Rahman Dakait nominated for International Peace Award 2008

International Human Rights Commision has nominated Advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik for the ‘International Peace Award 2008 for War against Terrorism. The real problem with Pakistan is there appears to be a complete collapse of moral fabric. I still choose to call him Rehman Dakiat for his endless list of goofups.

It should be recalled that this third Peoples Party nomination is right on the footsteps of Sherry Rehman being nominated for International Peace Award 2008 for Democrats a few months back.

Reading this news report for Rehman Malik – I am utterly speechless, as I and many Pakistanis will cringe at the thought of honoring REHMAN MALIK aka Rehman Dakait {of all people!!!} for the ‘peace prize’. It is yet another example of the political circus being run in Pakistan… I leave this news report at your disposal [and digestion] in utter disgust

The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Wednesday nominated Advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior A. Rehman Malik for the ‘International Peace Award 2008 for War against Terrorism.’ Rehman Malik is the first male form Pakistan and third member of Pakistan People’s Party to receive the honour as the award had also been conferred upon Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in the year 1996 for her outstanding contributions for democracy and human rights. The award is recognition of the services rendered by Rehman Malik in the area of fighting war against terrorism and extremism and for achieving the lasting peace in the country, strengthening the democratic institution after the establishment of newly elected government under the leadership of President Asif Ali Zardari – read more on APP






22 responses to “Rahman Dakait nominated for International Peace Award 2008”

  1. khana Avatar

    haha 🙂

    my Gaad.. what a coubtry..:D

  2. Dr. Farrukh Malik Avatar

    Its disgusting and I think if this award is being given to Rehman Malik, its credibility is questionable and such an award will offer no face lift.

  3. ReallyVirtual Avatar

    Don’t tell me they really call it “Peace Award for War” … (oxy)morons!

  4. shobz Avatar

    what a cad. for a minute i simply blanked out coz i thought u were refering to the dacoit who runs lyari. dacait is a kind word for rehman malik as he is a man of no scruples. even dacoits have a kind bone inside their body. this man should be hanged.

  5. Raza Avatar

    GOD! What is this world coming to?!

  6. d0ct0r Avatar

    LOL! are they friggin’ serious?

  7. KarimG Avatar

    Signs of time man signs of time….

    Next up Zardari for Integrity Prize…
    Musharraf for defending Dignity Prize…
    Nawaz Sharif for Political Brilliance Prize…

    And last but not the least
    George W. Bush Nobel Peace Prize

  8. usama bin lady Avatar
    usama bin lady

    This Zardari represents the scum and trash of Pakistan. We, the nation of Pakistan pray that this filth joins his ugly wife soon.
    He is the reason why Pakistan is a broken, poverty stricken nation.
    This vermin should not be here.
    Americans, should now realize why there is so much hatred against their country when they allow and accommodate terrorist filth like Zardari (their new puppet).

  9. Taha Avatar


  10. Shadab Avatar

    Can some one please search the history of this dakait. He is a suspicious man ever since BB is out of the scene.

  11. Paagal Insaan Avatar
    Paagal Insaan

    Rehman ‘Dakait’ eh? Sir, whatever happened to your importance of judiciary rant?
    I thought only courts and Imran Khan had the right to convict.

  12. Ahmed Waheed Avatar
    Ahmed Waheed

    So even the international human rights commission is politicized now. Disgusting.

    The guards at marriot deserve the award if anyone.

  13. Paagal Insaan Avatar
    Paagal Insaan

    Sir, yes, any individual or organization that disagrees with you is evil, and deliberately so.

  14. Shah Avatar

    Well Gorbachauve had it,I think so………..what are the intentions of Mr.Dacait.

  15. Albela Avatar

    Yes he should get this AWARD atleast our QAUM will start to see the value of these “AWARDS”.

    How about one award from Pakistanis Abroad:

    I nominate Rehman Dakait for the award of “Biggest Bhand”.

  16. guYasir Avatar

    Rehman Malik was a broker btw BB and Mush deal and later when BB came back He was the chief responsible of her security.
    What kind of peace he has gotten, BB lost her life in his security, Marriott bombing which every1 said Pak 9/11 occurred
    What kind of Peace he’s generated nothing but he’s the agent of Mossad and RAW in Pakistan I bet thats why Rehman Dakait being nominated for this award.

  17. Ziafah@yahoo Avatar

    Come on guys be happy. Europe walon nay jota mara hay Malik saab ko zara polish ker kay award ke chakal main

  18. nota Avatar

    The truth behind the International Peace Award, courtesy Pakistan Policy blog:
    The awarding body is the International Human Rights Commission. The name suggests that it is a legitimate, international organization perhaps based in New York, Geneva, or London.

    But no, a simple Google search brings us to the website (cheapo couldn’t even get his own domain name) of the IHRC (providing it with an acronym gives it undeserved legitimacy), which demonstrates it’s a one-man show run by a shady character in Islamabad.

    The IHRC’s website provides the visitor with a few minutes of entertainment.

    We learn that the group’s “world chairman” is “Ambassador Dr.” Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan. His bio provides no evidence of diplomatic service that would produce the title of ambassador. One is also suspicious of the veracity of his claim of being a doctor.

    Mr. Khan also claims that he will be in the United States to meet the (spelling errors are his):

    “Bush Administeration, Governor of Hawaii Mrs. Lingly, US Chairman of Senate, State Department Officials, United Natiosn Former Secretay General Kofi Annan and other leaders of Organization to discuss the Political and Regional Situation and Political Situation of Pakistan.”

    Mr. Khan also includes photos of “the first family,” i.e. his five kids. In the interest of their welfare and future dignity, I shall not post their photos here. There’s also a page for his wife, otherwise known as “the first lady.”….(cont.)

    It really does get better so do read on and check out all the links 🙂

  19. KarimG Avatar

    nota, soooooo, if I understand you right this is an affair between the DAKOOS….Nothing to do with us right!

  20. nota Avatar

    Right! Just an attempt to put up a false pretense. Like a kawa trying to pretend to wear some peacock feathers (even those are fake in this case) trying to pass himself off as a peacock. Reminds me of that see-how-macho-I-am-that-a-beauty-queen-has-hots-for-me kind of crap that Mush tried in his last days….Just shows how pathetic these guys are…

  21. Azhar Avatar

    Remember the rehman dkait is security adviser of benazir bhutto when she was assinated and he could not maintine her security and in tv channels we also heard when thebomb blast taken place at marriat hotel he lay on the ground and shouted save the president and govt made this mother fucker to prime misiter adviser of interior

  22. Muslim Avatar

    Today is the death anniversary of Noon Meem Rashid who once wrote: (read carefully because this is rather difficult Urdu but every verse is pure gold!)
    Ajal in se mil
    ke ye sada dil
    na ahle salat awr na ahle sharab
    na ahle adab awr na ahle hisab
    na ahle kitab
    na ahle kitab awr na ahle machin
    na ahle khala awr na ahle zameen
    faqat be yaqeen
    ajal in se mat kar hijab
    ajal in se mil
    barho tum bhi agay barho
    ajal se milo
    barho to tawngar gadao
    na kashkol dryoza gardi chupao
    tumhein zindagi se koi rabt baqi nahi
    ajal se hanso awr ajal ko hansao
    barho bandagane zamana barho bandagane deram
    ajal, ye sab manfi insan hein
    manfi zyada hein insan kam
    ho in par nigahe karm”

    NM rashid was an angry man when he wrote these words, Today this applies to most of our “Jamhoori Leaders” who came to power through “Heavy Mandate” of our illiterate & stupid “Awaam”.
    N M Rashid was angry, but I am angrier!