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Pakistan is there to live

Guest Blog by Amjad Malik

As long as India keeps dreaming the disintegration of Pakistan, it will survive as a viable state as the very negativity serves the purpose of knitting this crowd of 170 million people into a nation, whenever it is confronted by its arch rival. Editor of Indian Defence Review, Mr. Bharat Verma writes that ‘new Delhi is its own enemy, when it permitted the creation of a pure Islamic state on its borders,” I for one disagree as this state emerged as a result of a successful struggle for independence by millions of Muslims of India who felt that two nation theory is the only viable option to preserve and protect each other’s identity and core values. Indian Hindus too got liberated after remaining under Moghuls for over 6 centuries and then British Raj through the same process due to Gandhi’s vision. Independence was neither granted through diplomacy, nor as a charity. It was snatched on the basis of fundamentals of the modern day democracy, one man one vote’ principle and majority of muslim populated areas vowed to join the newly established idea of ‘Pakistan’ where they saw security, identity and a peaceful enjoyment of civil and political rights, and a freedom of religion, culture and values.

Looking at secular India’s state and its treatment to its minorities, the wisdom of Mr. Jinnah’s decision is obvious seeing the situation of Muslims of India. Demolition attempts on Babari mosque, and Hindu fundamentalists attempts to erect Ayodhia Mandar satirically smile on the claims of Indian democracy, equality & secularism. Kashmiri Muslims are at war with the state since its occupation, and are demanding for an implementation on UN Security Council Resolution 47 (1948) where India agreed with the World that question of the accession of Jammu and Kashmir should be decided through a free and impartial plebiscite. Kashmiris, instead, are facing bullets and worst genocide, than to have an opportunity to vote in a referendum. Riots in Gujrat exposes the treatment of Indian majority to its minority where thousands were burnt alive. Above all, latest October 2008 episode in Hyderabad where Hindu rioters killed six members of a Muslim family by setting fire to their home in the village Vatoli, amongst was a 2-year-old child. Muslim leaders called for better protection for minorities, and Asaduddin Owaisi, who sits in the lower house of the Parliament said that “Despite our repeated pleas and appeals, the government has failed to provide protection to the Muslims who live in remote areas and who have a very small population in those places.” This small episode exposes the state of those unprivileged in India and depicts the mind set of Hindu majority and answers all the critics of two nation theory as to why Pakistan came into being. I confess that it was as a result of a failure of Mr. Jinnah to secure equality & respect for the Muslims of India from congress.

Mr Verma further wrote in his thesis that, “many conveniently propose the myth that a stable Pakistan is in India’s favour. This is a false proposition.” I agree with Mr. Verma that stable Pakistan may not suit India but stress that it is conducive to the region and the world in general which takes precedence. Nuclear armed & secure Pakistan is a guarantee of stability and a bridge between right thinking powers and ancient civilizations. When President of Pakistan in his interview with Wall Street Journal says That, “ India has never been a threat to Pakistan,” or that “I, for one, and our democratic government is not scared of Indian influence abroad,” it transpires an individual thinking, but may not b a majority view. This view is quite identical to that of new US policy which is being imported into Pakistani mind set. In my 8 October meeting with US diplomats at London, I heard the same voices that USA insists that Al- Qaeda, Taliban and rising insurgents are a real danger to Pakistan’s internal stability and the World, and Pakistan should perceive that threat as real other than that of India. USA is hopeful that unlike Pakistan army, civilian leadership will cooperate and will share US sponsored view. In response to unilateral Presidential desire of peace, India has answered by blocking ten thousands cusecs water at Chenab river in violation of Indus Water treaty which may act as a set back for an agricultural country and will affect its crops production capacity. India is also heavily interested to play dirty at the rear border of Pakistan, and it is sending thousands of troops in Afghan Pak border and already has a settled presence, interfering capacity and intention which has a potential of escalation to a small skirmishes in near future. In any event India has responded its lovers in a befitting manner

Pakistan rightly quests for peace and stability in the region. It has played twice a major role in the region once to stop Russian invasion against Afghanisatn which resulted in Russian disintegration and secondly, as a non NATO ally against Al-Qaeda, an unfaced menace to the world. Its liberal & conservative mixture is its beauty which has a capacity to house many languages and cultures within an interesting heritage. Disintegration of one state, will be followed by others as it will set a principle that no components can survive in a Federation in the region, in return in the world. The world saw Russian disintegration as a result of an unlawful invasion, which is a lesson for all. Economic stability is not the only key to survive in a statehood, as trust, treatment and neighbors guarantee the future sovereignty of any state. Both India and Pakistan are at a crossroad, they must learn to live with each other, if not friends, as past enemies. They should live fairly keeping their own strategic positions intact on ‘live and let live principle’ as a little shift in equilibrium, will guarantee the disintegration of both. Sometimes, warming one’s hands in enemy’s fire can cost a lot and India is just doing that by meddling in Pakistani areas in difficult times and by sending its troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan is there to survive and is ready for its enemies at their waterloo.

Amjad Malik is a Solicitor-Advocate of the Supreme Court of England & Wales


  • zafar |

    Pakistan will live and prosper, Insha Allah.

    Hasbun Allah-o-Wa-Naim-AlWakeel

  • Junaid |

    i myself dont see major flaws at core of pakistan but in our mindset..we would be in problems for atleast a decade more but future is bright if we didnt mess up further.

    this land has everything…

  • Shah |

    Mr.Amjad Malik

    Very well written article.Which I would like to contribute to :

    India in its obsession with becoming a superpower in the area is over ambitious and is over-estimating its very fragile fabric of Democracy mask.
    Very ambitious Business men are thinking they can climb higher and higher by investing with America ,by providing them basis in Asian Waters and Land.
    Clearly it is a business venture with the interest of some Billionares who are involved in Millitary trade but lacking strategy .
    It would be far more better if India resolves Kashmir Issue and respects the will of people.
    It is time India should accept world has changed a lot from the time of “MAHA BHARAT “.
    Pakistani people never had and will any desire to live under India again.
    Bangladesh may have separated from us but it did not become part of INDIA.It seems “MHA-BHARAT ” itself explains the past ,present and future of India.
    Now there are no invaders to Invade India,so they should be more concerned and careful regarding the situations ever so inherent to religios and political make up of Hindustan .
    Ever fighting and conspiring?Can they escape from the epic tales of MAha Bharat or are they going to return to that in the absence of an INVADER?????????
    Uptill 19th Century we have seen Bharat inviting invaders from Moghals to Turks to British traders?
    Is it India cannot live without aggression?Be it China,Sri Lanka,Nepal,Pakistan,Afghanistan or what ever.
    Or they cannot live in peace it has to be some kind of invader to rule them.

  • KarimG |

    Shah, with all due respects, and really not trying to be mean here, but what makes you think that the countries that you have named rulers of India NOW are not the same whose agents rule Pakistan? “May Gaad give us strent to free ourselves from the clutches of these Machiavellis”

  • yaseen ch |

    Pakistan will only survive if courageous people will become its leaders,i invite u conscientious people to join politics.

  • Shah |

    USA and Israel can never be our friends.
    Using us,threatening us harassing us is another story.
    Israel we have no terms at all.
    USA used us at the time of Afghan war (to defaeat Russia)but abandoned us soon afterwords.
    No Pakistani strategist have no doubt if we would have not compleyed with the demands of USA after 9/11 we would have become history.
    USA is maybe our friend of convenience (when thy need us)and I do not understand why people think MUSHARAFF’s DIPLOMATIC SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM AND To avert the war and to become an ally in a situation
    It was a clever and intelligent foreign policey.

  • Shah |

    The second historical fact is people of Pakistan, Sindh Balouchistan and Sarhad have always put up a very strong fight.
    I am not discussing Punjab because it was separated in 1947.
    People had shown great resistance to all invaders .History speaks for itself.

  • LongLive2NationTheory |

    Here are two letters by two Indian Muslims who are rotting in Jail..


    The Jail Superintendent and the Chief Judicial Magistrate, from the district jail,

    I, Muhammad Khalid, am a resident of mohalla Madeeyahoon, district Jaunpur, UP. On 16-12-07, the STF people picked me up in front of a large crowd from a shop in Madeeyahoon; I was taken to an unknown place. There they tortured me; they beat me up in different ways. The hairs of my beard were uprooted from various places. Both my legs were literally torn apart¯STF people stood on my face and forced me to lick their penis. Petrol was poured on my anus; it became commonplace to tie one end of a string to my penis, and the other to a stone and leaving me in a standing position. Burning cigarettes buds were stubbed on my penis several times. Despite me being a Muslim I was made to drink alcohol, eat pork and drink urine again and again. Ice was put all over me; I was made forcefully to drink water through my nose because of which I used to almost lose my consciousness. I was burnt several times because of electric shocks and battery charges. All this happened so that I accept that I am guilty.

    Letter Number 2


    The Jail Superintendent and the Chief Judicial Magistrate, from the district jail,

    I urge that I, Muhammad Tariq, son of Riaz Ahmed Sakeen, hail from Sammupur Rani Ki Sarai, Azamgarh. I was picked up on 10th December (2007) in front of my medicine shop in Azamgarh by the STF and for 10 days I was tortured mercilessly and a video was made, which showed planted false stories regarding my person. On 22nd December, the STF people took me to Barabanki and showed my arrest with RDX and other explosives. This, when I was in their custody for 10 days¯I had never possessed RDX or any other explosives. From 24th December to 2nd January, the STF put me in their office on remand. The second remand phase started from January 9th when I was under the charge of the Faizabad CO. They tortured me day and night to force me to say things they wanted to me to say; on the night of 17th January 2008, Rajesh Pandey, the CO City of Faizabad, and OP Pandey, the STF daroga, forced me to hold a red color battery (on which the word Shakti was prominent and there was something which was constantly sticking to my hands). Then I was a forced to hold bottles of Dabur Kevda. Then I was blindfolded and taken to another room. I do not know what other things they forced me to hold as I was blindfolded. This much I understood that there were bags and boxes. I am afraid that they tried taking my fingerprints through various means. I beg of you these people want to frame me; I am a peace loving, patriotic citizen of India. I have never committed any crime¯neither am I of this nature.

  • KarimG |

    Let’s ask ourselves very simple questions and take it from there. Why have Pakistan if the government will not protect the rights of its citizens? Why have Pakistan where not one ruler, not one, has ever been truly democratic? Why have Pakistan whose politicians’ political and financial corruption is legendary? Why have Pakistan where we have not been able to bring rule of law, not been able to end feudalism, not been able to develop democratic institutions that would have been able to mobilize citizens to vote beyond Jiyala and Baradari mentality? Sure, some of these same issues do exist in other so called democracies, but we have a nasty concentration of all the wrongs here. I do believe that perhaps… perhaps the idea of creation of Pakistan was valid in the sense that it would be a safe heaven for the Muslims of sub-continent, it also might be that if India strives to protect the rights of all of its citizens, it is because Pakistan exists. But, after 60 years things should have been better, instead it looks as if we are falling deeper and deeper in the political black hole and the noose around people by the politicians is getting tighter and tighter. Rhetoric wont cut it, the commentator yaseen ch above is absolutely right, get involved in politics, don’t blindly follow politicians, have your own opinions, read and consider with open mind obtain SIASI SHAOOR to form opinions not cheap slogans. As the cliché goes…USE IT OR LOOSE IT!

  • Silence |


    Almost every week we get a dead body of a Pakistani, who visit India, most of them travel to visit their relatives and tortured to death.

    I condemn if these guys were tortured, but truth is that entire train filled with Pakistani passengers was burned by Hindu terrorists and no one has been arrested so far. There is a tradition in India of burning people alive and every day Muslim, Christians and Sikhs are victims of such brutality of Hind terrorists, still no action from Indian government.

    Even last week, 7 Muslim were burnt alive, another dead body arrived Pakistan, a tourist again.

    I recognise that prison system in Pakistan needs to reformed, but at the same time look at the treatment of Pakistani’s who are stupid enough or compelled to visit India and come back in coffins.

    I hope this practice stops in both sides of border.

  • LongLive2NationTheory |


    Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my post. Those two letters are from 2 of the many Indian Muslims rotting in Indian Jails

  • Mutant |

    InshAllah Pakistan will be on back on track soon and will give tough time to everyone who try to disintegrate it!

  • guYasir |

    The water war gonna starts Pak cut its hand by not producing constructive conclusion on Kala Bag Dam and no dam/damn in progress which can reduce our electricity crisis.
    Whereas India is going all-out to foster its future needs of electricity via dams like Baglihar
    The current economy and electricity crisis will leave pak bankrupt and fragile and its craven and venal pol’s are no longer able to overcome on these crisis so we should kick their asses esp Zardari b4 its 2 late not forget, he’s a Kleptocrat instead of democrat.
    Long Live Pakistan
    Death to its enemies.

  • Jawan |

    Pakistan will Insha Allah live and all the hopes and ill wishes of her enemies will be destroyed and defeated.

    In Holy Quran allah SWT says
    “They (the unbelievers) want to extinguish the light of Allah by blowing from mouth. But Allah Has Decided that He will Make His Light superior no matter how much the unbelievers hate it.”

    So dear muslim brothers don’t lose hope. USA has been defeated in Afghanistan and in frustration planning to destroy Pakistan. Many persons and parties are collaborating on individual or collective basis with USA but people of Pakistan know then fully.

    Insha Allah victory awaits Pakistan.

  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ I have just gone thru the comments,


    you must be smoking a very strong tobacco in
    Mirza di Janat in somewhere near Narowal, Punjab
    never resisted anyone, punjab was always boot-licker
    of all,, the other day I revised Iqbal’s kalam and fell
    on ” Punjabi musulman ” Allah-ho-Akbar !

    Inshallah, India will be destroyed within few decades,

  • Ahsan |

    Well, right now most Pakistanis are supporting Pakistan’s dismemberment. Pakistan can only live if we let it

  • LongLive2NationTheory |

    Thats the very difference in India and Pakistan. I haven’t heard any Indian saying ever that Pakistan would be destroyed, Pakistan can’t exist and all. We like to live a peaceful live and religion except for few Fanatics is not what rules India. They want to live a contend life independent of whatever happens in Pakistan, USA, Russia whatever. While Pakistan wants destruction of India.

    Just verify how many Muslims are Indian jails and how many are in Pakistani. You will be surprised. Also check combined wealth of Muslims in India and those in Pakistan, an average Muslim family spends more than a thousand dollar per annum more than Pakistan’s per capita.

    Yes we would have been better off if all Muslims would have moved to Pakistan, at least India’s population wouldn’t have grown at the pace it has been growing and much higher per capita income with same resources and not 7-10 kids being added per couple.

  • readinglord |

    All subjective rhetoric no insight!

    The silliest remark we here from government functionaries and the privileged ones of Pakistan today is,”Pakistan he to ham hein”. No Sir, we were there when even the name of Pakistan was not heard. It would perhaps be more appropriate to say , “ Ham hein to Pakistan he” as it is the Indian Muslims who brought Pakistan into being and not vice versa. Even our National Anthem emphasizes this fact by saying, “Qoum, mulk, saltanat, taabinda, paainda baad” by giving priority to the nation over the country and state. Historically speaking, the Muslims once ruled the whole of India and they still exist in Bharat and Bangladesh in the Sub-continent. What we call Pakistan is in fact the part of Quaide’s Pakistan called West Pakistan. In fact we can use this name only because thanks to Mujib, who represented the majority of the Pakistani nation, hated the very name of Pakistan and loved to call earstwhile East Pakistan, Bangladesh.

    Even, if seen objectively, Pakistan, which was basically a movement of Indian Muslims for solving the Hindu-Muslim conflict obviously failed in its objective miserably, having presently been hijacked by the extremists whose terroristic activities are making the life of Muslims all the more unsafe on both sides of the divide. What is needed therefore is a leader today of the stature of Quaide Azam who can start a new movement to save the Muslims by arranging a new political agreement among the various nations of the Sub-continent for attaining the objective of peace among them and to fight the menace of terrorism unitedly.

  • readinglord |


    “Inshallah, India will be destroyed within few decades,

    What will become of the TNT and Pakistan then:

    ‘Nah thaah kuchh to India thaah nah hota kuchh to India hota’

    (Ghalib se mahzrat ke saath)

    The question is: Can Pakistan and Bharat, symbolizing partition of Hindostan (India), exist independently of each other? What will happen if one of them takes over the other or we adopt dual citizenship between these two states as we do with some other countries?

  • readinglord |

    My previous comment refers.

    The phrase:

    ‘Nah thaah kuchh to India thaah nah hota kuchh to India hota’

    may better be amended as under:

    ‘Nah thaah Pakistan to India thaah nah hoga Pakistan to India hoga’

    and we will be singing Iqbal's Taraana:

    'Hindi hein ham watan he Hindostan hamaara

    Ham bulbulein hein iski yih gulsataan hamaara",

    of course, with Crescent flag flying on the Red Fort, hahaha.

  • readinglord |

    Add this to my previous post:

    "And India renamed as 'Islamic Republic of India'"

  • Kartoos |

    people like Zaid Hamid and other mullahs have made people think that Pakistan will defeat blah blah blah …. f**k u Pakistan and Pakistanis…..why they keep blaming India,Israel and US for all there problems…. are these mobile snatchers from USA,Israel or India ???…. robbers are from India,Israel or India ??? ….