Peoples Resistance: Seminar on Military Action in FATA

The Peoples Resistance, a civil society group advocating for an independent judiciary and the Supremacy of Law is organizing a Seminar in Karachi on Sunday titled Military Action in FATA; Reality, Myths and Implications.

Basically Pakistan is at war and the US is attacking our borders while the Pakistan military is endlessly engaged in a relentless operation with over 2,000 civilians dead in the last year alone and about 800,000 have been displaced in the Northern areas.

Why is this happening? Who is responsible? What is the real story? What can ordinary citizens do to end this violence?

Seminar: Military Action in FATA; Reality, Myths and Implications
Date: Sunday September 28th, 2008
Time: 2:00 PM
Venue: National Law University, Street 3, Block 4, 26th Streeet, Clifton Karachi

  • Hamid Mir (Geo)
  • Rahimullah Yousufzai
  • Mohammad Arif (Refugee from Swat)

For more information call 0333-3464403



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6 responses to “Peoples Resistance: Seminar on Military Action in FATA”

  1. Shoiab Safdar Avatar

    I want to attend it!

  2. Aman Avatar

    Excellent initiative!

    It would be great if you could upload the recording – for those of us not in Karachi.

    Secondly, I hope significant time is devoted to figuring out the most important question: how can we end this war?

  3. Noor Muhammad Aazur Avatar

    Northern Areas is the official name of the region called “Gilgit – Baltistan”. The organizers of this seminar should have checked their facts.

    Waziristan Agency or rest of the tribal areas are not called “Northern Areas”. Because of such stupid mistakes the tourism industry of valleys like Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu, Ghizar and Astore has been destroyed.

    Today most of the world thinks that there is a war in the Northern Areas, while in fact there’s none.

    I demand removal of the term “Northern Areas” from the posters/banners/advertising pamphlets of this seminar, being a resident of the region.

    I protest against misrepresentation of fact, willing or non willing.


  4. Noor Muhammad Aazur Avatar

    Dear All

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    I am thankful to all of you for joining the group. I hope that we will be bale to more openly discuss ideas, share moments of our life and materialize the dream of making an equitable and considerate society.

    Thank You all, once again, for joining the group.

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