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Iftikhar is translated as ‘honour ’ in the dictionary, however this one word in Pakistan has gained significance from the name of deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammed Chowdhary who is still waiting for his restoration on 3rd November position. He was dismissed, and detained by General Musharraf as a result of an unlawful military action. Chowdhary not only settled the score of history by challenging the myth that Pakistani judges are always ready to work hand in hand to support its generals , but also tried to nip the very evil in the bud, which is core of Pakistan’s constitutional hap hazard history, the all time notorious ‘law of necessity.’

When we look at these hollow claims that law of necessity is buried forever especially after 20 July, we must analyse as to why there always seem a gap which is filled by our Generals. We need to look at the reasons as to why the country was divided in 1971; corruption allegations always surfaced in civilian rule and military never could hold them accountable as they lacked legitimacy. Musharraf regime despite weak opposition and leaps of dollars could not go nearer to the completion of its seven point’s agenda. In fact, he brought the federation to near collapse. Most ironic is the current civilized government who seems an epitome of mal administration where committee chairmen along with anyone coming to Premier house with warnings is deemed fit to be given ‘Federal Minister Status.’ President house seems to be representing a group amongst one party only than the federation. In these circumstances the slogan or aspiration of rule of law, democracy, justice, and governance seems a wish for the moon. Iftikhar Chowdhary has turned the tide towards the very basic fact that from Karachi to Khyber people demand justice let it be Justice with the state, justice with the nation or justice with the institutions.

Our corrupt mindless politicians have always provided a room for an unlawful intervention. Strong unpoliticised, meritorious and robust judiciary is the need of the hour to break the nexus of the military & judges which always legalized military coup de tats in the short history of 61 years of Pakistan. 9th of March initiated a debate and 20 July was its near climax, however politicians could close the gap after 18 February elections and could have translated the death of Be Nazir towards a new era by forging alliance of political forces that now martial will not be the future of Pakistan. Looking at their 9 months rule, it’s a plethora of deceit, lies, broken promises, bluff, mal administration and corruption. Everyone is trying to do what is not its job & expertise, President wants to be Premier, Premier aspires for love of all by doing nothing, Chief of armed forces doing premiers job when he warns retaliation to foreign invaders, and Advisors -Generals and Ministers trying to do scholars job. Media is partially gagged and at some places its mouth is shut rather than filled with coercive adjustment and or warnings. A few honest are trying to work unnoticeably. Musharraf’s claim to liberate media despite two interceptions has started to look real.

Lawyers who worked hard during last 20 months are regrouping for a bloody battle of clash of ideas as this time it’s going to be very difficult for any Aitzaz to send them home quietly as they will come for a confrontation from home to either successfully secure reinstatement of CJ or Dama Dam Mast Qalandar (end war). The election of Ali Ahmed Kurd to the President of Supreme Court Bar slot, will speed up the resilience and confrontation process as sanity is vanishing rapidly amongst grey haired lawyers and it’s all because of breaching pacts dearer to their souls which are merely proved hollow unreligious words of politicians to Zardari. When we try to compete with India through war of words, they respond by taunting us as to who is begging for survival, and it seems due to incompetencies of our political classes Pakistan has only unskilled people to export as they have nothing fresh to offer to the community of nation.

Addressing to Iftikhar Chowdhary, I can only say a few words, that you did your best; you are an ‘Iftikhar’ for us and hats off to your team who lighted a candle of Justice and rule of Law. But Pakistan is not ready yet for transparency, good governance and rule of law. You will soon hear that the sale of very steel mill you stopped considering an asset, will be given in a ‘buy one, get one free’ deal to the one who loan these beggars as IMF when comes in any compound does not go empty handed. You suffered the summers, and winters in confinement for us, but we are though ready in mind for justice but are reluctant to relive the Zardari’s of our country from their duties considering ‘what will Be Nazir think of us.’ Though they never think if they do not restore the Chief Justice, what will she think of them. Forgive us Iftikhar Mohammed Chowdhary, you may be a pride of the nation, a prize for the unprivileged, but you still are a nightmare for our corrupt elite, unbridled police and bureaucracy. How can you be restored, Pakistani Govt does not afford your recall. They wish to survive with All time respectable trouble free Dogar as he sees nothing, hears nothing, does nothing, and taking a suo moto action even if Angor Adda mission is accomplished is beyond his comprehension as Supreme Court is on leave after 61 years.

Amjad Malik is a Solicitor-Advocate of the Supreme Court of England & Wales


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  1. Ehsan Avatar

    two words but same meaning Lawyer = Liar 🙂

  2. guYasir Avatar

    Zardari is a kleptocrat. I’ve no doubt in my mind becuz developing countries billionaires are mostly kleptocrats.
    Pakistan’s Super Rich People in which Z lies at #2. Kya Zardari 2 No. hai???
    He surely a looter&liar. He who doesn’t fulfill his promise which start making him unpopular in his peoples.
    I’m damn sure he was involved in BB murder in order to free from cases and also get 100% seat.
    US was behind him and US also doesn’t wanna restore Ch becuz Ch was goin’ to open cases of those missing persons whom Mush handover to US without trial.
    That was the real reason of his ‘purged’ and He also had a messed with Shortcut Aziz in Steel Mill(Pvt)issue.
    Ch case is still pending becuz US no longer wanna see him again as CJ of PK so as Zardari who’s scare if he comes then his cases can be reopen.
    Allah curse on those who chose him esp Altaf Hussien who 1st gave call to his presidency in order to avoid ‘93 situation of karachi.
    The “War on Terror” is a ruse by central bankers/gangsters to control every aspect of your life by suppressing Judiciary at any cost esp Iftikhar

  3. guYasir Avatar

    Bijli ka bahat bara breakdown howa hai karachi may.
    Bijli kaha hai? Allah kare PPP-Z walo per asmani bijli giray
    yeh siyasath-daan paandaan hain un per thukoo.yeh siyasath-daan donkey hain un ke asses per laath maroo. yeh siyasath-daan boar hain un ko apne opper haram ker lo!
    nahi tu yeh hamara jeena haram ker dey gey.

  4. Ehsan Avatar

    guYasir , at least in Musharraf rule you were in peace ? i remember a year or 2 ago there was absolutely no Power Outage !

  5. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Ehsan – the problem is Musharraf may seen lesser of the two evils but isnt it him alone that allowed crooks back into the country. Its as if to show the poeple ‘the worst case scenario’ and to prove himself as ‘lesser of the evils’ he deliberately brought back in the worst people possible to literally teach us a lesson.

    Justifying Musharraf in light of Zardari is literally a messed up logical analysis.

    In my opinion – Pakistan missed one golden opportunity in the three months where the judiciary fought to stay alive and redeem itself. The issue here is that they dreamt of being an independent pillar counter-balancing the politicians and bureaucracy. Had they been allowed to stand up they would have provided a check on any rampant corruption in our country – its very much possible they too would have been tainted with corruption – as you indicate – but that was one chance Pakistan could have taken, as they politicians are back into their old business yet again.

    So Musharraf did two major blunders just before he left – and that sadly has cursed our country forever.

    1- He refused to allow the judges to be restored – restoration upon the shoulders of the People of Pakistan and NOT at the whim of a congratulatory signature of Asif Ali Zardari [who would have undoubtedly called in a favor once he assumed office]

    2- Musharraf allowed crooks back into our country – they were better off rotting outside- and we would have tried our luck with lesser experienced

    In my opinion Lawyers movement died on Feb 18th when the onus of restoration went into the hands of politicians.

    All said – Musharraf has done enough harm that it no use even thinking of him as a solution that said Zardari should have not been here in the first place as well

  6. Ehsan Avatar

    dr sahab you are wrong Musharraf did not try to show that he is less evil that is if he was evil, he just tried to give everyone a second chance so no one could say he had personal grudge against any of them.

    and i don’t think Judiciary means the reinstatement of Ifitkhar he is as corrupt as others. if you would have seen or followed cases dealt by him closely you will know. and everyone knows Pakistan judicial system is not the most transparent institution and still everyone believes Pakistan army is the best functioning institution of Pakistan in any crisis !

    You are saying you want to run a whole country with one man Iftikhar Iftikhar Iftikhar ! its a simple reality the Judges or Lawyers cant run Pakistan ! Pakistanis only understand the danda rule !

  7. karachikhatmal Avatar

    i’ve followed this blog for a little while now. i think 77.85% of “guYasir’s” comments include some variant of the word kleptocracy. What do you even mean? Surely you have another word you can use. Or set up a blog – kleptocracy.blogspot.com

    Its not that i don’t like your comments, but there originality is being strained.

  8. Nadcracker Avatar


    LOL…I SO agree with you on this. Its always about either Kleptocracy or Plutocracy. But I think in all fairness he feels very strongly about what all bad is happening under the current ‘leadership’ and I respect that… sure he needs to toss in a few new words perhaps ‘Nepotism’ now thats a wicked word to use.

    I agree with your statement “Its not that i don’t like your comments, but there originality is being strained.” Same sentiments here.

  9. Nadcracker Avatar


    I think the point Teeth was trying to make was that if you’re going to compare a turd with a pile of dung, sure the turd would seem like a fresh mushroom but the fact will remain that they’re both SHIT!

    I agree 100% with you when you say Independent Judiciary does not mean a ‘restored Chauhadry Iftikhar’, it should mean a more transparent judicial system and supremacy of Law where no politician is considered ‘above the law’.

    I’d beg to disagree though, that the reason why Mushi allowed back PPP was to give them another chance and also so that people don’t think he had a grudge against any party…well if the latter is true then thats the most selfish thing one leader could possibly do…just so that people don’t think he has a “grudge” against anyone he lets a BAND OF CROOKS back in the driving seat?!!! back as ‘Leaders’ of Pakistan just so that people don’t think evil of him?!! If this was his motive then that gives the nation one more reason to despise him.

    Having said all this, I still think Musharaf was the best leader we’ve had in all of Pakistan’s sad history of leaders (by the same law of comparing turd with a pile of dung). He started his ‘tenure’ so brilliantly that I was convinced this was a man who’d change the course of Pakistan’s future…GOD I was so naive!… the fag end of his reign tarnished everything that he had accomplished. Although I have strong beliefs as to why a good leader became this bad in a span of 8 years… but I’ll share my views on this some other time.

    For now all i have to say is:

    Pakistan se ZINDA Bhag!

  10. Shah Avatar

    Mr.Amjad Malik
    A very balanced article.Under Mr.Musharaff ,Shaukat Aziz did made a mistake and Musharaff made him to resign.
    This is how democracy works.No one is perfect.How we amend and accept mistakes is the answer.
    Iftikhar Chaudhry definitely has made a land mark desion in the history of Pakistan but the way ,Aitzaaz Ahsan and the rest tried to use the whole issue was extremely bad.
    If anything Justice Iftikhar should separate himself from

    I would like to see that Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry enters the Court room and Judges stand up out of respect…………….
    If this is not happening Justice Iftikhar should ask himself WHY?
    are tabloid journalism in which a very strong decison of Justice has been hijacked.
    Whole of this political DRAMA and Media THEATRE was not something new to media or BENAZIR .Mr.Bhutto achived separation of East Pakistan because of the scripted journalism.

  11. Ehsan Avatar

    @Nadcracker you wont understand if you compare Musharraf and PPP at the same level , Musharraf gets the blame for everything if he allowed them in because he wanted everyone to take part in elections with equal rights thats his fault. if he didn’t allow them you were gonna say that he knew he will loose and thats why he didn’t etc so both ways Musharraf gets it . while tell me who voted the PPP in it was you and your awam who this of musharraf the same way as Zardari ! on one hand you want democrazy and on the other you don’t want to allow PPP to come and take part in election ! seems to me you are trying to play a double role !

  12. guYasir Avatar

    It’s true I’ve used these 2 Cracy/Crazy words frequently in my comments becuz there’s no other word or terminology I can use for Zardari except Kleptocrat means a thug/thieve
    I also strongly feel that Plutocracy is dominant over democracy and it has been subverted our social institutions.
    Once I say Plutocracy/Plutocrats I mean those who control Fed, Central Banks of Europe and Bank of England.
    Who are they none but Rothschild dy-nasty whose aim is to wage-war and gain profit from carnage as they did b4 in WW1-2 and now WW3 in Iraq/Afghan.
    Rothschild dy-nasty is a secret ruler of the world and really behind US-British Imperialism and Zionism.
    Rothschild is the author of Protocols of the Elder of Zion.
    If u’vent read it yet must read 24 protocols below;

  13. Nadcracker Avatar

    Well Just to clear any misunderstandings, A) I’m not a Pippliya (PPP) I am and always have been a fence sitter, becuase I do not have faith in our so called ‘democratic’ system. B) I always liked Musharaf as a dictator and not as ‘president’ (so there goes your theory of me voting for PPP).

    But anyway, I’m not here to prove you wrong or right, I’m just giving my viewpoint (both for and against) to what you had stated. All I’m saying is if you had followed the chain of events from july 2007 to Dec 2007, you’d know how a “deal” was made between Mushi and PPP and how there was obvious bias and inclination of the establishment towards a single party (which eventually became Mushi’s own undoing) it was EVIDENT that the deal was NOT so that he gives every party a fair chance… there were OBVIOUS ULTERIOR motives (addition by subtraction).

    I’m sorry if you got offended, my post was not meant to offend anyone but to share my point of view with you and others.

  14. guYasir Avatar

    I always try to write in a terse literary English style.
    Besides these words Klepto and Pluto, I’ve had used one unique word which many I’m sure not familiar to it like Illuminati.
    Once I used this word Khatmal was the one who refused it as there’s no Illuminati at all as per se.
    I didn’t reply him at that time but you shud rather read wiki entry about Illuminati or let me define it.
    Illuminati is a cabala of Jewish-Financial and British aristocracy combined together by intermarriages and they’re real plutocrats and backers of kleptocrats oh i mean democrats.;) gotcha?

  15. guYasir Avatar

    Jewish-Financial means Jewish-Bankers.

  16. Shah Avatar

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    Amzanig huh?

    yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot

    slpeling was ipmorantt!

    if you can raed tihs psas it on!!

  17. Shah Avatar

    The above is for humour.Spelling mistakes are not acceptable.(Apart from done by Zardari and me:)

  18. Altaf Avatar

    Teeth Maestro: How conveniently you have twisted the argument. The leaders of the lawyers movement are still claiming that it was because of them that leaders of PPP & PML-N were allowed to come back into the country. Infact Iftikhar Chaudhary seemed to have a personal interest in ensuring Nawaz Sharif was allowed to come back & that was one of the major sticking points with Musharraf. Where Musharraf is to blame is for the issuing the NRO instead of trying the politicians.

    See the last speech he gave at the SC Bar again claiming that he was about to hear the Nawaz Sharif case when he was thrown out.

    A lot of people have been taken for a ride with this whole lawyers movement by the politicians – I don’t know whether we should call them stupid or innocent.

    You write: “Had they been allowed to stand up they would have provided a check on any rampant corruption in our country”. Absolutely agreed but rights have to be fought & sacrificed for not received on a silver platter. How much stupid must a person be to believe that the politicians wanted an independant judiciary & it was only the army & generals that were against it?

    This movement from the get GO was financed & backed by politicians who only care for their own interests with some Innocent/Stupid people fooled by the rhetoric. If the movement was really a result of awakening of the civil society & if really it had massive grass root level support than it would not have died down this way.

    The Democracy we have in Pakistan is just an empty slogan. Everyone knows that Zardari or Nawaz Sharif are no more answerable to the public than Musharraf.

  19. Shadab Avatar

    Just to add some more information about illuminati, here is some important facts and figures.



    There are only two outcomes of a theory, either you reject it or accept it. But i request all of you to just go throught it and save your decision. You will utlimately know what was and is wrong. Anything that happens in this world is not accidental.

    That’s the reason Allah hate Bankers. I always wondered why Allah is so furious about the interest(banking). Now as the secrets opens. This banking system will be the cause of demise of this universe.

    Its very hard to accept if you are a layman that banking system is responsible for every conflict in this world.



  20. Sarah Avatar

    There are some questions always bothered me, if some one have the answers
    please share with us:

    1, Why Iftikhar Chaudry only raised Steel Mill privatization issue? Why not
    other privatizations? What were his and his team’s stakes in that deal?

    2, In his whole career, what he has done to facilitate justice to poor
    people of Pakistan? Did he do anything for the lower courts when he was
    Chief Justice? Why he did not change the system when he had the authority?
    Do you know to how many people he gave justice in his whole career?

    3, Why he is not responding to the accusations against him mentioned in the
    reference? The reference was filed by the Pak President of that time to the
    Supreme Judicial council – that was the constitutionally right and the
    correct step. Why did Supreme Court illegally interfered in the matter of
    Supreme Judicial Council and hijacked the reference? Where is the judgment?

    4, Why particularly he involved himself in missing person case? do you know
    who are these missing persons? If the way it was described by the media and
    other sources to the common man, then many of us should be missing.. why
    only few people were kidnapped for money.. why not more and more.. do anyone
    of you personally know any one of the missing person?

    5, Why Iftikhar Chaudry demoralized Pakistan’s premier agencies and insulted
    them? Why a proper campaign launched against ISI after this event? Why so
    much hatred for Pak Military and other intelligence agencies being spread
    under missing person campaign? Where are proves? Do you have any prove/evidence that
    Afia Siddque was handed over to US by Pak forces? (Please don’t refer us to
    blogs – we need to see real thing)

    6, Most important question: Who is financially supporting Lawyer’s movement?
    How come they are so organized with so much funds available? Why media gave
    him So much coverage? Do you think they were doing that without any benefit?
    Think again.! Only Geo Tv claims 100,000 PKR per min air time.. how they have broadcasted 30-40 hours long lawyers’ live telecasts without any monetary benefit? Who financed this huge organized movement to derail Pakistan?

    7, If Iftikhar Chaudry is so patriotic Pakistani then why he does not care about the innocent people currently crying and waiting in Jails for their proceedings and justice? Why Iftikhar Chaudry just need his restoration back? Why is he so hungry for power? What is his agenda?

    8, Do you think if Iftikhar Chaudry is resorted, the clashes between institutions specially intelligence agencies wont happen? Can someone please
    study the behavior of these so called lawyers? Do you think they can save Pakistan or destroy it completely?

    9, Do you think if Iftikhar Chaudry is restored he can remain impartial and
    unbiased? How about the political parties supporting him? How about the
    lawyers supporting him? Do you think this for Pakistan?

    10, Since this movement has started, Pakistan became a joke to international community. Since March 2007, Pakistan is going down… everything has been ruined. Why Iftikhar Chaudry cant see this? Why he has taken Pakistan so far
    that there is no way going back?

  21. Ehsan Avatar

    Some great points there sarah ! 😀

  22. Shahzada Sher Saddozai Avatar


    well there hasnt been talk of student unions since long they have been banned.
    a element is active against Democratisation that upset a Military General Musharaff democratically through peacefull vote..
    the issue is to read Pakistan Bar Association’s White Paper they released in 2003 .. here is my reply[lift] because it appealed to pakistanis to express themselves http://www.shahzadasher5.blogspot.com
    Gen Musharaff bargained the wrong man Shukat Aziz who ruthlessly announced Pakistan as poorest country to request more loans and did not honor the Paris Club that saved Pakistan but went to London Club that served offshore banks and smugglers and official corruptions..
    all the political parties are ‘registered’ which is not a democratic tradition. Zardari or Yusaf Reza are not original PPP members too and have pushed Pakistan to take more funds from the olden order instead of discovering the SWF’s that want to stake trillions in Pakistans Manufacturing..

    After my Press Conference this Jan at Islamabad the World Bank staked a part of itself to support Pakistani Manufacturing and the FEAS [Federation of European Asian Stock Exchanges moved in too.. But these moves are not being served ,the FEAS has opened Trading Floors in Faisalabad,Sialkot,Peshawar.Lahore but Multani Businessmen are both intimidated or waiting innocently..

    so much that most MNA’s are Military Rule Proteges through the Majlis E Shura and thumbing on the ammendments of the 1973 Constitution which no Pakistani Lawyer today is literate enough to read .. But the implications of the constitution are devastatiing..
    We now have Commisioners again..In olden days Commisioners introduced new Nawabs to Governors ,i wonder what they will do or have been commisioned to?