….and the US attacks again – killing five in South Waziristan

It is being reported that barely a few hours ago US Army launched yet another US Drones attack on the village of Baghar in South Waziristan near the Afghan border inside Pakistan killing five more people. The US army alleges that this attack was limited on a specific military training camp. But it was after all an attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan, It was only yesterday that Pakistan Army spokesperson Maj Gen Athar Abbas had threatened that if this were to happen yet again it would result in retaliatory fire from Pakistan Army in defense.

It seems any & all diplomatic effort initiated by Asif Ali Zardari is failing as it is on record that since the day of his accession to the throne of the Presidency, the US has upped the ante, and been on the offensive to bomb the northern areas of Pakistan. One does have to suspect that his election into office might have something to do with a free hand accorded to the US in their War OF Terror offensive.

As a Pakistani I fully condemn this attack on Pakistan and expect our Army to stand up and defend out country, no longer should we be willing to annihilate our people at their free will – as a Pakistani citizen its simply unacceptable to me any more



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  1. Faisal.k Avatar

    Sher ki aid din ki zindagi gidar ki so sala zindagi se behtar hai…kab tak ham apni qom ka qatal karain ge? Kitni bar khun bahe ga….ham kab jage gain.

  2. Dr. Farrukh Malik Avatar

    I do agree with you that it is an attack on sovereignity of Pakistan and we must retaliate. About Zardari’s diplomacy no doubt his election to the presidency and these attacks have come togather but it does not necessarily mean that he has permitted these attacks more over Gordon Brown’s statement is quite good n we must appreciate Zardari on this.

  3. KarimG Avatar

    I stand corrected…

    A Droned Republic
    with a
    Banana Democracy

  4. Raza Avatar

    Uhh … I think you wanted to say you *condemn* this attack on Pakistan, not condone it.

  5. Reader Avatar

    “Condone” this attack? a typo like that in the conclusion? wow!

  6. Silence Avatar

    Little knowledge when mixed with bias and personal disliking… yields same!

    Attacks inside Pakistan by US forces began two years back and until now there have been around 80 attacks. During coward Musharraff’s regime, most of the times responsibility of these missile attacks was taken by Pakistan Army or Rashid Qureshi would go on PTV and deny reports. Only few times Musharraff admitted that USA was attacking and to this his answer was “If militants use our land to attack Americans, then, Americans will attack them”…totally indifferent from anything called ‘sovereignty’.

    Since new government has made things public, taken a stand against it and is working to defend our people…we are coming up with all sorts of conspiracy theories!

  7. KarimG Avatar

    Teeth, the present US administration unlike previous ones has a mission not only to declare, treat, insult Muslim countries as enemies, no…it is clear that the objective is to go even further and to ‘rub it in’. It is to openly and blatantly let us know who are the masters, that they can kill at will and “We Can Do Nothing About It”. This is a psychological warfare that unfortunately our leaders (I include, Mush, PPP, ML…all of them) have already declared that we have lost. The only positive thing that might come of this ‘Zillat nad Khiffat’ is that our political/military class might have to shift their economic-security dependence on other powers and I also truly hope that they will develop a mature policy to deal with India that will nullify the “india Card” in the hands of imperialist powers. Pakistan needs to have friendly and ‘elder brotherly’ relations with India, we can not afford this anamosity any more.

  8. Iqbal Avatar

    Pakistan needs to improve relations with China and Russia NOW.

  9. KarimG Avatar

    Voila….I found out why, they just want to ‘tickle’ us!

    Read this from Antiwar:

    “CIA Chief Speaks of Trying to Provoke Terrorists as Latest Drone Strike Kills Seven in South Waziristan”

    Posted September 17, 2008

    Admiral Michael Mullen made a surprise visit to Pakistan yesterday. and according to the US Embassy he “reiterated the US commitment to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty“. Just hours later, US drones fired four missiles into South Waziristan, killing at least seven and injuring three others.

    At the same time, speaking at the Air Force Association’s annual conference, CIA Director Michael Hayden suggested that his agency is trying to “tickle” militant groups with missile strikes in an attempt to provoke a reaction. He said there was much his agency could learn from the way in which the groups respond.

    The CIA is responsible for many of the US air strikes launched in the Pakistani tribal areas, which have been increasing in recent days. Two US strikes last week hit the neighboring Pakistani Agency of North Waziristan, killing 14 people and 23 people, respectively.

    Pakistani Prime Minister Raza Gilani has reportedly condemned the latest air strike. Both Gilani and President Asif Ali Zardari have pressed for an end to US cross-border raids and air strikes, insisting that they are harming the credibility of Pakistan’s tenuous coalition government.

    It is unclear what if any reaction all this “tickling” has provoked from militant groups, but there are plenty of other more visible reactions to examine. Besides the negative comments from the ruling coalition, Pakistan’s military has demanded an end to the US attacks, and reportedly opened fire on US helicopters attempting to cross the border earlier this week. Major opposition figures have called for Pakistan to pull out of America’s war on terror entirely, and supply lines through Pakistan for NATO troops stationed in Afghanistan were briefly severed.

    Civilians living in the tribal area have reacted to the attacks as well with an increasing number of anti-US protests, and an important tribal faction in South Waziristan has threatened to abandon its long-standing peace deal with the Pakistani government if the government does not do something to halt US attacks.

    What the CIA Director hopes to learn from terrorist reactions is unclear. What the United States can learn from the rest of Pakistan’s reaction to the attacks is not nearly so elusive however. Neither Pakistan’s populace nor its polity is responding to the CIA’s “tickles” with much patience, and with US strikes continuing seemingly unabated over these objections, it appears to be only a question of which breaks first: President Zardari’s promise to “stand with the United States,” or his government’s hold on power.

    compiled by Jason Ditz [email the author]

  10. Shumail Avatar

    Bros.We r in a trauma or a sort of parylysis state.we all r hurt,humiliated and angry.Mostly at our rulers and now at our Army for letting us down.Merely a rhetoric like “we condemn” is just a lip service.Are they waiting for a revolution to start.Pakistanis are honourable people and there is a limit to these insults by the US of A.Time magazine says there is a real threat of a US-PAK war.I dont know much but when the yankees will come,forget our Army,we the people of Pakistan GOD willing will kick their Bums.Even if i am just dreaming too much from ourselves as we r not united,but hopefully a crisis (remember the eathquake) unites us pakistanis.