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Mumbai vs Karachi: is the blame game ever going to end?

Before I begin this rant, I must out-rightly condemn all terrorism activities, be it from a ruthless terrorist in India or even in Pakistan wherever there is loss of life it must be condemned regardless of who is suffering The Mumbai attacks were shocking for everyone, for the three days the killers were on rampage killing over 200 innocent lives everyone specially in India was shaken to the core. While we in Pakistan sat watching in earnest prayer hoping that this bad dream would simply go away, we too are sick an tired of these terrorist and truly do not wish this plague to get worse

What followed soon after the dust settled in Mumbai, was an all out aggressive propaganda waged by the Indian Government against Pakistan trying its best to pin the blame on Pakistan. Generally the accusations were based on some scanty evidence that the bureaucracy could muster up in the short few hours, it was for us, as if the entire book of conspiracies were suddenly cracked open by RAW and brought into quick production simply to exploit this disaster for its own gains, all in an attempt to bring Pakistan on its knees and into Indian submission [being a patriot Pakistani, I assure you that will not happen, Indians would agree vice versa if they were in the same spot] To believe that this highly professional group of terrorist could conduct a fully coordinated attack while leaving a blatant bread crumb trail seems too dubious. A team of terrorists hitchhiking a boat ride from Karachi to land smack in the middle of Mumbai and take the city om a target shooting spree, seems all too James Bond’ish. To have a confession by a person allegedly a Pakistani, is definitely a poorly enacted video, as the accent completely defies all dialects spoken anywhere in Pakistan.

But the most funniest is the tale of the Versace dressed terrorist caught on a shooting spree was in my opinion the biggest blunder that the Indians failed to throughly analyze before the finger pointing session started. The so-called Amir Qsaba [if we are to genuinely believe the Indian government to be honest in providing us with the ‘right’ name] would wear an orange armband on his ‘right hand’ while going on a public killing rampage, all Indians must know that this saffron band called Kalavais worn while performing Hindu rituals like Yajna or Puja. It is tied by a priest on the wrists of all the people attending the prayer ceremony. Kalava is tied on right hand of males and unmarried females, and on left hand of married females. Somehow the evidence is weak, simply to take accept these allegations on a scouts honor given by the Indian government is not going to cut it.

Many Indian’s might hurriedly defend my allegation to say Amir Azam Qsaba used this to distract and throw off the investigators while he was being photographed at the train station, I sincerely doubt the significance of such a small token in this larger plan, if he was so convinced to pin the blame on Pakistan, he could have very well worn a ‘Green and White’ t-shirt with Pakistan plastered right across the front, carried a Muslim skull cap and a foot long beard would have been more too the liking of RAW. So short of all that this saffron band does signify that he was a Hindu and not Amir Azam Qasba etc etc

The above rant was a light hearted poke at what the Indian government bases its entire set of publicly revealed allegations on Pakistan, rest is still under investigation [read is still being cooked up]. I truly believe India has enough extremists within its borders that outside elements don’t need to physically walk in and take them out, likewise Pakistan too has enough problems within its own borders that picking a battle with India is not a wise decision to make but even if the ISI or the terrorists were so committed to hiting out at India then the apparent bread crumb trail is all to suspicious. Do we believe everything the Indian government chooses to say, I dare say NEVER. In that same light would I believe every word my Pakistani government chooses to hit out at India, I also am first to say NO. Its all a game of propaganda played by both sides over the past 60 odd years but lets not have the people fall for this mesmerizing trap so quickly.

The nail clincher by India recently has been to ask the Pakistani government to hand over a number of terrorists have been residing in Pakistan, firstly even if we ever decide to play roll over and play dead, I would first like to try them in our courts before even thinking of handing our people to India. That said, while the Indians are busy contemplating on the Pakistani terrorists please have a look at this list recently compiled by Pakistan to hand over to the Indian, would you please cough up these 35 terrorists living in India in this international exchange program, after all they too are terrorists who killed hundreds of Pakistanis and are now conveniently living in India. A tit-for-tat reaction, sadly yes, We could do this endlessly but if wisdom were to prevail we both could take a gentle step back seize the baseless propaganda, fix our own internal threats and then reinforce our borders to prevent the other side from creating yet another havoc.

List of Suspected Terrorists Residing in India

  1. Ajay Verma, a Karnatika resident and directly involved in bomb blast at Sialkot in which 7 people were killed,
  2. Manoj Shastri alias Javed Khan, resident of Mumbai, wanted for killing of 14 Namazees at a Karachi Mosque,
  3. Raju Mukherjee, resident of Calcutta, wanted for bomb blast in Lahore in which 9 people were killed,
  4. Mr. Bal Thackeray, resident of Bombay, Chief of Shiv Sena, wanted for organizing at least three major massacres in Pakistan in which some 33 people were killed and a highly active in organizing ethnic and sectarian clashes in different parts of Pakistan,
  5. Vivek Khattri alias Kaala Pathaan, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for at least four bomb blasts in which over seventeen people were killed,
  6. Ashok Vidyarthi alias Aslam resident of Ajmair Sharif, wanted for sniper shooting at an Imam baargah in Karachi, killing some 14 Shias,
  7. Rajan Nikhalje alias Chhota Rajan, wanted for a number of terrorist attacks in different cities of Pakistan including a bomb blast in Sabzi Mandi Islamabad and a bomb blast in Quetta. Chhota Rajan is now launching terrorist operations in Pakistan from Indian Missions in Kandahar and Jalalabad (Afghanistan) and is head of RAW’s organized Crimes Wing or Special Operations Division (SOD), he is also wanted for killing of Chinese Engineers in Baluchistan and organizing the murder of some Chinese workers near Peshawar
  8. Asotosh Srivastava alias Maulvi Nazir alias Mulla, resident of Alahabad, wanted for firing on an imambargah in which 9 people were killed,
  9. Ashok Dube alias Shah Jee, resident of Gandhi Nagar (New Delhi), wanted for killing some 11 Namazees in a Lahore Mosque,
  10. Sanjive Joshi, resident of Bombay, wanted for comprehensive assistance in terror attack on a Christian Mission School near Murree,
  11. Ramparkash alias Ranu alias Ali, resident of Hyderabad Daccan, wanted for terror attack on a Christian Hospital in Taxila (he is also identified as a graduate of Hindutva Brotherhood’s terror training camp, located near Sarojini Nagar),
  12. Ramesh Verma, resident of Pune, wanted for terror attack in Sheikhupura, killing 7 innocent citizens
  13. Bihari Mishra, wanted for organizing a number of terror attacks in Pakistan through his terrorists of Hindutva Brotherhood’s terrorist school,
  14. Manoj Kulkarni, resident of Colkata, wanted for terror attack in Attok , killing 17,
  15. Venkatash Raghwan, resident of Mahablaishwar, wanted for terror attacks in Rawalpindi, killing some 9 people,
  16. Ajit Sahay, a former RAW Deputy Director, now attached with Chotta Rajan, wanted for organizing attack in Hyderabad (Sindh),
  17. Ashok Vohra alias Nepali, wanted for printing fake Pakistani currency and spreading it worldwide, particularly in Nepal, UAE and UK and also organizing a terror attack in Gujranwala in which 8 people were killed,
  18. Vijay Kapali alias Guru, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for terror attack on an AJK village, killing 13 of a family. He is also working for RAW’s cross border operations wing,
  19. Vivek Santoshi, resident of Calcutta, wanted for organizing terror attack on some US citizens and killing them in Karachi,
  20. Mohandas Sharma, resident of Patna, wanted for planning and executing terror attacks on foreign nationals in Pakistan at least on three occasions,
  21. Ramgopal Soorati, resident of Soorat, wanted for terror attack in Jhelum, killing 9 through a bus blast on the highway,
  22. Rakesh alias Kalia, resident of Bombay, wanted for terror attack in Kasur,
  23. Parkash Santoshi, resident of Lucknow, wanted for terror attack on a religious gathering in Lahore,
  24. Aman Verma alias Pappoo alias Gulloo, resident of Aagra, wanted for terror attack in Peshawar in which 11 people were killed,
  25. Mohinder Parkash alias Yasin Khan alias Riaz Chitta, resident of Lucknow, wanted for organizing terror attacks in different parts of Sindh,
  26. Ashish Jaithlee alias Shaikh alias Osama, resident of Bombay downtown, wanted for providing explosives to the terrorists who killed French engineers in Karachi and also to those who carried out Marriot bombing, these explosives were provided through Pak-Afghan border
  27. Manohar Laal alias Peer Jee alias Ubu Khalid, resident of Gohaati, wanted for providing explosive devices for attack on Foreign Mission building in Karachi,
  28. Ramnarayan alias Mufti, resident of New Delhi, wanted for providing huge consignments of automatic weapons to activists of banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and banned Lashkar-e-Tayyaba
  29. Arun Shetty, resident of Bombay and wanted for bulk infiltration of explosives, arms and ammunition into Pakistan,
  30. Nikhanj Laal, resident of Hurryana, wanted for terror attack in border city of Narowaal, killing seven people,
  31. Sunil Verma alias Httyara, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for organizing terror attack on Daily the Nation’s office n Karachi,
  32. Ashish Chowan, resident of New Delhi, wanted for supply of arms and assisting latest terror attacks in Quetta. Ashish is presently reported to be present in Indian Consulate of Kandahaar (Afghanistan) ,
  33. Babloo Srivastva of Chhota Rajan gang for providing highly sophisticated weapons to a sectarian outfit in Pakistan and assisting in missile attacks on UN offices in Islamabad in year 2000,
  34. Suresh, alias Aamir alias Akbar Khan wanted for providing weapons and explosives to militants in Wana and North Waziristan through Afghanistan and
  35. Abu Bakkar, wanted for a number of terror attack in different parts of the country and now living in India with a new identification under the blessings of Indian spy agency RAW.

Credit: The Daily Mail & Deadpanthoughts


  • shishir |

    n seriously i was in the belif ki Pakistani aawaam acchi n sahi hai bas sashan he kharab hai waha ka….but yaar saaf dikh raha hai k India me aatank Pakistan faila raha hai America ki madad se…tumhe dekhna america he khayega..dekh lena for sure, us ki aadat hai aaisa karne ki….kisi ko bhi galiya dena accha nahi lagta mujhe but u forced by writing such faltu ki baaten…sach me…baki i dnt beliv in religion n country as such…

  • survivor2611 |

    well i personally dont give a shit who orchestrated the attack..but the ones who were supposed to protect came 6 hours too late and were ill-equiped..3 days to fight 15-20 terrorists?? with the worlds 8 largest defense budget???

    the home minister Shivaraj patil is piece of shit

    the elections were around the corner the Congress wanted to win over the minority votes …its obvious the PM is guilty

  • thepakistani |

    shisher i just want to say chotiya to tm log ki govment nay banaya hua hai tmain and harami tm bharati logon ki poori nasal hai,pyar ki bhasha apnay desh mai to tumari chalti nai jahan tmara 40%land area tmari government k controle mai 1947 say he nai hai,barey aey hamain pyar ki bhasha dikhanaym, tm jaisay kuttay he hain tmari army and politicians,seriously if you guys have guts then instead of back biting just try to cross the pakistani boarder sallay bharway saara indian pana utar daingay ham pakistani log wahan wahan say ghussain gay jahan ka kabhi socha be nai hoga

    • subhash chauhan |

      abe ketne bhar apne gand marvaoge, 1971 me to salo 90,000 pakistani pakar kar vapes kar geye the. Lahore tak to humare army aa gaye the….aur agar government kam ke hote to tumse jootye polish karvate. Kargil bhe yaad kar lena. Lakin har bhar ye government nahe hoge.

  • wajid pakistan |

    Dear all indion,currently we are facing the terosist activity in our country and this activity is only lead by india and isrial.tehy are divide the pakistan but inshallah we will not divide.

  • Faizan Khan |

    India ki ma ki choot ma mera lund gando k bacho apne bander, gae, samp or kali mata chorel ki gand dholane wlo tm sab ko Pakistan walo ki taraf se lanat. Shiv sena tera desh ka dada he na jis ne Pakistan ko IPL me khelne nhi dia us ki Pakistani ne ma ko chod dala tha bharwa us baat ka hi gham bana raha tha.

    • subhash chauhan |

      Faizan Khan – Khan ho kar randi ki aulad wale bhat kar de. Apne ma ke choot me bhi rooj lund deta hai kya. shook bhat achchhe hai. tera alaa ko bhi bhol sakta ho, per tumhare tarah shuar nahe hai hum. agar uttar pradesh, savere

  • subhash chauhan |

    Faizan Khan – Khan ho kar randi ki aulad wale bhat kar de. Apne ma ke choot me bhi rooj lund deta hai kya. shook bhat achchhe hai. tera alaa ko bhi bhol sakta ho, per tumhare tarah shuar nahe hai hum. agar uttar pradesh, savere ko tumhare taraf mut kar de to he tumhare pakistan me food aa jayega. ketne bhar apne gand marvaoge.

  • Hume Bastich |


    *Not only* do your filthy terrorists stop their cycle of murder/mayhem/target killings which needs your ARMY to come in try to subdue to spiralling violence in your PRINCIPAL city – Karachi – *you send* your trash to India to cause similar violence – and sit back and call it PROPAGANDA!!

    There is a REASON why Pakistan is #4 on the worlds LEAST liked countries!!

  • Zulfiqar-from-Pakist |

    Indian and American make the plan to divide the Pakistan but inshallah we will not divide. We are not yamen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, American make the issue inside the countries and start the civil war but Indian and American afraid for us WE ARE PAKISTAN nuclear power MASHALLAH… Indian and American are playing massive game to start civil war inside the Pakistan … BUT INSHALLAH once our issue will resolved we definite sent our soldiers to save our Islamic countries… Proud to be Pakistani

  • abdul1234 |

    u idiot, this kalava proves nothing. It is well known that Kasab purposefully worn it sothat he can commute easily and easy access to placs to perform his saitanic purpose. In my view, All terrorists with their family members and supporters should be killed brutely and seems like you come in the very same category. if it will not stop, we will create samshan in pakistan and nobody will be there to bury you even.