Between Allah Cracy and English Cracy

Guest Blog by Silence from Islamabad Observer

“May gaad give us the strent to save Pakistan”
Asif Ali Zardari
Islamic Republic of Pakistan

During Zia ul Haq’s dictatorship, Late Makhdum Sajjad Hussain, father of Shah Mahmood Qureshi (presently foreign minister) was appointed as Governor of Punjab. He was a very simple person, a feudal lord and a known ‘peer’ with millions of followers especially from rural Sindh. Whenever someone would approach Mr. Governor with any problem, “Allah Kracy” (God will Do) the Governor used to reply in Saraiki language and would raise his hands to pray, hundreds of followers sitting around would also raise their hands and pray with their peer cum governor.

Weather some one asks for transfer of his son or complains about poor condition of road or even a magistrate asks approval to arrest protesters, the answer was always same, “Allah Kracy” followed by raising hands. The joke around the province was that people of Punjab are sandwiched between ‘Bureaucracy’ and‘Allah Kracy. The requests from bureaucracy to pass orders helped little. Mr. Governor preferred prayer rather then passing any orders and always used Saraiki as language.

Prime Minister Gillani is said to be a very good writer, journalist and author of a book but the moment he starts speaking English, the whole impression is gone. When Prime Minister Gillani visited USA, a joke around the White House was that President Bush was very pleased to hear someone speaking worse English then himself.

Similarly, President Zardari is known for choice of words, his comments are always meaningful and well phrased, but it was a surprise to see what he has written on eve of his visit to ‘Mizar-i-Quaid in comments book, although I am pleased that his writing skills are worse then me. General Kiani is also not much behind of two top leaders in his English proficiency.

Although, I feel really bad to see that Pakistani people are judging our national leader from their expertise in an alien language. If we need English-proficient national leaders we should make it a necessary qualification for election. But at the same time what stops our leaders from using our national or regional languages to express their views more clearly.

Our serving PM is a Saraiki. President, a Sindhi and Army Chief a Pothohari/Punjabi, if they delivers their speeches in his own mother tongue, they would do much better. As a last resort, they can speak in Urdu which they know much better than English. As Chinese, Japanese and French always use their respective languages on any international forum.

Our leaders should stop embarrassing themselves and the nation by choosing English and should start using Urdu or even regional languages as medium of expression. They can follow Late Governor Sajjad Hussain Shah in use of language but at the same time remember that they do not pass similar orders by prayers. However, I am sure that they are not going to consider this option as, this time; we are sandwiched between ‘Democracy’ and ‘English Cracy.



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34 responses to “Between Allah Cracy and English Cracy”

  1. dr razahaider Avatar

    Pakistan has given every thing to every one except those who were always the honor of their classes, schools, and institutions.

    It is this fact that these individual took the next flight towards the destination from where they could never return as legitimate son of the land.

    Some body at some time rightly conveyed as, perhaps taunt.

    “This country is being run by, the god”.

    Now I believe it as faith.

    What more can we have and what less can we own.

    It’s the peak of ignorance, ill attitude of the populace, towards the fate of the progeny and devastating last nail on the destiny as fate of our children.

    Check out the highest office of the country being in possession of crown as supreme commander.

    If this person or some one on his behalf could not clear the subject as grievant objection, then hell would be the next place for this nation, as award, in lie u of unintentional home made choice.

  2. guYasir Avatar

    English Cracy nahi balkay English Crazy
    Jahil/gullible nation rule by Jahil rulers
    Democracy is a ‘charade’ so plz our politician should sale their mercedes benz and buy a ‘charade’ car

  3. KarimG Avatar

    Are mian dantwale…ALLAH ka shokr karo keh in hazerat ne URDU likhneh ki koshish nahin ki varna to hum dunya keh samne sar uthane ke qabil nahin rehteh…kam az kam bahana toa he keh yeh in ki madri zaban nahin hay…

    and if that old saying “andhon main kana raja” is correct, I am ashamed of myself!

  4. Phil Avatar


  5. zs Avatar

    It’s “whether”, not “weather”… and it’s “worse than me”, not “worse then me”. Going by your own principle, perhaps you should also stop embarrassing yourself and write your blogs in Urdu or whatever language you are more comfortable in.

  6. KarimG Avatar

    May be small comfort, but at least the man is not “il presidente”!

  7. Altaf Avatar

    May GAAD give us the Strent to bring these looters & plunderers to justice

  8. aamir attaa Avatar

    I too have problems with my Angraizi Zuban, but i am confined to blog in English language… reason is that we don’t have good Urdu blogging too… at least in terms of speed at what we type.

  9. d0ct0r Avatar

    *whether* some one asks for transfer..

  10. d0ct0r Avatar

    ..although I am pleased that his writing skills are worse then me.

    He accepted that he is not perfect either,so kindly spare him.

  11. Sofia Sultana Avatar
    Sofia Sultana

    This is nothing. If you read this blog, you’ll see his lack of education is the least of our problems. I wonder what our constitution says about a President convicted of money laundering? Is it allowed?

  12. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    Bad English should never be a source of embarrassment for any one. French President must have been having even worse English language skills. However, our President should not have embarrassed himself for not using Urdu or his own mother language if he has problem with English.

    The writer of this article should improve his English before criticiaing others.

  13. FSheikh Avatar

    Silence bhi,

    You are great, how you took your beloved Zardari away from being criticized is awful.

    I guess, the teacher BB hired to train Zardari didn’t stress enough on spellings.

    Check this video, I think it suits the culprit very well:


  14. Karachi-Wala Avatar

    Zardari teray raaj main,
    kiaa farq hai kalee raat main,
    joo thee ghasib kai naam sai,
    hai aabb teray ikram sai

  15. nota Avatar

    It’s “whether”, not “weather”… and it’s “worse than me”, not “worse then me”. Going by your own principle, perhaps you should also stop embarrassing

    Last I remember no one made @Silence the President and one who claims he has a degree from Britain…

  16. dr razahaider Avatar
    dr razahaider

    excellent presentation

  17. Junaid Avatar

    he shouldn’t have wrote in english.
    furthermore just saw his speech, same mistake he speaks in english and his english is not good.

  18. Junaid Avatar

    by the now i know why altaf and zardari are so fond of each other both are adh akhria (half wordy).

  19. ms.shah Avatar

    Hi People
    On this instance I would say leave him alone.
    And my reason is quite genuine.
    Being Pakistani our National language is URDU.He should have written something in Urdu.
    He could not write anysthing in Sindhi becasu ethat will be another issue.
    My first point is our regional language is our first language.So I do appreciate Karasi.
    If he spelt speelings wrong not a big deal.Who says only the person who can speak and write good English is eligible for the PM or president position.
    English Medium prejudice is not acceptable.
    Let us not compare him with Benazir ,Musharaff or Quaid-i-Azam.
    Give him benifit of doubt,it can be that he wrote Amerikan English or suffering from DYSLEXIA.
    Well I am MA in Enlish and my spellings and grammar is horribly wrong,does it mean I should not be allowed to express.

  20. KarimG Avatar

    ms.shah, no I have no right to question your intelligence but can’t say the same about your MA English!
    You see, it is simply wrong to dismiss the importance of speaking and writing correctly, it is the essence of overall education and education is what channels and structures intelligence. I find it very disturbing that people do not speak and write any language properly. Very few people try to speak and write proper Urdu and even fewer are adequate in English. Since English education is still a privilege of the elite I strongly believe that at least Urdu as the national language needs to be properly taught and promoted. This molested version of Urdu that is generally spoken must be challenged; our teachers and intellectuals have a responsibility to do that. Unfortunately similar situation exists in many third world poor countries, especially countries that were directly colonized.
    On a final note, not always but often, poorly educated who have gone through formal education system do appear to be intellectually challenged. To name a couple of famous ones Reagan and W come to mind!

  21. khobar from London Avatar
    khobar from London

    President of Pakistan Asif Zardari appears to speak reasonably well in English except on occasions where words are missing and he seems to terminate the sentence without uttering that particular word. His written english is pathetic which is obvious from what we see on this thread. He would be well advised to write in Sindhi or Urdu.

  22. ms.shah Avatar

    Karim hundred percent agree with you.we should not and must not compromise at Urdu.
    The language is already diying in India and Urdu being our National Language ,we must work towards keeping up the standard,which is falling below the standards.
    The biggest dent I see is from so called celebrity anchor persons in the media,who are just bold to be infront of camera.I mean on the main stream TV.It is not acceptable.If they cannot speak Pitrus Bukhari or Ashfaq Ahmed Urdu at least they should try to catch up with Mustanswer Tarrar who is the most Modern Urdu standard according to me.
    My sincere apology for the grotesque spelling mistakes above .It is just that I was dead tired and wanted to comment.Isn’t it good though I left teaching long time ago?

  23. KarimG Avatar

    ms.shah, I am speechless when some one is so humble…I guess there is some hope after all for us!

  24. yaseen ch Avatar

    i Think this is enough ,you see when he speaks he stutters and this shows he is not sincere ,not speaking from heart.

  25. ms.shah Avatar

    I am feeling so bad that I have to write something in defence of Zardari.
    “When he speaks he stutters” is a comment which disturbs me.
    His stammering is natural therefore I do not think we should judge him on that.
    Regarding he is not sincere ,not speaking from heart, we do not need sincerity or heart.Politicians have none……also no conscience……
    If has the brain and skill to deliver ,that is what we should be interested in.What he does for us,how well he represents the country .

  26. ms.shah Avatar

    Hi Karim
    Thank you for acknowledgement.We are what we are?What is the harm in accepting that we are just human beings and not a perfect machine .
    Hope is a beautiful word………keep it alight……..
    We are evolving as a nation and we should not be afraid we are beautiful people with beautiful minds.
    Mona Lisa is not beautiful ,she is mysterious,it is this side of our personalities which make us a beautiful nation.
    Thanks to internet I had a dialogue with you.
    keep smiling.

  27. KarimG Avatar


  28. haseena Avatar

    jiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bainazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bhutouuuuu
    thnx asif ali zerdari you will come in pakistan! the great president is ASIF ALI ZERDARI

  29. Krakow Avatar

    Its the message that’s important not the Engrish. Unless I’m in a bad mood and then I can’t stand bad Engresh.

  30. Muhammad Imran Avatar
    Muhammad Imran

    Dear Sir,

    I am imran and i want the English grammer directory and English to urdu Transfer

  31. readinglord Avatar

    Urdu a ‘national’ language of Pakistan! What nonsense! It is in fact an ‘anti-national’ language as its advocacy as such by no less a personality than the Quaide himself proved to be the prime cause of break-up of his Pakistan.

  32. A Pakistani Citizen Avatar
    A Pakistani Citizen

    We live in a country where using one's head is not allowed at any level.

    Use your head and you will become missfit in any place you work.

    However if you are willing to master the skills of apple polishing

    for those who are senseless and below your intelect then you can make

    yourself a place in the so called high society, but at what cost? offcourse

    the loss of your sense of being the best creation of Allah, a human.

    Sorry to say today there is nothing to be proud of left here in Pakistan

    because personal liking and disliking and skills of living like a slave has

    been the measuring rod for judging a person's calibre in Pakistan.

    I see more and more people of substance leaving Pakistan in near

    future because now things becoming unbearable.

  33. Eve Avatar

    Dear Urdu-speaking friends:

    If you did not endeavor to write in English, we, in the English-speaking world, could never know your thoughts and mind-set of the Pakistani people, and would therefore be allowed to imagine that you are considerably different from us. How delightful to know, by reading your thoughts and ways of expressing yourselves, that you are exactly like us, and we can feel so close and familiar to you. How wonderful to hear you, from across the world, and know – – how clever you are, how ardent, how committed to freedom, and how FUNNY you are!

    Those of you who have the courage to communicate in a language not your own, errors notwithstanding, share the soul of the Pakistani people with the English-speaking world, and as such, are the true emmisaries of your nation. It is through you that we may feel that we know you, and may love you, and be concerned for your well-being.

    In any case, one wonders how well the English-speaking would do, writing in Urdu!

    Good and humorous friends of serious heart, practice makes perfect; continue your efforts until you get it right! Until then, I think we are understanding you very well.