Will Aafia Siddiqui be released on December 17?

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Looking at how this trial has been conducted so far, there is very little hope that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui will be released even on December 17.

To begin with, she was remanded on an accusation which wouldn’t have been taken seriously by any self-respecting court of law. That whole story of her picking up an M4 rifle and firing two rounds at random was illogical. Yet, it was theonly charge brought against her. On such an implausible charge she was remanded without bail!

A pattern has become obvious by now: whatever could be the farthest from justice and common sense has been happening at every turn. Since it is rational and would make sense that having been announced mentally unfit a month ago, Aafia should be released on December 17, therefore it should be the least expected.

Instead, anything “unexpected” can happen – any violation of decency, justice and common sense (after all, this is a case regarding which the US envoy to Pakistan didn’t flinch from making a very misleading public statement)!

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60 responses to “Will Aafia Siddiqui be released on December 17?”

  1. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    you must be really very brave man.
    i shiver of fear when i imagine myself on your position and say those things against helpless poor people.

  2. A_paki_out_of_pakistan Avatar

    Actually that is the only language, language of hate and animosity the barrister knows, he is devoid of awareness of modern world, because he refuse to seek knowledge. Psycho Altaf is his teacher with ultimate understanding and for him root cause of the problems of the world, his own world, is “Punjab,Punjabi, it used to be Sindhi and Balochi and all the other non-urdu speaking people. Then there is another category, if you are Muslim and urdu speaking you are also the problem and start giving “bhatta” to MQM. Barrister is not brave he is actually very coward, brave people would always support the weak and helpless.
    Don’t worry Barrister, you know how the psycho Altaf is melting away day-by-day, he is scared of his life that he does not trust ANYONE, you know what I mean! This why his cronies like you have to go online to say things like you do to show your loyalty. Pakis including muhajirs in London despise him with passion. You can lie as much as you want now but truth will come out soon!

  3. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    you are right
    i was talking about fear of ALLAH(swt)which i didn’t see in barristerAKC

  4. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chishti

    Mian’ Insh’Allah yeh tu uper ja ker he pata chalay ga! It’s a civil war between Umayyads & Kharjees goes on…!!!!!

  5. Barrister Ali K.Chis Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chis

    LOL, great – I sincerely hope the rest of the civilized world take cares of each other the way terrorists are looking after one and another (by terrorists I mean: terrorists – without any religions who normally brand themselves as muslims/hindus/jews/christain but are working against humanity).

    Afia is under trail for her fitness to stand trail and the real case will only commence when she is declared “fit to stand trail”. And only then she will be charge-sheeted.

    The conspiracy theorists who thinks 9/11 was master minded by Zionist & Neo-Cons; 7/7 was orchestrated by M15/M16; Madrid Bombing was the work of ETA and CIA; Suicide Bombers in Pakistan are Afghan KHAD & RAW; Mumbai Massacre was an “inside job” will never accept reality because they are in a self-denial phase. A shrink friend of mine who’s hospital (Institute of Behavior Sciences in Karachi) was taken by force by Dr.Qadeer & his “badmash” brother call the disease “Offended Muslim Syndrome”…..

  6. A_paki_out_of_pakistan Avatar

    Maannn. You are foolish! Umayyad Khilaphat was over thrown by Abbasis and as far as Kharjis are concerned, they have always been around and there is a way to root them out, with out going “uper ja ke” but only if/when you get your head out of the sand and willing to open up your mind. It requires a lot of hard work and sincerity. Not by whining and crying foul and blaming others for your own evil misdeeds. Psycho Altaf is the kharji here in every sense of the word kharji, he is the one seeking help from enemies of Islam,Muslims and Pakistan and people of Pakistan including muhajirs. No one has caused more harm to muhajir youth than this traitor Altaf Manhoos. I have personally heard muhajir woman wailing and cursing this Manhoos Altaf for the murder of their children, he is doomed and everyone else along with him. So, grow up and take responsibility of your own actions!

  7. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chishti

    LOL! you are a Punjabi Joker and nothing more!

  8. A_paki_out_of_pakistan Avatar

    Oh…BTW: Some ppl believe that classical “Khwariji” were actually the righteous ppl and if you believe their explanation it actually is true. I have used Kharji in more contemporary meaning i.e. Enemies of Islam.
    Just in case somebody starts something new.

  9. A_paki_out_of_pakistan Avatar

    Whats wrong with Punjabi joker? Its not as bad as being a murderer, Is it?

  10. coasteering Cornwall Avatar

    go ahead dr.jawwadkhan … salute to you. You wrote about right point of view.

    When you're fighting for social justice, one of my biggest pet peeves is speaking out of ignorance.
    Eva Longoria