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Dr. Aafia’s son handed over to Pakistan

It is being reported that the Afghanistan government has handed over the custody of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s eldest son Ahmed Siddiqui to the Pakistani Ambassador in Kabul

Dawn.com: Under the presidential order of Hamid Karzai, we hand over Ali Hassan (?), 12, to Pakistan authorities,’ Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman, Sultan Ahmad Baheen, told reporters during a ceremony in Kabul. ‘We hope this step should symbolize friendly ties with our neighboring nation Pakistan,’ he said.

The only anomaly or an accidental typographical error is found in Dawn.com’s report where they have extensively used the name of Ali Hassan as the son of Aafia Siddiqui, which to my best knowledge is not the case, dawn.com goes on endlessly to an extent quoting officials using that name as well. I suspect this to be a minor typographical error and nothing but.

That said we must celebrate the release of this young child and hope that he recovers soon and resumes his normal childhood with the hope that one day he might meet his mother who is undergoing a criminal trial in the United States of America which appears to be a long drawn out battle, if she is innocent then we hope that she might return home safely to her kids


  • Zunaira |

    How generous aren’t they ? The boy looks healthy and her mother is imprisoned ,who has been repeatedly raped/tortured etc but they expect the boy to be okay

  • One Pakistani |


    We will forever remember what you have done to his mother and the chap.

  • ondelette |

    It isn’t a typo, Teeth Maestro, the Afghan authorities are sticking to a story that this is a kid named Ali who was orphaned in the earthquake in 2005. They are now saying Aafia Siddiqui adopted him. That’s why they are using the name given at arrest (She gave the name ‘Salehi’).

  • Carol Zelinko |

    You pakis are owned by the US. We can
    raid you, interrogate you, and your nukes
    are under *our* control. You’ve been

  • Usman |

    Why blame krazy karzai, when pakitani fauji
    handed her over.

    I am really afraid Allah is going to put US
    and us in a terrible reckoning very soon.

  • FizDosani |

    So sad Musharraf sold out our Daughter and innocent children for few thousand Dollars.
    What ever the name if this innocent boy ali , imran or Imaad he is just 7-8 years have When Pak agencies took custody of Aafia family.

  • BOB |

    Has anyone bothered to ask him when he last saw his siblings and under what circumstances? I know the kid is “disturbed” just like his mother and that inhibits him talking, but the other kids are important aren’t they?

  • Aladin |

    Karzai said, “We hope this step should symbolize friendly ties with our neighboring nation Pakistan”…

    Haram zada, namak haram Karzai expects Pakistanis to show him friendship whereas he is gathering Bharatee Faujis in Afghanistan, sure SIR.

  • Ayaz |

    He looks ready for a suicide bomb attack. They would not say where he has been in last few years with his mother and ciblings because that will expose an AlQaeda camp.

  • BOB |

    “Fauzia Siddiqui said she didn’t want to blame anyone for Ali’s ordeal and expressed hope that the embrace of his relatives would allow her nephew to forget.”

    Wow, isn’t that forgiving of her? She believes 3 kids and her sister were kidnapped and imprisoned for 5 years but now she doesn’t want to blame anyone?

    I’m sure she does want him to forget.

  • Shafiq |

    I agreed with the Comment by Carol Zelinko on September 15, 2008 @ 11:36 pm. We have been sold. Pakistan Zenda Bad

  • Roma |

    i dont actually get the point ….why does U.S think that they are the only damn healers for this world….n they actually believe that everyone bows before them…..they always have to poke there bloody nose in every matter….They dont fear the day when Allah would make them suffer…..

  • Roma |

    In 2004, Siddiqui was identified by the FBI as an ‘al Qaeda operative and facilitator who posed a clear and present danger to America.’
    Such an irony….Dr Afia a lady being a threat to a SUPER POWER

  • BOB |

    That was a very sexist remark Roma. A Woman can be just as threatening as a man. It doesn't take much testosterone to make a bank transfer to fund an attack.