Sugar Mill Scam?

Dawn newspaper published a very concerning report where Senators were reportedly hurling accusations of corruption in regards to the sale of two Sugar Mills, in the midst of the controversy was Jamal Leghari, son of former president Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari who was also defending Dewan Yousuf.

Mr. Leghari brought to the attention of the Senate whereby Larkana Sugar Mills was given a hefty loan of Rs350 million without collateral & the sale of Dadu Sugar Mills for a paltry Rs90 million to a ‘front man’ while the previous government had rejected a bid Rs420 million bid for the mills

DAWN: Senate stunned by exposé of sugar mills scam
By Ahmed Hassan

ISLAMABAD: The Senate on Thursday was stunned by the revelations made by two PML-Q lawmakers about what they termed as the biggest ever sugar mills scam taking place in Sindh province. Interestingly, no one from the treasury side came out to defend or reject the allegations made by the opposition senators.

Jamal Leghari, the son of former president Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari in a very harsh voice demanded of the concerned authorities to tell as to who had summoned renowned industrialist Dewan Yousuf recently and ordered him to surrender three of his sugar mills. Leghari left the background or what Dewan Yousuf replied to the demand for a guessing by the lawmakers.

He also demanded that ‘This house wants to know as to how Larkana Sugar Mills was released a hefty loan amounting to Rs.350 million without signing collateral documents. He also questioned the sell out of Dadu sugar mills for paltry Rs.90 million to a ‘front man’ which the previous government had rejected a bid amounting to Rs.420 million for the same mills.

Leghari also claimed that the privatization of Qadirpur Gas Fields was first initiated by the Benazir Bhutto government during its stint in power 1993-1996 but the then president (his father) had intervened and blocked the deal before being made.

Now again when the same party is in power although its chairperson is no more at the helm has once again sprung up to sell of this field for the reasons best known to them’ he quipped, adding it was good that the prime minister had reversed the decision at least for the time being. He said if the government was true to its statements about energy security issue then it should also know that Qadirpur was a very valuable national energy asset which needs to be protected from handing over to a private party. Earlier, Bibi Yasmeen Shah of the same party had also agitated the sell off of Dadu sugar mills at throwaway price while she also revealed the release of the loan worth Rs.350 million to Larkana Sugar Mills within two hours on a single letter from some high authority.

Leghari revealed that the said loan was released without any resistance by the National Bank of Pakistan Awari Tower branch when the concerned bank officer Bhindari was told in plain words that ‘collateral papers’ were lying in Zardari House which may be reached if any one dare to.

He said a junior bank officer Bhindari when telephoned to one Anwar Majeed to ask for first signing of the collateral documents he was told that the papers were in Zardari house which can be perused any time. After this hidden threat, he asserted the loan was released without resistance.

Im quite sure there is much to be explored and reported in-between the lines and it would be interesting to read the other side. Anyone care to shed light on this brewing controversy



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4 responses to “Sugar Mill Scam?”

  1. ramis Avatar

    Dadu Sugar Mills was sold to Khwaja anwar majid for Rs. 90 million. He already owns Naudero Sugar Mills (now u know whos ‘front man’ would he be!). He is younger brother of late Almas Haroon, wife of recently deceased Mahmud Haroon.His son recently married the daughter of Advisor Finance, Shaukat Tareen.

  2. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chishti

    Lets call a call a spade a defense!

    Ah…that’s interesting and makes sense because Rashid Bhutto recently took over as the managing director of Larkana Sugar Mill…incidentally, I had been to the plant couple of times and one of the share holders also happens to be the Speaker National Assembly…it’s sad how people abuses power but then it’s pay-back time – no? It was one of the Bhutto properties to start with …

    Rs.90 for a bleeding Dadu Sugar Mill? I wish I would have known because back in 1998 a plain sugar mill set-up would have cost around Rs.650-700 million dollar (when the dollar was around 49-52 PKR mark) it’s around PKR1300-1400 million – it’s an expensive setup although profitable…so it makes sense politicians would like to have a share with the record…


    Isn’t he the same Jamal Leghari who was caught with 60 stolen Pajeros back in 1990’s when his father was President?

  3. Aman Avatar

    This is Zardari Regime , I think every one already knew that all this will happen , This just the beginning and dakus are warming up themselves all we can do just wait and watch so dont worry for this you are gonna get 100’s of shocks like this in future. may ALLAH bless Pakistan.

  4. A.G. Majeed Avatar
    A.G. Majeed

    Khwaja Anwar Majeed is the son of Late Maj. Majeed who was the blood brother of Late Mrs. Almas Haroon w/o Late Mehmood Haroon. Mr. Majeed over the years has been a very close friend of Ms. Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari and helped launder millions of dollars belonging to the Bhutto/Zardari deals into Europe and the Americas. These transactions have helped the Majeed family make millions and remain in the shadows reeping the gold. Mrs. Nazlee Majeed w/o Khwaja Anwar Majeed runs the Zardari House, Karachi and President of Pakistan House, Islamabad. The Majeed's oldest son is married to Ex. PM Shukat Tareen's daughter.