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Karachi Bloggers Meetup: Dec 6th

Well after the success of the Lahore Bloggers Meetup, Google Pakistan and CIO Pakistan have quickly cobbled together an event in Karachi.

The location is yet to be announced as the team is just finalizing the last minute preparations but do register yourself quickly as the seat will most definitely be limited. Should be a fun event, and with the growing buzz around the new media, I think this is a must attend event for anyone even closely associated with the new media

Considering the deteriorating situation in Karachi, it does stand a little concerned, but lets see how the situation slowly unfolds over this upcoming week

Register here or visit it the Facebook event page its a FREE event

Twitter Hashtag to follow #KBM08


  • Ehsan |

    Sounds Dangerous on how things are going around there i wouldn’t want to be stuck there :P like i was during Benazirs assassination !

  • aMmAr |


    Karachiites have seen worse, bakol Atif Aslam;

    ‘Ab tau adat see hai mujhko aesay jeenay kee’ :P

  • Fiz Dosani |

    Thanks to Awab for updating us about event.
    i think we should attend the event. Discussion about current critical situation of our homeland should be included in Agenda.
    Our responsibility is to create diplomatic pressure by blogging about actual facts and players behind attack of Mumbai. so the rest of world aware about drama from Indian Agencies and Media.

    We Should consider it very seriously as we can convey our message through this new media and help our country in hour of Crisis.
    I appreciate the efforts by Dr. Awab bhai.

  • amir |

    MQM a gang of Terrorists

    MQM Fact SheetSo it is a duty of government to tell the people what MQM stands for, whether it is a political group or a gang of terrorists, who are these deserting rats, what do they want, how do they treat places like Kashmir, Pakistan and Karachi, why do they kill, why do they promise to send dead bodies, who do they serve by heightening linguistic feelings, why do they hit transformers and leave people to roast in heat, why do they burn transport, why do they target personnel of law enforcing agencies why do they torture common people, why do they pump bullets into public servants, why have their bullets torn away life from SHOs Bahadur Ali and Imdad Khatian, DSP Bashir Ahmed Noorani (from Sukkur), five relatives of DSP Nisar Khwaja, DSP Tanoli, SDM Mohammad Nawaz Khushk, Journalist Mohammad Salahuddin, Azim Ahmad Tariq, Zohair Akram Nadeem Pir Pagaro’s son-in-law, Salim Malik, KESC Chairman Malik Shahid Hamid??? And how finally a renowned scholar, Chairman Hamdard Foundation and Ex-governor Sindh Hakim Mohammad Saeed?
    The government of the federation is under obligation to explain also to the people who robbed their laughter, who turned the cosmopolitan of Karachi city, its citizens, its hospitals, parks, roads and avenues, its storage houses, police stations and assembly houses into exclusive property; who tempted the citizens to sell off all means of recreation and buy guards with the money; who were the people who never started a single development project in Karachi but did every thing to destroy the KM.C by controlling it during 1987-92 and the provincial government by controlling it during 1990-92?
    Terrorism in Karachi on Hitler’s Footsteps
    Just as the world knows all about the nuclear holocaust which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so does it know about Hitler’s cruelty which left an entire nation paralyzed and divided. So when government says that the Karachi problem is the problem of the whole country, and that we are fighting the battle for Pakistan in Karachi, they seek to explain the simple logic that the wiles of Fascist Hitler brought destruction not only on the German nation, but resulted in the killing of 55 million people all over the world. Just as MQM has wrought havoc on not only the people of Karachi but the nation at large.
    Now we would take the opportunity to see it is really in bad taste to compare Altaf Hussain with Hitler, as some self-preferred terrorists feel. This would depend on the extent to which Altaf Hussain has followed the fascist declarations canonized by Hitler while founding his party.
    Hitler’s autobiography, “Mein Kampf” was translated in Urdu by Maulvi Ibrahim Ali Chishti and printed by Lahore’s Lion Press in two volumes (1950 and 1955). In his foreword, the Maulvi stated three distinguishing features of the system which Hitler evolved: use of terrorism to achieve ones’ aims, preference of racism over nationalism as the basic political creed, and use of people’s power to gain political ascendancy and then discard them. Hitler-power was achieved when they announced the Nazi party’s manifesto at a public meeting in 1920. The main features of this manifesto which are given in the following, reflect on his personality and bent of mind more vividly than any other historical document.
    These are
    Nation’s destinies are charted by the minority, not the majority,
    Intellectuals are misguided individuals, suffering from scientific indigestion.
    Democracy brings anarchy and chaos.
    Our creed is true, and only this creed is true.
    Destruction fuelled by violent demagoguery is necessary.
    The leader requires disciples who oppress others while pretending to protect them from oppression ,
    Illiterates and naïve youngsters are more suitable for the movement
    The disciple should be trained to act, not ask questions
    We are not the slaves of public opinion, but its leaders
    Newspapers should not be allowed to ride popular will
    Reject everything that the opponents utter
    Minimum writing, maximum speaking
    Street trouble is the life blood of the movement
    Public demonstrations should not be peaceful
    Deserters should face death
    Kill big traitors before small ones
    Divide and rule
    A constitution cannot correct political weaknesses
    Use force in preaching
    80 million Germans ought to grow to 250 million in 100 years
    12,000 traitors should be put to sword
    We invite everyone here to go over these points and take out those, which haven’t used by Altaf Hussain and his party in their operations at one time or another. Go briefly over the points once again. The negatives for a terrorist include democracy knowledge and learning, newspapers, children,; public debate and peaceful activity. The positives are illiteracy, blind following, the infallible saint, lawlessness, street trouble, minority decisions, rejection of the opposition, and increase in population.
    The conspiracy to spread terrorism in Karachi is a pure Hitlerian strategy which consists in occupying whatever belongs to the people, and then repeatedly dispel the impression that such an occupation has taken place; keep repeating that we are on the side of justice, and that the rest of the world consists of liars; and that so-and-so is opposed to our ideas because he is the enemy of our people. MQM ostensibly seeks to be a civil rights movement, but it conveniently ignores that a civil rights movement needs be civil first.
    Review the performance of Karachi Municipal Corporation when MQM was in did in power, especially in the light of this strategy to have an inkling of what is this all about. For five years during 1987-92, MQM wielded total control over the billions of rupees of corporations’ funds. But what was the result? Nothing but more destruction. And it couldn’t be otherwise, because if people’s problems have been solved, who will come to listen to fire-spitting orator dilating on then put theme of deprivation and helplessness.
    The largest agency of urban development put at their disposal for five long years, and all we got in return was the same chain of accusations, complaints of repression, of powerlessness, of being cheated; appeals to the people to use in revolt, listen to no one but the MQM as these Chaudhries, Waderas and Sardars were out to fleece every penny of what Appealing to the Army for Justice while attacking the same institution belonged to Karachi’s people.
    While the civic problems went from bad to worse the “nation” was being fed on slogans like “death to Quaid’s traitors “homeland or coffin”, “freedom or death”. And just as the civic authority dissolved into a party fief meant for fund raising and ceremonial purposes, the specter of the leader rose as a symbol of Pirdom, sacrosanct and therefore in fallible, at the same time attacking every national institution, every sense of hope creaking at the hinges from internal tension, the party split into two in June 1992, one group identified as MQM Haqiqi and the other called MQM/Haqprast and now Muthaidda. Later a third group emerged under the leadership of the former party chairman, Azim Ahmed Tariq, and a former member of the party’s central cabinet, S.M. Tariq. Both Muthaidda activists subsequently assassinated these leaders and their murder blamed on official agencies.

    The first to fall was Azim Ahmed Tariq who was eliminated by the terrorists of Altaf who were directly received order from their master through phone calls. But Muthaidda ostensibly mourned his death and held various official agencies as responsible for it. But confusion subsided when the former chief minister of Sindh, Muzaffar Hussain Shah, declared on the floor of Sindh Assembly, Azim Tariq was killed by Hashamuz Zafar and Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui both activists of Muthaidda
    S.M. Tariq’s murder came in the immediate aftermath of the arrest of Hashamuz Zafar by the law enforcing agencies. He was a close aide of Azim Tariq, and a potential witness in his murder case. Muthaidda again held the agencies responsible for the murder, and mourned his death amidst touching statements. During 1992-98 almost 450 central leaders and supporter of MQM (H) were killed and eliminated by the terrorists of Altaf Hussain including Mansoor Ahmed Khan (Deputy General Secretary of MQM (H), Sardar Ahmed (Finance Secretary of MQM (H) Rehan Umar Farooqi (Ex Member National Assembly) and many others.
    Everyone knows that Altaf Hussain has shown himself to be an extremely impulsive man who can alter a “principled” stand sooner than one can say Jack Robinson, and often for no obvious reason, unless one takes into account his well known tendency for terrorism as a tool of political black mail. A look at the composition of his dialogue team over the last many years demonstrates this fact. Just because many of the members of this team could not contrive excuses for terrorism on the dialogue table, they were frequently discarded in favour of others. And saw the replacement of M.A. Jalil with Dr Farooq Sattar, followed by Senator Ashtiaq Azhar and more recently Ajmal Dehlavi and company. The same goes for MQM’s assembly members, who are changed every time the elections are held so that they wouldn’t take roots among the masses and carve out an exclusive niche for their own leadership.
    MQM killed thousands of innocent persons including government functionaries. Its first major situational action against political rivals comes in Pakistan Steel Mills in 1990 when a number of men kidnapped from there. These men were taken to torture cells in Landhi and Korangi. Since them, torture and murder of army officers, navy functionaries and a whole range of other professional and non-professional men and women has become a routine. Hundreds and thousands of innocent citizens were eliminated by the terrorists of MQM affair in Karachi. Among them are eminent citizens, politicians and law-enforcing personal, high government officials, writers like Salahuddin and finally the former Governor of Sindh, internationally renowned scholar and social worker Hakim Saeed.
    The method is simple. Terrorists chose a government servant and mark his residence. They watch his movements and his routines. Then, when orders are issued to “resurrect the movement and do his case”, the main is whisked away from a convenient spot. The kidnapped is invariably tortured, then killed and his body stuffed in a gunny bag to the dumped on a street in the quite of the night. The movement of Haqparasti (truth worship) is thus kept alive. In 1995 alone, 120 public functionaries were killed in this manner by MQM terrorists.
    The question is, if MQM has not been engaged in killing government officials, policemen and members of other ethno-linguistic groups, what has it been doing all these years? A group which is armed to it tee hand given to a foreign induced philosophy of separatism cannot do much else. The whole country knows that it started the gory tradition of killing innocent, unarmed civilians in a bid to cause a wedge in the nation.
    The people of Pakistan want MQM to renounce its anti-state operations, but it is understandably a hard thing for the group to do. Its personality and holding power depend on men like Farooq Dada, Asif Zaidi, Ali Mota and the like. Regrettably these men can in one lifetime kill 60 to 65 government officials for the sake of Muthhida glory, but they cannot turn it into a formation fit for human politics.
    The whole world knows that Altaf during a telephonic address instigated his audience to chant the slogan “aadha tumhara aadha hamara” (half & Sindh for you, half for us) and this slogan obviously reminds us about another slogan which was raised some quarter century ago” Udhr Tum Ider Hum” and the horrible consequences it bought in a form of Dahka Fall. At the end of the meeting a prayer was held which said, “makes us the sons of our soil, O Lord,” then there is Rana Safder Ali Khan’s threat in the Sindh Assembly, “we will demand the deployment of UN troops in Sindh”, or Ajmal Dehlavi’s threat, “give us our rights otherwise India, or some other country may intervene.” One also has not forgotten the “break Pakistan” slogan raised by mourners during a funeral procession in February 1994.
    The government has repeatedly called upon Muthaidda to close its training camps in India and call back Javed Langhra and others to the country. Altaf and his party responded that leveling such an allegation against a party was not only a crime, it was violate of the security of the country.
    According to Altaf and his Muthaidda there are no training camps in India but Javed Langrha lives there because it is a democratic country. It also says that thousands of other workers went abroad to escape persecution. It does not say how many, but if we take it at 20,000 who paid for their fare? They must have spent well over a billion rupees.
    But here money is not the issue (Altaf’s Muthaidda was a multi billion-rupee organisation, having robbed with total impunity the richest city of Pakistan for more than a decade. The issue is, did thousands really leave the country in 1992? All we have heard so far is a few names: Altaf Hussain, his 12 body guards, Salim Shahzad, Anwar Khan, Javed Langrha Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Ishratul Ebad and about hundred others. There may be hundred more phony asylum seekers in the west, using MQM’s cover. To say that they are in thousands is to say that there are 22 million Mohajirs in Sindh. It is Master Goebbles at his dirty work again.
    The government has repeatedly referred to training camps in India on the basis of two known factors. Firstly, the types of weapons – Klashnikovs, rocket launchers and hand grenades that are used by MQM terrorists are in use in three zones of this region; Tamil Nadu, Karachi and Afghanistan. All the three zones are divided between different gangsters and warlords, who are spilling blood to strengthen the irrespective bargaining positions. Secondly, enough circumstantial evidence exists to suggest that MQM is doing India an overt favour by harming the cause of Pakistan on every possible platform.
    Since 1990, every year Karachi has religiously plunged into an orgy of death and violence at or about February 5, the day that the government of Pakistan observes as the annual black day for Kashmir. MQM’s; peak violent action has also coincided with other Kashmir related issues, such as the official Pakistani protest over the burning of Charar Sharif or during the earlier hold out at Dargah Hazrat Bal. Towing this; policy, MQM has brought the issue of Karachi at par with that of Kashmir in the international media. Although the issue of Kashmir involves a deeper sense of loss, strongly rooted in the valley’s historical consciousness, tying it up with a predominantly criminalised Karachi has nevertheless been a victory of sorts for India.
    Moreover, Javed Langhra’s access to the personal company of Indian minister of interior and other high-ranking officials is a matter of concern for the government of Pakistan. Not very long ago, the former Indian: Prime Minster, V.P. Singh, had stated that India could not keep quiet over the situation in Karachi any longer. Altaf Hussain’s appeals to Indian Muslims to hold protest rallies against Pakistan, are also fresh in our memory. Then there is the incident of(UNHRC) Geneva Conference in which MQM’s New York based leader Anwar Khan, delivered a speech and took sides, with the Indian delegation against Pakistan. Altaf Hussain himself ridiculed the two- nation theory and spoke derisively about Pakistan Army in an interview with the Indian fortnightly magazine, India Today.
    He has frequently been clamoring to the world opinion leaders to forget about Bosnia and Kashmir, and to watch Karachi instead. In the back ground of all these facts, the extra coverage which MQM gets at the Indian radio and TV media is a further source of concern to the Pakistani government. Apart from enlisting India’s support, Altaf has repeatedly sold Karachi to the west as another Hong Kong – all that needs be done is repeat of history when the Hong Kong was taken away by the British.
    Altaf Hussain was also asked by the government to condemn Indian excesses against Kashmiris, desist from portraying Karachi (which is a part of Pakistan). At par with Kashmir in international circles and stop its activities in Karachi and abroad which are aimed at diverting the world’s attention from Kashmir.
    Altaf Hussain established its Indian connection probably a little before 1990. According to some observers, previously this connection worked through the mediation of G.M. Syed’s workers. But direct contacts were established once Altaf (because of criminal charges, which he refuses, to face) departed from Pakistan and took permanent abode in London
    A little before the army operation of June 92 Javed Largrha and his comrades slipped into India and, in connivance with the Indian authorities, started training camps for subversive activities inside Pakistan. Some Muthaidda activists who were later arrested – among them Naahid Butt’s phony brother, Khalid Taqqi – have narrated before the Islamabad press their tour to India in the company of Langrha.
    The government of Pakistan has a real cause of concern here. Langrah is a fugitive from the law. His stay in India makes him susceptible to Indian pressure to work against Pakistan. India competes with Pakistan in the international market for textile, leather goods, rice cotton and other commodities. Obviously the Indians will not get on Pakistani ships to destroy their consignment
    They will rather avail the services of Pakistan’s gun totting “political” activists to cripple its economy. It is not surprising, therefore, that Altaf Hussain continues to dish out strike calls in protest over the arrest or killing of criminals who have each killed anything from 20 to 50 persons in a brief career of between two to four years. The economic fallout of these strikes inevitably goes to favour India.
    The first time Altaf’s Muthidda stayed away from the government’s annual, February 5 Kashmir Day protest was in 1990. The Kashmiri intifada was a year old then, and the Indian government was already feeling the heat. Relief came from Muthidda on February 6 and 7, when unprecedented violence started in Karachi and continued for several days. Since then the 5th of February has occurred many times, but not a single occasion has seen Altaf’s Muthidda joining the anti-India protest over human rights violations in Kashmir. If anything, it has punished the protesters on each occasion by resorting to terrorist attacks in Karachi and Hhyderabad. For example in such an attack in Liaquatabad killed 10 camp followers of Harkat-ul-Ansaar, a Kashmiri organisation. A pro- Altaf morning newspaper and another sympathetic eveninger put headlines that read, “5 die in Kashmir, 10 in Karachi”.
    ( Recently attack on Geo anf Ajj TV
    Altaf and his MQM were asked by the government to renounce its policy of press censorship, and publicly declare that it will not use threats and direct or indirect pressure to influence the print media.
    Altaf’s MQM is perhaps the first “political ” party in the world which clamped an across the board censorship on newspapers and kept breathing down the editor neck for more than four years. Hitler had said, “newspapers should not be allowed to ride popular will”. Altaf and MQM followed this dictum to a tee. The code of censorship, which MQM designed under the able guidance of Altaf Hussain for the newspapers of Karachi, was impeccably complete. “Important” news items and photographs, their size, length and their exact placement on specified pages (mostly front page) was dictated to the city’s newsrooms from Nine Zero. Anything, which Altaf did not want published, could not see the light of the day.
    MQM’s terrorism against the press took its early shape in 1985. By 1987 it had gradually made its presence felt in the newsrooms. Any departure from Nine – Zero’s guidelines brought down the Pir’s wrath on the reporter, the sub-editor, the editor, the publisher the owner – anyone in any way connected with the production of that particular section of the newspaper. Inadvertent violations sent shivers through the entire newspaper establishment.
    Daily Jang, being the largest circulated newspaper of the country, tried to break the shackles in earlier days of the Pir (Altaf Hussain) and he threatened that paper “one paper is becoming a party against “Mohajirs”, it should take warning (daily Amn April 6, 1987). The Pir’s disciples ultimately in Hyderabad lit up 30,000 copies of the paper on June 21, 1987. Thousands of copies more were burnt in Karachi. On June 24, Jang columnist, Nizam Siddiqui, wrote, “Altaf Hussain demands that Jang should; publish his statements and photographs in places proposed by him, and that his opponents views should not be brought into print. No political party or leader has made such a demand in 47 years.”
    Altaf’s reactions have always been aggressive and devoid of any regard for ethics. Ask about who persecuted Maulana Salahuddin, editor weekly Takbir, burnt his house, burnt Takbir copies, tried to prevent Takbirs’; publication from Karachi, and when the Maulana refused to budge, killed him? And every one will say MQM.
    An evening newspaper brought out a supplement on the assassination of some opponent of MQM, in which it called him a “Shaheed”. The paper had to suspend its publication for several days, and the editor attended hearings at Nine-zero day in and day out. He was finally given the license to live, but on a price. Until today, this evening newspaper is acting as an official spokesman of MQM.

  • ashraf |

    Why People Support MQM if they are terrorists?

    Bhai sahib man’nay wallay (supporter) tu shaytaan kay bhi bohat loag hein… !!

    MQM ko mein nay apni ankhoon say logoon ko zinda jalaatay howay dekha hai.. (1986-87 Shah Faisal Colony 5 & 4) mein zaati toor pay MQM kay boaht say Bhaiyoon ko janta hoon jin mein kuch aik aap kay baray bhai kay bodyguard bhi rahay aur aaj UK/CAN/US baithay howay hein.

    Mein nay iapnay bachpan say larakpan ki umar mein ss jamat kay logoon ko apni ankhoon say qatal o gharat, loot maar, badmaashi aur bhata wasooli kay illawa kuch aur kartay howay dekha.. ! Mein nay MQM kay hostile Karachi mein arsa 8-10 saal guzaray hein, aur mere aaj bhi kam o baish 20-30 dost hein aur un mein say aik bhi aysa nahi hai jo jo aap ki MQM ko gali na deta hoo.. magar baycharay dartay hein.. apni jaan aziz hai sab ko.. yeah Dar kiyon ? aap bhi jantay hein.. kay nahi ?

    Yeah experience 1982-90 kay arsay kay darmayaan howa.. uss kay baad har 4-5 saal mein aik aadh chakar lagta raha hai.

    Guzishta 18 saloon mein shaid bhayriye nay bhair ki khaal pehan lee ho tu kuch kaha nahi ja sakta.

    Aur bura nahi maniyeah ga, mein aur mere ghar wallay MQM ki badmaashiyoon ka shikaar rahay hein.. hum loagoon nay Karachi sirf aur sirf aap ki payaari MQM ki wajaah say choora tha.. mein aur mere ghar wallay aaj bhi MQM ko dill ki gehraiyoon say bad’dua deta hoon.. Allah karay MQM waloon ka bayra gharaq hoo jaye.. aap ki iss MQM ki wajaah say hum loag apnay baap jo cancer ka mareez tha beemari ki halat mein karachi kay aik hospital say lahore shift karna para.. jahaan woh wafaat paa gai.. Lanat hai iss MQM pay mein naam aur tareekhoon aur ghar kay patoon tuk ki tafseel tak janta hoon.. na sirf yeah mein yahaan UK mein aap ki MQM kay bohat say Bhaiyoon ko zaati toor pay janta hoon.. jo MQM ko behti ganga mein haath dhoona aur maal kamanay ka zariya batatay hein… chooriyeah janay dijiyeah.. aaysay hee kiyon mera moun khulwatay hein.. MQM = Mafia Qatil Mardood .

    Bura na maniyeah ga, Ho sakta hai aaj bohat kuch badal gaya hoo.. aap haqaiq kay saath baat kijiyeah.. na kay yeah keh aap MQM kay hein aur aap achay tu sab achay.. !! aap humein bataiyeah kaya aaj MQM kay Bhaiyoon nay qatal karna choor diyeah hein ? kaya aap ki MQM kay Bhaiyoon nay bhatta layna choor diya hai ? kaya aap kay Bhaiyoon nay No-Go Areas khatam kar diyeah hein ? haan suna hai Karachi mein sarkain bohat banwa dee hein.. !!! Aap bataiyeah aap ki MQM kay baray mein.. kay guzishta 20 saloon mein kaya badlaoo aya hai aap ki MQM mein.. koun koun see braiyaan dhoo dali hein.. koun koun see achaiyoon ka libaada aurh liya hai.. hum suntay hein.. aur no wonder.. kal ko pooray Pakistan pay Bhaiyoon ka raaj hoo jaye..

    Bohat say Pakistani MQM kay maazi mein ubhray chehray ko dil ki gehraiyoon say nafrat kartay hein, aur mein un mein say he aik hoon. magar mein haq aur sach say inkaari nahi hoon.. ho sakta hai aaj ki MQM maazi ki MQM na rahi hoo.. agar aysa hai tu bataiyeah ga

  • افتخار اجمل بھوپال |

    It is good idea to arrange meetings of bloggers in all the cities, at least, provicial capitals but coordination among bloggers is more important for the heath and growth of bloggers community. Some how bloggers writing in Urdu are are ignored. Is there any reason for this?
    Any way I do write in English Blog also (http://iabhopal.wordpress.com) which I started earlier than the Urdu one.

  • wajid |

    کر دیا اظہارعشق ہم نے موبائل پرنواز

    لاکھ روپے کی بات تھی بارہ آنے میں ہو گئ

    "زونگ سب کہہ دو

  • wajid |

    ہماری دوستی ٹیلی نار جیسی نہیں کہ بس


    موبی لنک جیسی بھی نہیں کہ


    وارد جیسی بھی نہیں کہ بس


    زونگ جیسی بھی نہیں کہ بس



    جیسی بھی نہیں کہ بس


    یہ تو


    جیسی ہے کیوں کہ



  • mohsin ali |

    Well many bloggers are now involved in this industry and events like these should held more often. Bloggers like you really feel us proud and i as a blogger learn a lot from you and your website.