Immediately Stop: ‘Logistic Support’ to Fascist NATO in Afghanistan

Guest Blog by Silence from Islamabad Observer

Dear Pakistani’s,
United States of America, the principal leader of fascist movement NATO has launched several unprovoked attacks inside Pakistan, killing innocent women and children. They launch their attacks, killing just about anybody including innocent women and children to vent their anger and frustration, as they are facing a shameful defeat in Afghanistan. They want us to take the responsibility for their failure. They want to breed hatred in our people against state and working on an agenda to disintegrate our country for their ‘oil plan’.

Our previous government does nothing to stop them, now enemy is putting more pressure on the newly elected government, to accept the directions of the enemy, literally to give up our sovereignty. We are under pressure to conform to our oppressors wishes about how we should behave, how we should govern our land, how we should live and how we should think even. Our enemy is suffering from might-madness, they think through might and they negotiate through killing.

They raid our country, kill our people, destroy our villages and towns, and we facilitate them in doing so. We supply them with fuel to launch attacks on us; we deliver them bombs which they drop on us. We provide 90% of the logistic support to our enemy to kill our people and violate our sovereignty. We facilitate our enemy to violate all international laws and disregard the borders of our country. How sane it is, and for how long we would be collecting bodies of our women and children while helping our enemy to kill them.

After every cowardly attack on our land and our sovereignty, our government, armed forces and civil society organizations lodge’s protests with blood thirsty enemy. It has been an exercise in futility because they are not going to change their attitudes just because we condemn them. Their history tells us that they posses no mercy and will not stop until we stand up against this oppression and stop them.

Every citizen of Pakistan, human rights organizations, civil society groups, lawyer’s bodies, teachers associations, student’s organisations, transporters associations and political parties have to stand up against this fascism and attack on our sovereignty. We have to stop our government, our armed forces and our transporters from providing so called logistic support, to our enemy, which is being used against us. If we are to recover our sovereignty, it is we who must decide, it is we who must act.

Here is how are going to do it:

  • Phase 1: Write to our government, decision makers, politicians, transporters and commanders of our armed forces to immediately halt the ‘logistic supplies’ to NATO forces from Pakistan;
  • Phase 2: Organise peaceful protests and demonstrations condemning the killing of innocent civilians and demand from government and armed forces to cut all ‘logistic supplies’ to enemy from our land;
  • Phase 3: In case, our government does not respect the voice of the nation, then arrange sit-ins on all major supply routes from Pakistan to Afghanistan for NATO, including Karachi Port, Attock Bridge, Chaman Border and Torkham Pass.

Please pass this message to all citizens of Pakistan and civil society organisations for sake of our sovereignty and the innocent women and children killed by fascist enemy.





One response to “Immediately Stop: ‘Logistic Support’ to Fascist NATO in Afghanistan”

  1. hassan Abbas Avatar
    hassan Abbas

    I agree.But what about the four bases in Pakistan we have given to Americans.Shouldn’t their removal be part of this somewhere?
    And what about Phase4.some one to start blowing up rail wagons and trucks taking supplies for Nato Forces if they continue playing the Indian game in Afghanistan?