POLL: Who Should Be Pakistan’s First Lady?

Guest post by temporal of Baithak blog

Baithak’s Top Ten List for Pakistan’s First Lady

And now something different and away from 58-2b, Article 17, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Load Shedding, Fata, Aata, who kills our civilians – the Faujis, the Terrorists, the US Army, NATO and the likes. Please vote on who should be Pakistan’s new First Lady.

The President’s House is huge, Co-chairman of the Hand Written will is an eligible billionaire, and despite the hoopla is a very lonely man.

To get the ball rolling here is Baithak’s Top Ten List for Pakistan’s First Lady

  1. Reema
  2. Sheher Bano (Sherry) Rahman
  3. Shazia Murri
  4. Mehreen Jabbar
  5. Jemima Khan
  6. Kishwar Nahid
  7. Mira
  8. Faiza Gabol
  9. Sanam Bhutto
  10. Mukhtaran Mai

Feel free to add, delete or change the order.

Caveat: This list was offered on September 11, 2008 and did not include Sandra Palin. If she loses out in come November she has her first Dude and Shaitan-forbid if she wins she would be one tenuous breadth away from the other Presidency.

****TM EDIT: In this live poll we have added Sarah Palin as one candidate as well****
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30 responses to “POLL: Who Should Be Pakistan’s First Lady?”

  1. ReallyVirtual Avatar

    Why not “Who Should Be Pakistan’s First, Second, Third and Fourth Ladies” ?

  2. Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar Avatar
    Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar

    Palin all the way… lets formalize the relationship…

  3. Samad Khurram Avatar
    Samad Khurram

    Ammar your comment was very inappropriate and has been deleted. Please refrain from making such personal remarks in future.

  4. mina Avatar

    why not an educationist?

    btw sarah palin can not be PAKISTAN’s first lady.!!

  5. Nazra Avatar

    I vote for Palin, because that would formalize the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, the two would be in bed together in more ways than one.

  6. ammar Avatar

    @Samad Khurram
    Why my comments were inappropriate. If you have started a blog where the ladies of our society are mentioned who are someone’s sister, someone’s mother, then get ready for the remarks.

  7. d0ct0r Avatar

    none of the above,find another billionaire heiress for him,i guess Palin isn’t that rich at least at the moment.

  8. Silence Avatar

    Pallin all the way……if it was not only to kill a nite!

  9. Rakay Avatar

    I guess Sarah palin is missing. Teeth maestro sahab, u know what my indian collegues over here in Singapore are saying “IS KO LINE MARNAY KI KOI AUR JAGAH NAHEEN MILI. IS HE YOUR PRESIDENT?”…such a character less act he has done that has brought disgrace to the whole Pakistani community around the world..”SHAME ON U ZARDARI SAHAB”

  10. Abdullah Avatar

    Can you come up with something less bay-haya than this? It does not suit a muslim to go about talking of muslim women in this manner.

  11. Samad Khurram Avatar
    Samad Khurram

    Ammar :

    1) I did not start it. i am just monitoring it.

    2) There is a difference between private and public figures.

  12. Pakistani Avatar

    well laila majnoo of this era (sheri and zardari) will be the the best choice , zardari is the best currents of Pakistan , so he should have a lady to support him for a whole , either in corruption or jail.
    i dedicate a song from sheri to zardari.

    Tu jahan kaheen bhi jaey mera saya sath hoga (Dubai, USA ,UK , President House , and……………………..JAIL)

  13. zaheer Avatar

    a political gimmick, it might become

  14. Politcalycorrect Avatar

    Well what i noticed is that many indians reatced to this more then they should have…..which made me think why not Sonia Gandhi, she is a good choice…a widow…and also a victim of political Assassination o f his late husband…..and like in old times..such marriages are good for ending animosities

  15. Darwaish Avatar

    folks, you are just wasting your time. sherry rehman has already taken this spot.

    vaise i thought Mira and Zardari would make a lovely couple ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Lady M.B.B.S. Avatar
    Lady M.B.B.S.

    Mujhe andaza nahin tha k Pakistani Qoum ITNI farigh hai.

  17. FSheikh Avatar

    how about Rehman Malik?

  18. Iagree Avatar

    I too, thinkk Rehman Malik should be the first lady.

    This would not only send good message to the world and Liberals of Pakistan, it would please Karzai, Altaf Hussain and others.

    It would also please those, who want to look cool at ANY COST.

    Just my 2 paisa.

  19. ammar Avatar


    Pathan hee raho gay. Her waqt larkay/admin hee talash karna

  20. d0ct0r Avatar

    Billionaire Heiress Paris Hilton and Zardari..

    Is Altaf bai doing the same thing these days?

  21. Aysh Avatar

    Why not a first man? ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. ammar Avatar

    I don’t think he will do this. He don’t want to take your business away. Manto was right when he objected banning the prostitution, he knew that off springs of prostitution will come in doctor face.

  23. Altaf Avatar

    BEGUM NAWAZISH – come on – how can you forget her???

  24. Asad Malik Avatar

    Sarah palin coz our president want to hug her,

  25. Amir Avatar

    How about auntee-shamim?

  26. Altaf Avatar

    i think the best 2 suggestions here are:
    Auntie Shamin
    Begum Nawazish
    Make your choice

  27. heralal Avatar


    Who is Begum Nawazish?

  28. Altaf Avatar

    google her name
    you aren’t from pakistan?

  29. heralal Avatar


    Got it, hilarious!!!. I’m from Pakistan but I don’t get time to watch TV ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Nisar Khoro Avatar
    Nisar Khoro

    Only a female pig can put up with Zardari, her kind.