Pakistani Bloggers and Zardari: A Suggestion for Both!

Guest Blog by Silence fromIslamabad Observer Blog

Bloggers are also socio-political commentators; any change in the social and political landscape of a society will mean a shift in blogger’s orientation. Unlike mainstream media men, bloggers are considered to be voice of ‘people’ as they themselves belong to various political and social backgrounds and reflect what a man in street is thinking about socio-political environment of a society.

PAKISTANI BLOGGERS contributed a lot in terms of awareness and physical participation against former Dictator Pervez Musharraf, when he sacked the Chief Justice of Pakistan and later imposed a ‘Mini Martial Law’ to sack impartial judges.

Before general election in Pakistan, there were reservations about NRO and so called ‘deal’s’ rumors between Musharraf and exiled political leadership, but as a whole PAKISTANI BLOGGERS were for democracy. They had a huge impact to mobilize the young voters that they swayed the final majority against a ‘Dictator’. Participation of youth in rallies of Chief Justice and Benazir Bhutto is the evidence of impact of still ‘incubating blogging’ in Pakistan. They were blogging for change.

When PPP announced to impeach Pervez Musharraf, almost overnight, all bloggers who had been critical of the PPP Government, toned down. Dictator’s cowardly escape from ‘Presidency’ and resignation took the wind out of the sails of PPP’s sharpest critics. Bloggers are the windmills of social and political change, shifting with social and political winds. We have witnessed a change in attitudes of Bloggers.

Now, Zardari took over the Presidency but there is no change! Naik, Khosa and Babar Awan started playing with words and Chief Justice who began the silent revolution is still in streets. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated because she realized that NRO is nothing more then a trap became a forgotten story.

The ‘Democratic Government’ had come under unbridled attack; most of Bloggers now feel that ‘enough is enough’!

A new group of bloggers, more pro-establishment, emerged because a lot of people realised that maybe it was not such a good idea to vote for PPP. These were people installed by ‘hidden hand’ and are trying to prove that dictatorship is a blessing and an alternate of ‘Khillafat’. They were to counter Opposition bloggers but, unfortunately, today, there is a mix-up.

Zaid Hamid (Brasstacks), Ahmad Qureshi, Musharraf Zaidi and some others, who are thought to be ‘voices’ of hidden hand, are being mixed with pro-democracy bloggers.

When it comes to the criticism of present government, the ‘voices of ‘hidden hand’ with more resources and accommodation in media seems to be taking over the legitimate Pakistani Bloggers. Obviously, the anger and frustration of bloggers on unfulfilled promises of President Zardai has further distanced the Bloggers from present democratic government, who are very much political now, on both sides of the divide.

Bloggers during the general election were for change. The change is not visible today. The pro-democracy bloggers are being accused of not being supportive of democracy!

Rehman Malik, Latif Khosa, Faruk Nail and Babar Awan might conveniently convince President Zardari that all these bloggers are working for ‘hidden hand’ or so called establishment. They have a right to do so, because they have their own goals and scores to settle. President Zardari is convinced that ‘it’s all about hidden hand’, the bloggers and the media are ‘voices’ of establishment and nothing else.

What drives bloggers in the absence of monetary rewards? Pride in growing their blogs is another motivator, and certainly there is idealism. Whatever their political stripes and personal idiosyncrasies, bloggers are crusaders. Political affiliations can also be ideals but the justice and equality is what a man in street wants today and bloggers can not go beyond these demands.

Most socio-political bloggers are dissatisfied with policies of present democratic government but crossing the limits which can convince our youth to opt for a‘Bangladesh Model’ or a ‘Khilafat’ as being propagated by Zaid Hamid or Ahmad Qureshi is not an answer. ‘Legitimate Bloggers’ and present democratic regime have to draw the lines.

The ball is in Zardari’s court.

We walked together. We stood together against a dictator and oppression. Show us the change; show us the equality and justice, which is basis of PPP’s manifesto. This is not a so called ‘hidden hand’. This is demand of 165 million people. Bhutto gave them voice and courage and today they feel like that courage and voice being taken away!

Are bloggers and President ready to face the challenges or Ahmad Qureshi, Zaid Hamid, Latif Khosa and Faruk Naik will succeed? Being original is tough work and only the best succeed in stamping a distinctive mark. There are no other formulae for PPP government or Pakistani Blogging youth being represented by bloggers today to dream for a change.

Prove yourselves, Bloggers and President Zardari, otherwise, there is going to be oppression in name of ‘Bangladesh Model’ and I suspect a change in borders might follow the change in political landscape.


15 responses to “Pakistani Bloggers and Zardari: A Suggestion for Both!”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ Pakistani bloggers,

    Zuba’n hamari ne samjha yehan koi Mujroh,

    ham ajnabi ki tarha, apnay hi watan mein rahay

  2. KarimG Avatar

    Mush, Zardari and Nawaz S. are the three faces of the same beast…you can basically add majority of the top brass in other mainstream parties, save may be one!
    The military top brass does not fare better and business people, well…God forbid if they have to pay taxes or held accountable for their misdeeds…There are some sporadic instances of hope in the journalistic and intellectual class, but that’s just about it!
    Do I sound pessimistic? You bet your…
    As for suggestions for Zardari…WHERE DO I BEGIN!

  3. UzEE Avatar

    I usually don’t comment on political post but I like the fact that People actually do follow (or at least listen to) what bloggers have to say. I just wish that those who “should be” listening also get those plugs out of their ears.

  4. farrah, k.raja(SHAH) Avatar
    farrah, k.raja(SHAH)

    BRAVO !!!
    So dear you are thinking.In all bloggers I appreciate the thought process.
    MUST CONGRATULATE you for producing such a reading of Pakistani society and the change which is appearing and happening.
    I am glad that people are now viewing the situation and I believe this is the biggest revolution.Try to get your say to be printed in the news paper it is going to be turned down.The biggets contribution is that ordinary people are having their say nad it does help to build up a synthesis in society.
    This moment and time is very important,we are shaping Pakistan.
    Do not underestimate your words,your thought,your idea,your openion.
    I have slight difference of openion that I was a pro PPP since childhood.But I am so much pro Musharaff now.It is not the hand of hidden people it is what Mushraff has to offer to educated people.The people born in 80 are very different people as compared to born in 70.People born in 70 and before that have nostalgia about PPP.
    Next generation born after 80 are more decisive,more vocal and more openionated.
    Here congratulations to develop and grow behind the slogans and taking time to think.
    Keep thinking ,you are doing a good job.THUMBS UP

  5. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ Farrah, k.Raja,


  6. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ Farrah, k.raja,

    I just wanted to know if you know who has stolen

    Karachi’s fawwarah (fountain) worth 22 corers ?

  7. AamirRaz Avatar

    Our politicians have made the country so ‘alien’ and unsafe for everyone that rarely will we find a man singing ‘Dil dil Pakistan…’

  8. farrah, k.raja(SHAH) Avatar
    farrah, k.raja(SHAH)

    If it was fountain of ideas than I can be guilty,if it was to do with oil check the backyard of Zardari
    if it was fun and laughters than I do not hesitate to accuse you.:)

  9. Muddasir Avatar

    We have no hopes for this country. It is sold out and we have become slaves of America

  10. Muddasir Avatar

    Zardari has removed all subsidiaries on oil.And this will for the third time that PPP has come to rule us and we have our fingers crossed for the survival of this country

  11. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ Farrah,k.raja,

    ohmm very clever !!

    you would certainly permit me to check B. Gauri’s

    enormous lawn, ” prairie ” ?

  12. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ Muddasir,

    wake up, man !! fight back, kick them in their ar…..

    spit on their dirty face, call them names, call their

    chromosomes and their confused spermatogonium, if you

    can break their jaws, lets do it !! don’t worry

    Fiker makawa, dentist is there !!

  13. A.H.Kalwar Avatar


    I completely agree with you on everything you stated in this article. Ahmed Qureshi, Zaid Hamid etc. are all propaganda agents of the "hidden hand".

  14. Arshad Khan Avatar
    Arshad Khan


    I believe genuine Islamic Khilafat is the only solution for problems of muslims and humanity in general. We or our chlidren will know that sooner or later!