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Haider Ali – Pakistan’s unsung Paralympic Medalist

Haider Ali one of Pakistan four athletes who were participating in the Beijing Paralympic Games this year. Haider Ali has been featured earlier where he was a gold medalist in Kuala Lumpur Asian Paralympic Games and this time around he bagged a bronze medal in the Long Jump when he tied the World Record with Tunisian Farhat Chida at 6.44 meters, the only reason he ended with a bronze was the fact that the net aggregate [PDF Result] placed him in second place as one of his preliminary jumps was declared void

Haider participated in three other events of which he missed out on medal rankings for the Discuss Throw when he came forth [PDF Result]

This achievement actually took place a week back on the 9th but it seems the people have quickly forgotten this achievement due to the hovering gloomy political clouds upon us. Let us all take a step back and lend this young man a standing ovation for a great achievement, may his achievement inspire other sportsmen and women to make our country proud

[A special request to Pakistani bloggers is to honor this unsung hero]


  • Sana |

    STANDING OVATION !! Truely deserved one ! Thank u for highlighting this, its hightime we start appreciating what’s good among us and make it a means of motivation to strive harder ! Thank u for making this post :)

  • Jehan |

    Thanks for taking this forward Awab. I really think it’s crazy that all sorts of incompetents get recognition from our government but this gentleman who is a real achiever is treated as if he has does nothing special. BTW I am stealing the photo from here to put with the post I had put up regarding Haider. Please don’t sue me.;-)

  • Danish |

    Fantastic!!!!! Pakistanis are very daring and this athlete has once again proved it…..if given the opportunity we can
    attain top positions in every field…

  • Haider |

    GREAT for Pakistan!!!! He actually won a SILVER medal for Pakistan, not bronze as the article says. Please correct that! :)

  • Yasir |

    Pakistani’s do people with such good talents and spirits to bring a hope. May Allah bless us all. Ameen

  • Fariha Akhtar |

    I have created a wiki entry for Haider Ali here. Please make updates to it if you know more about Haider Ali and his achievements. Haven’t yet added any image because of copyright issues.

    • haider ali |

      thanks friha akhtar .i am very happpy to see your mail.