    Iftikhar Chaudry is also now alive in Punjab only and the issue is hijacked the whole Pakistani nation.

    Where were Punjab and its soo called literate intellectuals when Nawaz Sharif over ran the Supreme court and kicked a sindhi CJ from the Supreme Court?

    Where were cries and hues for the supremacy of Judiciary??

    The vast majority of Punjab believes in Punjabi Baladasti and as Majority is Authority these punjabies represents the whole punjab.Just go to the Web site of Federal Public Service Commission, and look for your self people from smaller provice can’t even apply for the best jobs because the domicile required is from PUNJAB.

    What the hell is this ??

    Why people like me not even apply for the Job??
    Because im not Punjabi?

    That is racism and is somebody like me raised voice we are called racists ??

  • Shobee |


    The truth is, whether its Altaf Hussain or PML or PPP or BNP who ever would fall into racism has nothing to do with Muhammad (S.A.W.W). Don’t you know that Muhammad S.A.W.W said that whoever would fall into racism does not belong to us.

    So who is dearer to you? Muhammad (S.A.W.W) or Altaf Hussain?

    If Panjabis or whoever dirties himself with dirt would you follow them and become ignorant yourself? or would you hold on to sanity?

  • karachiwala |

    Prophet Mohammad(S.A.W) teaching are, Every one is Equal and in the eyes of Punjabi Establishment only Punjabies has the right to rule and Govern so they are against Mohammad (S.A.W) teaching and we are raising voice over in justices against us so how can we be the racists??
    So untill and unless Merit become the sole mean of getting job rather then Punjabi domicile the war is on.
    Go and Tableegh this in Punjab and urge them to remove Quota System and injustices against smaller provinces and people of smaller provinces.

  • Islamabadi |


    The so called “Punjabi Establishment” is in fact overjoyed on the election of Zardari by 2/3rd majority gained through manipulation and false promises. It is certainly bound to crumble by its own weight in the near future.

    “Punjabi Establishment” did not rule this unfortunate country for the last nine years. It was the Sindhi president who ruled it with an iron hand and created chaos by following the dictates of the US. The Karachites should therefore blame themselves for the present state of affairs.
    Sindhi establishment is now out to play Sindhi card again to prepetuate their rule through various means including NRO.

    The Sindhi establishment is keeping a mysterious silence over the killing of innocent people in FATA and their Sindhi president is again going to seek fresh orders from his masters in Britian and elsewhere instead of counterbalancing the act by visiting China and other central Asian states.

    Sindhi establishment is opposing with tooth and nail to create any big water reservoir against the interests of our beloved country by creating doubts in the minds of people thereby denying them of the fruits of cheap electricity and irrigation.

    So I really think you should call a spade a spade. period