Sassui Palijo after Sindh’s archaeological sites?

If people may recall that about a month back in late September we had on this blog highlighted the land grabbing mafia after the Makli Necropolis in Thatta. The new incoming ministers were conveniently digging around the archaeological site apparently claiming to innocently dig a water channel to their land, but credible reports emerging from the area suggested that it was more of a land grabbing attempt by Ghulam Qadir Palijo, who has a few pieces of land in the surrounding area

The people orchestrating the fiasco was the ex-MPA Ghulam Qadir Palijo who also happens to be the father of the Sassui Palijo a Sindh Minister for Culture and Tourism. Ironically a news report appeared in The Nation yesterday where Sassui Palijo while speaking in the Sindh Assembly urged the President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari to fulfill his promise and hand-over the control of archaeological sites to their respective provinces. She went on to claim that the paperwork was being done to give control of the historical sites to provinces very soon.

Makli Necropolis is one of the largest necropolises in the world, with a diameter of approximately 8 kilometers, Makli Hill is supposed to be the burial place of some 125,000 Sufi saints. It is located on the outskirts of Thatta. Legends abound about its inception, but it is generally believed that the cemetery grew around the shrine of the fourteenth-century Sufi, Hamad Jamali. The tombs and gravestones spread over the cemetery are material documents marking the social and political history of Sindh.

Though I must admit, both reports might not be connected but somehow in light of the report published in September and the eagerness of the Palijo family to go after the Thatta ruins I dare suspect somethings up.



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4 responses to “Sassui Palijo after Sindh’s archaeological sites?”

  1. tanya Avatar

    Yes, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, PLEASE fulfill your promises and allocate these sites to the respected provinces so that all landlords can finally own what is rightfully theirs.
    This is a disgusting state of affairs.
    Is there any hope?

  2. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Our political leaders and FEUDALS do not leave aside the tombstones or head stones of GRAVES even.
    I visited this place in 1988 or so.The colour,texture and carving of stone is so unique.
    One approaches the place with full enthusiasm as if one is entering into a magestic ,marveleous building of the anciants,for it is ,so geometrical and full symetrical patterns but soon one is taken a back to realise this is not a fun place but an old burrial place.
    I was surprised to see this unique and sophisticated homage
    paid by the living to the dead of their time.
    This CULTURAL HERITAGE is a poetry of architecture.Nowhere else I have felt that the place (grave yard)is not for dead people.
    For tombs are built in a way as if it is inhabbited by the alive people,there is plenty of sunlight,fresh air and cross ventilation in all the tombs.
    I do not remember exactly but I recall the garves are inscribed either in local or native language as well,which I was unable to read.
    Can we start an online petetion and forward to government to ensure the security of the place.

  3. Adeel Avatar

    Great story but this space and time can be used for showing solidarity to our Indian Brothers and sisters in their hour of darkness.

    Thank you

  4. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Adeel good idea
    Kindly post a guest blog!