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Some Questions over a Lead Story in The Nation

Guest Blog by temporal who blogs at Baithak

Look at this lead story from the Nation. [also quoted below] – Arrested militants name RAW for funding 680m through Afghan secret agency

  • Where are the credits? Who wrote this story?
  • What are the sources of this story?
  • Is this a scoop or a “leaked” story
  • Does it smack of lifafa journalism?

More questions:

  • If this story is true, how could the GoP handle it better?
  • Should the three persons named be charged and tried in an open court?
  • Media be given free and unbridled access to cover the trial?
  • – to interview the three?

More questions:

  • By an estimate the GoP has over 17 “captured” terrorists?
  • Where are they and why have the results of the interrogations not been made public?

And last:

  • Is there a cover up going on?
  • Where are the media bigwigs like Kamran Khan, Irshad Haqqani, Hasan Nisar, Hamid Mir, Kashif Abbasi, Ijaz Haider, Khalid Chaudhry, Bina Sarwar, Talat Hussain, Nazir Naji, Marianna Babar?

Arrested militants name RAW for funding 680m through Afghan secret agency

The three arrested members of a militants’ gang especially deputed by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan have disclosed that RAW has been funding suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan and that the Indian agency has funneled Rs 680 million through its links with the Afghan secret agency. The gang of three persons have brazenly admitted that they belong to the group of persons who had been deputed to ‘destabilise democratic Pakistan’ with the sole purpose of ‘enforcement of Shariah’ in the country. Operators of an intelligence agency, working beyond the call of their duty, came into contact with a source ready for a tip-off against a reward and led to the arrest of Khurram Ishtiaq, Ghulam Mustafa and Shamim. The persons had been working under Qari Hussain, second-in-command to Baitullah Mehsud. All the three had been arrested on Aug 13 this year while they were on the prowl for a target. The militants had been arrested ‘red-handed’ as they possessed complete suicide kits, including two jackets and 70kg of explosives and detonators. The accused were hardened militants and took a lot of time to break in and make confessions. They revealed that Qari Hussain had been working to help three adjutants? Farukh Usman alias Shahjee, Tayyab alias Baba; Ustad, the trainer to destabilise democratic government.


  • yaseen ch |

    i don’t know why you gave so much attention to this newspaper .The Nation is famous for such things because no one reads it at least i hasn’t.

  • Silence |


    What point you are trying to make?

    Are you defending India, USA or Terrorists, and what is basis of your suspension for not believing the claim of security forces?

    You want terrorists to be presented before you for confirmation or given a public trial before investigation complete?

    Real sad state of affairs, let the investigation be completed and matter sent to court for trial, then you can have a party to know the thrilling story live from terrorists!

  • Shah |

    This is the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION which you have raised.
    I am glad that you picked it up.We should moniter such stories.In order to establish the truth and to discourage propoganda in Pakistani Press.
    In Pakistan where we are facing Terrorism it is extremly important for people to know ,who is killing us.
    It is crucial because International Media is pointing to ISI.
    It is the responsibility of Pakistani Journalists to prove the authenticity of their articles .
    People of PAKISTAN SHOULD KNOW is the threat from outside or is it our own people from within whom we are failing and frustrating or are people really this desperate that they are ready to kill themselves.
    We need to know who is killing us;are these attacks from RAW,Taliban or from within Pakistan.
    Every three months this blame shifts which leads to confusion which is extremely damaging to a country like Pakistan where people rely on isolated news.

  • Shah |

    My suggession would be Trial should go on in the court room without the presence of press.
    Afterwards the lawyers on behalf of defendants should issue statements.The News papers etc should recieve a brief from the police department.
    Police representative should respond to all the media questions.Why the charges were brought forward.why they convicted?
    What are there proofs.
    Once the decsion is reached the whole story should be covered in an exclusive.

  • Lol |


    Just eat it. Don’t ask the recipe.


    Truth? would that even matter?


    ohhh, temporal is going against winnie the pooh (Zardari)…
    how dare he just not accept THE NEWS? and how dare he ask question? Check out, if he is still living in Pakistan, kill him along the people of Bajur.

    I guess, our *leaders* have learnt to use the media to makeup the mind of people, but I guess they didn’t successfully graduate from the propaganda class….Lol…Lol

  • temporal |

    thanks all

    lol at Lol;)

    will i be entitled to be deemed a shaheed?


    at the least they ran the story with a by line



    if the (alleged) perpetrators are apprehended…then the information elicited should be shared and debated in the free media, and the free parliament

    that it is not being done (perhaps in the guise of national security) casts shadows on the claims of the GoP…

    if the GoP is trying the cover-up game, then they can be accused of ulterior motives

  • Lol |


    Well the media would have to decide what to call you ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don’t think you will be called *shaheed*, You will be termed “Dahshatgard”

    Do you like that? ๐Ÿ™‚

    LOL Again!!!

  • ms.shah |

    some of the comments are so personal that it make no sense.
    I loose the whole context and the reference.
    It seems I am the ignarant one maybe because I do not know people personally.
    I can only wish if we are objective than only we can be constructive.
    No offense to anyone I feel isolated and missing the plot.