Politics & Policies of PPP & Asif Zardari

A Casual Look….
By Barrister Ali K.Chishti

Asif Zardari’s politics of reconciliation took him to the doors of a 120 yard head quarters of MQM who had a bitter relationship with the PPP because of Benazir Bhutto’s extension of the infamous Operation Cleanup apart from the Sindhi-Mohajir or Rural-Urban Divide in Sindh.

The message was clear, “let’s forgive and forget” for the betterment of Sindh and Pakistan and start a new democratic Pakistan where each political party accepts each-other’s mandate. Asif Zardari also went on to visit the grave of Altaf Hussain’s brother to offer prayers – he was warmly welcomed by the emotional MQM leaders, workers and the people of Karachi.

Five months forward, MQM is part of the broader coalition but confused about her role in the new government thanks to the step-motherly treatment of the PPP’s government although things are about to be moved to a postive direction.

Nawaz Sharif politics on the other hand had been of confrontational nature where he played and still is playing “for the galleries”, which is understandable in politics since he was and is left with no other options – everyone seems opposition to him thanks to his six years of his civilian despotism in the nineties.

Sometime back PML-N hawks took a clue from an amateur politician and a social worker, Imran Khan and adopted; some say hijacked his stance on supporting the disposed judges. In couple of months the demoralized, plagued and leaderless PML-N successfully transformed the support for the deposed judges in Punjab into support for PML-N and won the elections in Punjab stabbing Imran Khan & the APDM which wanted to boycott the general elections.

In his own Set-Match-Game style Nawaz Sharif lost when a couple of months back underdog Asif Zardari the ever smiling and pleasant in his Dilip Kumar dialect ditched Nawaz Sharif by his famous words, “promise are meant to be broken”. It was politics…..

Asif Zardari not only ditched Nawaz Sharif on the restoration of former chief justice but successfully isolated him from being a national leader to a provincial to become the President of Pakistan replacing Mustafa Kamal Pasha Experiment gone wrong: General Pervez Mushraff (better of the worse lot).

Asif Zardari led government today is an extension of Mushraff’s government; authenticating Mushraff’s policies regarding war on terror and shifting the pendulum of power from Punjab to Sindh – a province which earns 2/3 of Pakistan’s revenue and giving a new sense of confidence to smaller provinces making the federation stronger.

Let’s give credit to Asif Zardari to end Balochistan insurgency to a large extent especially with regards to BLA which for the first time in her history called for a ceasefire – something which the wily’ old President General Mushraff – relic of the past? with all his power and carrots to Nawab’s failed to do.

Lets Talk Policies & Priorities…

The policies of the PPP led government may be in the right direction but the priorities seem to have lost direction in a short span. The government should understand the gravity of the economic condition and instead of rewarding her members more and more portfolios to cement alliances or reinstate thousands of Jayala SHOULD emphasize on cutting government’s expenditure and immediately stop privatizing profit-making institutions.

I fail to understand why this government should help via State Bank & KSE the infamous KSE-Mafia which believes in “Privatize the Profits & Subsidize the Losses” in a free market economy – why should government help inject Rs.200 Bn (that’s: $2.56Bn) in KSE to help brokers? I fail to understand….could this be Shaukat Tareen who headed KSE sometime back?

India recently post-Oil prices reduced Oil prices drastically while our government kept the prices static earning billions and then a zakat of Rs.10 per litre? And now fooled the nation by blaming OGRA – the regulator and price fixer. Then we have the wily Raja of Gujarkhan, Raja Pervez Ashraf as our power & electricity minister who came out with a rather foolish statement of linking electricity prices with the prices of oil which are at the lowest – $50 / barrel – who on earth are they fooling?

However I do not doubt the intentions of any of the minsters as they are people’s representatives but they should remember the real purpose of being made MoS – which is serve the interests of PEOPLE of PAKISTAN and not to the respected Ministry’s interest. They should stop acting like corporate leaders and start being politicians.

Just as if I had seen all the bad moves by PPP and Asif Zardari – the party awarded people like Zehri & Bajrani as MoS for Postal Services and Education.

PPP and Asif Zardari has somewhat mastered the art of emotional blackmailing like a true politician and has used his deceased wife’s name to legitimize anything and everything – what PPP and Asif needs to understand that it’s one thing to head a political party and another to lead a nation while those who oppose PPP’s government should understand that destablizing the current government would be playing at the hands of undemocratic forces – it’s vital that the process moves on and only time will filter the good, bad and the evil..that’s the beauty of democracy.

I also understand the difficulty of ruling a nation like Pakistan – this inexperienced government is somewhat unlucky to have taken over at such difficult times. Maybe they will eventually come out gracefully after some time – lets hope they do because somehow bizarrely with their stability lies the stability of Pakistan…..

Desi Statements…

Sheikh Rasheedism: “it’s a country where Pizza is delivered faster then a 15 Response Team”

Gilanism: If someone else could run government better then us – he should step forward…

Kurd: We are being forced to go on a “tala-bandi”

Nawaz Sufism: Iftikhar Chaudry Jeway Jeway….



12 responses to “Politics & Policies of PPP & Asif Zardari”

  1. Nadcracker Avatar


    I fail to understand one thing. 80% of the times you’re making fun of other people’s comments on this blog, and are mostly involved in battles of oneupmanship. Trying to have the last word in arguments.

    And then you go writing a brilliant, very balanced, both-sides-of-the-picture like article. And although I’m forced to agree with almost all of what you have written here, but I also have images of Barrister Chishti getting involved in senseless arguments on racism and secularism. And slashing others for supporting molvis (and being molvi’s for that matter). In short, you sound judgmental.

    If only you could maintain the same stance as you have in this article, more and more people will listen to you and follow you… and so will I.

    Good analysis and points in this article btw.

  2. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @Nad – LOL could not agree with you more – its a brilliant analysis 😉 well done AKC

  3. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ we must never forget Barrister is basically,
    His Master’s Voice of Altaf Hussain, the Head
    Mafioso of MQM Mafia structure, and is fundamentally
    a flagrant anti-Punjabi failed militant, fabricated
    in Karachi’s M Q M Hate-Punjabi factory of 90 Azizabad.

    When you are Muta’asub, then, you are esstentially
    susceptible to all vulnerabilities, your appriciations
    are affected by huge walls of limitations, and if you
    are by ” malheurs ” pro colonial & Angrazi Zehniat, then
    you are lost, this is one of many reasons MQM could’nt
    be appriciated and approved by 68% of Karachiites, 80%
    of which are Muhajirs (of yesterday).
    You can easily detect a very pronounced element of
    discrete but bizzare complexes in his meticulously
    prepared comments where he is found defending
    ” raison d’etat ” only for those peculier reasons
    but of course MQM is exempted from all.
    Punjabi bashing is always present, MQM leaders are
    still accumulating disenchantement from everybody.

    PPP and MQM find in each other, that hate sysndrome
    palpitating arrogant hatred for others, we find
    them comforting each other.

  4. farrah, k.raja(SHAH) Avatar
    farrah, k.raja(SHAH)

    I am so pleased to read your article,it seems I am not alone in my thought process and the down side is I am not an intellectual any more as I thought I was . I find finally very reasonable and worthy articles comming out of Pakistan think tank .Good work and good analysis.Keep it up.
    Recently I have seen some wonderful rather mirracleous things happening in Pakistan politics.
    For these three leaders if do make a compromise they can deliver Pakistan as per our aspirations .
    From any Democracy if I want something I want re-conciliation first for KARACHI.I want this city,its vibrancy,its literature,its history ,its culture and vibe back.
    Also I want peace in NWFP together above three people can do this.
    We have to ask them ,we might be surprised.

  5. Nadcracker Avatar

    @Rafay Kashmiri

    That may be you point of view not mine, I don’t know the guy well enough to jump to conclusions. I just wanted to point out that a guy who is articulate enough to analyze and churn out something worthwhile should not indulge in baseless/useless/never-ending arguments. It only affects the credibility and impact of the author’s message.

    Having said that, I would like to see a neutral article from Barrister Chishti on what role has MQM played in all of the recent political turmoil since the ablution of PPP (via NRO) to the ousting of Mushi to Zardari assuming power and judges playing into the hands of the current establishment.

    And when I say neutral I mean NEUTRAL, not the rant people usually say about how Altaf Bhai is the only savior of muhajirs, otherwise pathans and punjabis will rip us apart etc etc.

    I for one, have been robbed at gun point (and beaten up) 4 times by ‘Muhajirs’ (read MQM). And I being a ‘muhajir’ myself don’t see how that can bee termed as ‘protection’ from punjabis and pukhtoons. I wonder if this is protection, then what being robbed by Punjabis and Pukhtoons would mean.
    I don’t discriminate based on race anyway.

    So how about an article on MQM’s political role without any banter on race, color or creed (oh and not to forget Imran khan’s illegit child out of wedlock).


    Pakistan se ZINDA Bhag!

  6. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar

    I had always appreciated constructive disparagement and disapproval. At a same time, I have advocated for secularity, continuation of the democratic process – I have my views and I respect others. It’s tough to be unbiased and connect common sense to common sense and neutrality in opinions can never be humanly achieved or one could end up like blue Switzerland but one should (especially writing) not play for the galleries at a same time be afraid to call a spade a spade – that’s unfortunately the closest human’s could come to neutrality. We all have our own Jekyll and Hyde momments! LOL …there’s an ideological barrier between two or three groups in Pakistan like in any other country but I believe that logical, academic discussion with rationale could somewhat diminish lot of myths and start a process of introspection among ourselves.

  7. taimur Avatar

    Kudos for what?

    Teetho and Nadcracker,

    You forced me to read his views by applauding the so-called barrister. were you guys trying to tame the jack-a$$?

  8. Nadcracker Avatar


    See what I meant when I said “it affects credibility and impact of the author”?

    Even a good piece of script will be written off just like that if it’s coming from someone who has stepped on a few toes.

    But keep up the good work. You mustn’t stop!

  9. Barrister Ali K.Chis Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chis

    Nadcracker Mian, Oh no taimur’s or kashmiri’s could discourage me – rest assured! I like opponent’s since I could count them 🙂

  10. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ Nadcraker,

    Pakistani Politics can not be analysed with today’s
    west-oriented instruments, western extreme right or left
    had their evolutions, the left is no more left, it has a
    new look, always crook, but Extreme right is only
    surviving, in being minority. You take an example of
    France, where extreme right is only recognized by its
    AraboNegro-phobia, they have to use these terminologies
    for their survival, if they stay quiet, they might
    disappear, but their problem is not to stay too quiet,
    similarly MQM, which is not necessarily represented by
    our dear Fazil Wakil, but certainly represents the
    ” party-line ” of today’s MQM, don’t forget we have
    two major Pak Political Parties which are totally
    fascist, M Q M and PPP

    1. they never had elections within the party, they simply
    don’t believe in it.

    2. their electorate is imposed, bought, black-mailed,
    ransomed !!

    3. One leader totalitarian rule system,

    4. Party card system applied even if you buy on ration.

    5. Very Identical to Central Bureau of Communist/Marxist
    party system.

    Nadcraker, on which Political basis can you start even
    discussing with them ? one brings in ” Shaheed Bhuttos ”
    the other ” Punjabi Dhaggas ” what can you discuss with
    them ” Heer, Ranjha ” ? Bughz-e-Muawia, or Karbala ?

  11. d0ct0r Avatar

    Asif Ali Zardari did indeed visited MQM’s terrorist Headquater Nine Zero (90 Azizabad) . His intentions were quite clear,Although he didn’t needed MQM as he had clear and comfortable majority but he still wanted to take MQM on board,reason was quite apparent, MQM has a history of resorting to violence and it goes amuck and starts tearing Karachi apart if its not ‘engaged'(in the form of ministries to keep it occupied) . Therefore in order to save Karachi from chaos and violence provincial ministries were given to MQM. Despite all this it seems MQM has resorted to its usual brutal tactics.Dozens of opponents are being gunned down each month since elections.

    MQM UC nazim, 15 MQM men arrested for ‘involvement’ in two murders, riots

  12. Nazia Avatar

    Politics POlicies of PPP & Asif Zardari are very well about Kashmir. Democratic Struggle of Asif Ali Zardari are very reliable. Say Asif Ali Zardari are not interfare in Kashmir Politics.