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Pakistani and Indian geeks in a Hacker War

With continued military tension across the border between India and Pakistan, it was imminent that Cyber activists might soon embroil themselves into a mini cyber war. It may have started off a few days back when an Indian group called HMG defaced Pakistan Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority, in response a few Pakistani calling themselves the Pakistan Cyber Army responded with a defacement of the Indian Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority. Though all this may be entirely illegal, so I hope that our friends understand the limitations and keep it on a friendly level. Story being extensive followed on ProPakistani.com

We might also recall the Mehndi.com fumble we had with our electoral lists being transferred to Canada or the LESCO database being exposed for privacy issues.

While a Kevin Mitnick, a famous hacker, suuffered at the hands of a Pakistani group in 2006 when his getting his website was hacked by a FBH, a Pakistani hacker group. The problem here in Pakistan is that most government bodies are asked to maintain an online presence but the administrators lack the knowledge, funds and quite often a serious commitment to ensure that these systems are not prone to attacks. In this digital era, updated softwares is probably the only way to prevent simple coders to enjoy a moment of glory. Lessons are sadly learnt the hard way.


  • shobz |

    well what do you expect. The way they allocate funds for technology I can bet anything that everything is out dated and they probably use passwords which can be cracked by a 6 year old.

  • ReallyVirtual |

    Have you seen the funds for a typical government technology project? I can assure you they always pay above-average money, and usually for a below average job. Govt. IT projects have a LOT in common with our roads building projects in fact.

  • makhdoom-e-karachi |


    Have you heard about whats going on in Karachi? Small business of Pashto-speaking businesses are being targetted. Day before yesteraday a tea-stall of Pashtu speaking people was ransacked in Bandhani colony, liaqatabad.

    A few days back a small lunda ‘bazar’ was set on fire by the MQM vigilantes in F.B Area.

    I don’t know what MQM is upto, but looks like they are trying to start a fight with Pashtu speaking community.

    May Allah save Karachi and Pakistan, AMeen.