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Would We Understand Barack Obama?

Guest Post by Farrah K Raja

For quite a while we the visitors on this blog at least have been going through ups and downs and heated debates, we are not afraid to confront our political traumas and to discus religious or social dilemmas.

We the Pakistanis are a surprise to ourselves. Largely we contained our anger, most importantly in response to Bombay blasts, reading back through comments there are so many different aspects and we have discussed that rationally.

We have tried to maintain our pride, nationalism and genuinely tried to separate and investigate facts from propaganda and in a way it has helped us to understand propaganda against us.

Challenge on a personal or a national level is always good, I am glad we come up with our best. We the Pakistanis where ever we are, are not ready to put religion after ourselves. In Europe and United States religion does take generally speaking a second place, first place is human being itself.

In my honest and humble observation of British people they have provided the best solution to Terrorism. Tabloid journalism and sensationalism about Suicide Bomber at its own place for Tabloid Journalism handles everything from death of Dianna, to Prince Charles and Camilla affair, to remarks of Sir Rowan Williams, Head of English church in the same manner, as they deal with Muslims. I do not think it is prejudice; it is the way they think.

So far Britain has dealt with Terrorism in a very wise manner and to be honest and fair British society to an extremely tolerant society. They do put humanity before religion.

I have not found any hindrance in practicing my religion in any way and manner. During Ramadan when I am fasting and do not take lunch break, they do send me home early. If there is any office party etc they do take into consideration that we the Muslims are fasting. Everyday lunch or party they make sure there is halal and vegetarian food available. They do allow me fifteen minutes for my prayers; I choose not to offer prayers in the office though.

After July 7, bombing they provided police protection outside mosques in case there was an back lash. They accepted that Muslims are a wider part of their society and do try to accommodate us. In fact I think British are surprised despite equal rights, protection, why Muslims particularly of Pakistani origin are still so closed within themselves. There were some assaults on Muslims and I am not saying everything is rosy in this garden but what I am saying is that they have tried to understand terrorism and tried to address it. Many of the people, including Guantanamo bay detainees and rest who were caught up in Afghanistan or were caught after July 7 attacks have been provided help to break free of extremism.

Barack Obama has announced that Guantanamo bay will be scrapped.

I want to welcome this as a positive step, it means Obama is going to follow what he claimed during his election campaign. The other heartening thing about Obama Campaign is he did not accept fat cheques from the lobbying campaigners. For example in George Bush election campaign major donors were various Jew lobbies and Indian businessmen contributed a lot, whereas Obama campaign is fought on the funds and contributions made by average and aspiring Americans. No country would and should allow anyone to work against its national interest. Of course Obama’s first and foremost interest is to secure interest of his own people.

For the same time it seems President of United States understands what does the word, World Leader actually means.

Over and again he has used one sentence throughout his campaign that he wants to be the president of those as well who have not voted for him. He always intended it towards American citizens. This man can offer so much to the world .Up till now in his speeches, he means every word, he says. He stands for what ever he said. Actions speak louder than words.

Muslims of the world and Pakistanis should not think that he would be soft towards us, no; indeed he would not. We the Pakistanis for the first time would be able to talk to the person who would not talk down on us.

It is up to the people of Pakistan to put aside their prejudice and try to communicate to this man. He is far more willing to understand and address the problems, to find solutions..

Obama would not have only Pakistan on his plate or on his foreign policy. It is time people of Pakistan and our representatives present our case not as beggars to have more money and aid but at present our most urgent need is to be understood that we the Muslims are not extremists, we want opportunities and freedom and prosperity. We are trying to curb Terrorism and our nuclear plan is not to end the world but to defend ourselves from the hostility of India and Israel.

India must back off from Pakistan. We are concerned for Kashmiri people only because of genocide, torture, abuse, rape and murder taking place there .We are doing so for deliverance of justice to the people of Kashmir. They should also have access to free life and opportunities free of oppression of India. Pakistan is not looking for to extend it’s borders instead Pakistan feels that we are a mature nation and should speak up for the injustice taking place in our neighborhood. We have extended unlimited support to Afghan refugees. We have tried our level best to help people of Afghanistan to establish a stable government. We have accepted open door policy with India in the faith that this will bring peace in this region. We are not an aggressive nation .We want to work towards stability our army has served United Nations and very responsibly has met all the challenges and has provided support to United Nations and USA itself. We only want to put an end to all the conflicts . We are trying our level best to curb Terrorism and for that we need support from USA ,instead of condemnation. USA must play it’s part to uphold justice and not brutality.

People of Pakistan think as a responsible nation we must support Kashmiris .It is a verbal support, we must listen to the plight of Kashmiri people as well as people of Afghanistan. Afghan people have been homeless for more than thirty years.

Pakistan should be given a membership to United Nations as well .There should be at least one Islamic country to represent the case of Islamic world which is the second largest faith in the world.

All I am asking my government and my people of Pakistan is let us put our defence high but let us put aside our prejudice and try to judge or see the new world with the new eyes.

Are we ready for that? Or would we keep complaining about being misunderstood and misjudged without trying to get our massage across. Let us make this last gesture. We have our all hopes dashed anyway but to be honest let us try this chance called

Barack Obama


  • Ramla Akhtar |

    Barack Obama with a Pakistani flag in the backdrop! LOL. He really is everyone’s home president.

    Anyhow. Summary: Barack Obama has arrived and is here to stay. As Pakistanis, we have to let go of our habits of traveling back and forth in time or discussing the impossible. In other words now that the man is here, it’s not the best focus of discussion to wish that he was/ is/ will be Muslim. Or that he should ignore to address the issue that is Pakistan.

    Pakistan is an issue, and that is something for us to handle at our own end rather than demand the whole world to change.

    Any suggestions to the Pakistani nation to be more realistic and deliberate is therefore a welcome change in our national conversation.

    I was reading last night how Abolitionists (of slavery) were able to change centuries old view about slavery in Britain in a short period of 50 years in the late 1700’s. Today the speed of conversations is light-years faster thanks to the Internet. We can stop being controlled by our minds that are programmed by other people, and decide to live as humans with free, clear minds.

    This is the way forward for Pakistan: to learn to live in the PRESENT (not past or future) and to see things as they are (not as how we desire or fear them to be).


  • guYasir |

    Kashmir Heaven Turns Havoc.
    Kashmir issue being created by UK/UN and they don’t want to resolve that matter so they will get a reason/chance to declare Muslims a terrorist while if they see mirror they better gotcha who’s real terrorist.
    Israel and India are identical both are secular and democratic states both keep deep enmity 2wards Palestine-Muslims in particular and rest in general.
    Israel using India as their weapon to destabilize Pak and get a chance to invade it via indian forces and get control of pak nuclear arsenal thats why they vilified Dr Kadeer and banned his activities in Mush rein.
    Pak-India borders are porous from Punjab and Sindh sides all activities of terrorism touches either sindh or punjab mostly punjab side remember Sarbajit Singh who was captured from punjab side and Kasab who suspected of recent Mumbai attacks also from punjab.
    If we need china then china needs US and whatever US will say to china that stay away from us and pak, china will say Ok sir go and kill terrorists according 2 ur plan. We dont need china/US aka [communist-capital cabal] rather we need Al-Almighty. He Who can abstain us from fear and hunger.
    Unfortunately, we’ve been Enlightened enuff that God-theory which is Koran seems an old-theory and new theory so-called Roshan Khiyali which is Lucifer-Illuminism.
    Zardari is a figurehead president a pawn in hands of white house. He has been put on our heads by world masters
    Our Army gettin debaucher and their Moral is at lowest level due to ongoing fight with their own people
    Incase, If india attacks then i wonder who’ll be our saver Army or Allah

  • guYasir |

    The question isn’t that would we understand Obama? The question is that Would Obama understand Afghanistan/Pakistan and their heritage?
    I can understand Obama who is basically a communist. His father and mother were communists. One doesn’t know exactly about his nationality whether he’s Muslim, goy, jew, communist whether born in Kenya or where? he’s none but a black bastard.

    He has been brought up as US president to take communism revenge in Afghanistan vanished by Mujahideen and remember communism isn’t dead rather soviet died.
    And if you ponder his remarks that I’ll withdrawal all US forces from Iraq and send ’em to Afghanistan its a sign of what i said above.
    In conclusion when American citizens understand that their country has been hijacked and their democracy is a charade
    their collective lives is a fraud based on central banks agenda 2 destroy 4 pillars of human beings race, religion, nation and family. This is also the Communist platform.
    US/UK have been destroyed/subverted among ’emselves and hell-bent to destroy other countries esp Muslim countries.
    All about Obama heritage

  • Waris Junejo |


    you have to see this short interview by historian Webster Tarpley to understand obama better. he presents a crystal clear view of obama and his policies. a must watch shocking interview, which tells us who is supporting him and what his real agenda is.

  • guYasir |

    Did u read my comments again and yet again mY above 2 comments one at Kashmir and 2nd on Osama oh Obama rather Obama Vs Osama
    well Obama represent both Bush and Cheney and would do da same what bush is doing becuz he’s a puppet and liar but lie has no leg so it means that he’s a Quadriplegic gentleman like all politicians.
    I gotta go for shopping later on I’ll comments on few remaining subjects I guess i write on everything and anything but Illuminism is left to which i will define later for those who are khatmals.
    Have a nice day with Bakra and Cow/Camel dinner
    farrah have u ever have camel dinner? oh no i guess ya must have a candle dinner but v in summer do always a candle dinner at night due to load-shedding but i gotcha arrangement for it UPS and generator both at home
    Well no one say Happy BakraEid to anyone which shows how divided we are on sweet eid i did say but i forgot to say dis time around eid passed but still Happy Eid which reminded us sacrifice in the name of GOD…

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Khair Mubarik for Eid Greetings.Well I do have my candle lit dinners and I did cook a lot of Meat on Eid.Eid is a responsibility bigger here for my colleagues muslim or not ask me where is their share of meat which I am suppose to distribute to friends,being Christians they have a right to ask.
    I am not interested if Obama was a Muslim or not,or how and where he was brought up.What I am interested in is this man has been forced to migrate,has been attacked because of his name,because of his colour ,because of his race.He didnot make it an excuse,he is facing hostility and propoganda from within America which shows how uncomfertable they are and how racist and full of prejudice they are ,under the name of Democracy which is a slogan they cannot diggest the fact that equal oppertunities and the hard work of this person has got him Presidency.
    Of course the rich American white coloured yankees are full of hate and would try to bring him down,that is USA internal problem.
    Despite all this Obama is the president and of course USA elite whiter than white born to rule the world cannot accept the fact that a man who does not share the same hatred and racism against coloured people has become president of USA.
    We have seen Kofee Annan and Condaleeza Rice,worst examples they tried to be white in their policies instaed of trying to deliver to humanity.They were used to cover up the human catostrophe taking place in Africa.
    Well! Obama is a different man.He is comfertable about his backgrund ,he is assertive and solid.Before choosing Hillary as a Defence Secretary he has established who is the boss,not Bill Clinton,not Hillary but he himself is the boss.
    The hostility through propoganda against Obama in USA will rise.I hope they would not succeed to bring him down.
    I am not saying expect a true friend from Obama or USA,it is not him alone it is the whole senate of USA which runs the country.
    What I am asking is Obama ,USA and world would not understand us untill we try to talk to them .We have to ask them to discuss politics without maddeling up with our religion.
    We have to assert ,Islam is not a problem,problem is region and peace ,problem is afghanistan,problem is Kashmir for that matter To USA problem is China,problem is nuclear weapons of Iran,in Pakistan problem is nuclear state of Pkaistan,problem is not Iraq or Saddam Husein ,Problem is oil.
    In Palestine problem is not Muslim and Jews and Christians,
    problem is USA wants to have control over the region.
    We are not Terrorists,human murder,torture and abuse must stop .Labelling and branding Of Pakistani people must stop .
    We must assert US president should come up with better adjectives for Pakistan and Pakistani people.
    These adjectives,these policies,this new approach has to be provided by the Pakistani people.

  • farrah, k.raja |

    I have read your comments ,most of my days are passed thinking about Osama and Afghanistan caves and the people dying in Pakistan.I understand your thought process and the
    Jewish,Indian trio and the fact that Pakistan is created in the name of Islam is never absent from my mind.
    Living in UK has brought me closer to my roots and religion.I understand why Jinnah,Iqbal or even Sir Syed went back.
    I also understand Sala-Hu-Din-Ayubi and Richard the lion heart.It seems highly likely that USA will engage in war.
    What I am saying is how we avert it.We cannot say come and kill us.
    Our politics has to have many facets ,we should be intelligent enough not to be used by anyone,we should mantain our independence and we should avoid war,diplomacy,dialogue,negotiation and relaxed attitude will lead us to better understanding.A mutual win,win situation ,before that happens we have to create this understanding behind word MUTUALLY SHARED.

    If Musharaff would have stick to the power this very USA would have raged a war on us for our democracy.
    Benazir (shaheed aur Zardari)along with Nawaz ,were encouraged to come to Pakistan to create this caos to bring democracy in the country.
    Musharaff resigned and saved the country,this is the second time he saved us.First he saved by averting the war, direct confrontation with USA.
    Musharaff has left. Give me a better leader or Pakistanis are ready to wait that Chacha Zaradri rule us until Bilawal is ready.
    And why Bilawal why not Fatima Bhutto,why not Zulfiqar Junior.
    Because of the challenges that we face,hostile neighbour India,Israel our geographic and strategic position and USA interested to rule the world and control it,we need extremely clever and Inteligent people,who can focus on all these issues and than concentrate and improve countries inner politics.
    A leader from pakistan who does not manipulate like Zardari did ,sawal tha democracy Jawab mila Zardari.
    We are all travelling in the same direction.Well !since Zardari is a president my sincere request is abandon anti state politics and brining hate into people’s heart by blaming every failure of PPP since 1971 to todate on army.
    Work with our army.Accept your own people,they have voted for you.
    Chalai chalou kai abhee manzil nahein aayee.Stand for them defend them.One gift from India ,separation of Bangla desh is enough ,we do not need more.
    Let us concentrate on ourselves what we as a nation as a Nuclear Pakistan have to offer the world.Let us concentrate on our leadership and we the masses have to dictate our foreign policy to our leaders.
    Deliverence is the only answer.

  • yaseen ch |

    Well, my suggestion to Pakistan PM will be to send a high level delegation of both government and opposition MNAS to meet Obama and Biden to tell them our perspective about terrorism and how it can be controlled in tribal areas and ask Obama to make a committee who meets Pakistani top level officials to monitor the situation from time to time and not by sending asst.sec of state like Bouchers and Negroponte . This totally gives a wrong impression.

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Israel,USA,India ,if we put them in enemy camp than it is even far more important to understand them and at the same level making ourselves understood.
    Hatred is not answer,positive competetion and stronger,modern defence mechanism is.
    Let us clear our minds and focus on collective survival in todays world Bangla desh,Kashmir,Afghanistan need our support.We as a nation are big.Let us understand this.We have the responsibility of defence of Saudi Arabia as well with or without government approval.
    How we are going to do it ?Rise people of Pakistan we have to rise and understand the complexity of the world.Modern man and globalisation,no one in the world has time to understand and read us for we are not even a big consummer market,we have to talk with tolerance and acceptability.
    Is USA ,India,Israel really an enemy,muslims live in India,USA,ISrael has our heriatge and extremely important places,a war which Palestine has not been able to won despite the blood and Shahadat ,we need to change our tactic.
    I say ,NOT TERRORISM instead
    P for Pakistan
    P for People
    P for Peace
    P for Pervaiz Musharaff (only leader who can meet the challenges ,time has thrown at us)
    Be honest people,the first honesty is to ourselves.

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Yaseen excellent suggession .A solution, a break through in dead lock .Your response has given me so much hope.

  • guYasir |

    9/11 which US let it happened orchestrated by Dick in order to create a reason or public opinion 2 go for wars.
    Similarly in Pak BB assassination being orchestrated to create reason for democracy and get rid of Mush and replace with more loyal-lackey Mr 10% whom US turns Mr 100%
    SO fight with tyranny is 100% legal and applicable in current circumstances.
    P for Perverse
    P for Politics
    P for Pee
    P for Pure
    P for Piano
    P for Painda Baad
    Honesty is the best policy but honesty being sold-out in the name of horse-trading

  • guYasir |

    farrah our people have got several divisions and large% living below poverty line and IMF making us more poor.
    Mush gotta called from Bush admin who threatened Mush, if u wont obey V’ll cut ur oil, will collapse ur banking system, call ur loans, and if u still wont agree V’ll give carte blanche to india to invade U and V’ll be at indian borders an indian army will be in ur country here Mush bow down his knees and sell whole Pak to USA
    If i show resentment or harsh language i do use for UK/US/EU political and economic administration and their policies [which derive from zionism] rather than an ordinary UK/US/EU citizen
    So all the situation for last 10 yrs had 2b visible becuz it has been written in Protocols and Divine msgs
    We cannot avert dis current war how cum we want US/NATO go back at their home barracks war will close but they wont so war will whole and will be carry on till Judgment Day
    The current war isnt our war its a US/UK/Is-real war for world hegemony and world has cum to its final stage The US/Israel is Thesis while Islam is anti-Thesis once there’s synthesis complete world cum to its last and final stage means doomsday
    farrah do u like doom or boom?

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Gu Yassir
    I appreciate your comments,actually I should rather say thankyou for reminding me over and again to re-evaluate my openion.
    USA and Israel is thesis and Islam anti thesis.How?
    I am keenly interested into prophesis as well.The human catastrophie I think has started already.Africa,migration on huge level to Arabian countries.Arab countries have bigger problem,oil rich countries,lack of water and water dispute between Egypt,Syria,Joradn,Palestine and Israel and ever booming economy of Dubai Population needs food and for agriculture these countries need water.Now Africa ,Somalia,Yemmen and other countries people are forced to migrate and dictation is from the nature.
    Second conflict will built up in Georgia to confront Russia.
    Also pushed by USA, China may step up the war to defend itself .If China started to march than no stopping to it until Europe.
    USA while making its way from GULF to Pakistan and India has cleared the way for China as well.
    Personally I do not think a catastrophic situation in our region if the further conflicts are avoided.
    What you say seems extremely possible because muslims from Africa,driven by hostile weather,draught,femine,extremely hungry and poor and dying anyway are moving to Arab states .Such people would have bigger cause to die for and fight against Israel.
    So I can see a conflict there,maybe.
    Also another scenario is USA will loose its influence and Europe and China are two emerging Superpowers for the future.I am hoping these two will mantain balance of power.
    Also I believe a better solution to Israel and Palestine is possible if we engage with Europe ,Christians and Muslims again in the HOLY LAND ,Jerusalem as was during the Time of Saladin ,this time without the war ,instead negotiation and peace .This land should be clear of all voilence.
    I am in no hurry to fulfil any prophesy also please note the Yajooje Majooge Quam,and the raising up of Israel Wall.It is all extremely significant but I believe we despite quantam physics and theory of relativity cannot understand the timing as Quran holds it.
    baaqi ,surrah Asar says Insaan nuksaan main hai tu woh tu hum hain.
    Time is a secret .
    Do discuss your conclusion based on prophesies and todays scenario.
    Notradamus said war will start from somehere ,Georgia and will engulf the whole world…….it could be.USA intends to meet Russia there,I hope it will divert USA from our soil.But agian Georgia,Armenia,Azerbaijan all are Islamic countries.
    George Bush the idiot has given us concept of crusade agian when to Europe crusade is a word now a days used by gays to get a right to be married and be able to adopt children.
    The crusade here is gay and lesbian people should be leaders of church.Europe doesnot percieve Crusade in theological terms and they have been through so much during World war 1 and World war 2 .They do not want wars.
    I beleive Christians and Muslims can work together .

  • guYasir |

    God is asking us whether we want Osama or Obama?
    What’d ya choose farrah btw 2 O’s duniya b round hai aur yeh O’s be round hain. which O u choose?

  • guYasir |

    Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Kashmir needs our support while we need IMF support to run our country.
    Our leaders and lawyers are turn transgressors and do think little for their country 1st they think for their pockets which should be hot and top
    Regarding Muslims lives in India or US/UK 1st its not allow for any devoted muslims to stay any infidel lands more than 3 months if s/he stays there then their jobs not mine and i dont like west neither i ever visited any westerner country becuz I’m pure-paki he who wanna live here and wanna die here as well.
    I wanna do sumthin for my country in which our people get a peaceful lives. I’m planning to do politics. I’ve got friends of mine who are MPAs & MNAs [dont think im an old man im 29 yrs old] in last dec i stayed at parliament lodges when BB died so there was no hulchul but dis time around there’d be full democratic activity and id luv to take part in it without greed becuz Ive everything for living one can think in his dream only. system is sordid which has make us insane instead of sane. How to stay sane in dis insane world thats what Im pondering. well im goin for snores cyya in dreams

  • farrah, k.raja |


    But agian Georgia,Armenia,Azerbaijan all are Islamic countries.

    Sorry not Muslim countries but fair population of

    people is ,Muslim.

  • nota |

    Disclosure: I am no fan of Obama (or any American figurehead)

    I posted several comments here under “Why I as a Pakistani, choose to support Obama, instead of McCain” suggesting that people — and not just Pakistanis — who saw Obama as a savior of sorts were in for a rude shock. Since then, a lot has gone on (like his cabinet appointments) that further validates what I have been saying. Here are a few additional links and see where I am coming from:
    Black Commentator: Under Obama, Prepare for Repression, Subterfuge, and Continuing Wars

    Antiwar.com: The End of the Affair: Obama and the antiwar movement

    John Pilger: Beware of Obama’s Groundhog Day

    Gen. Hayden and the claimed irrelevance of presidential appointments

    Obama may be stuck with anti-pot crusading GOP US Attorney

    James Petras: Barack Obama: “America’s First Jewish President”

    Obama’s Familiar Orbit

    “Obama is merely a fop for the global elite”

    Obama’s War Cabinet

    Obama/Bush/Clinton, 3-in-one Presidency

    India has right to protect itself: Obama

    Clinton staffers make up nearly two- thirds of Obama transition team

    What “Change” Looks Like 🙂

  • farrah, k.raja |

    choice between Obama and Osama?
    None,both of them want to kill me.Osama maybe a muslim but the message of suicide he has brought to muslims is not acceptable.
    Obama if he inflicts war or sanctions and arm twisting ,definitely no.
    God is not asking us to choose between them.God does not interfere with our choices.Yet we have to work with or around them.How cleverly we achieve this is what God has created us for.
    Good to know you are into politics,always remember ,you are a free person.You always have a choice to walk away.Protect your self ,your family and try to preserve life.Politics is about survival at individual level,social level and International level.
    It is not greed which makes one corrupt ,it is the needs and level of comfort.
    Take care.

  • guYasir |

    Everything is fair in love and war even kamikaze
    I ask just becuz God wants us to establish his rule and regulation on His made-earth esp in trade so as long as I understand OBL He who wants to see God-words uppermost and Lucifer aka Judea-Masonic words lowermost while Obama wants wordly war and materialism aka illuminism
    Enuff is little more than one has (Samuel Butler)
    either for needs or level of comfort but the higher level means higher corruption or higher comfort
    In last politics to which I think perverse and dont wanna join it but what to do whole environment is politicized even paan wala doin politics.
    despite i know its a dirty quagmire yet i wanna join and wanna change the system instead of changing faces/feces by an illusionary democracy.

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Politics is the answer,we must do politics,awareness and accoutability is the answer.Good decision keep it up .we need educated people in politics.

  • guYasir |

    Updated with sum updates [Encore]
    Everything is fair in love and war even Kamikaze and Marriages regardless race.
    I asked just becuz God/Allah wants us to establish his rule and regulation on His made/male-Earth esp in trade so as long as I understand OBL. He who wants to see God/Allah-words uppermost and Lucifer[Judea-Masonic] words lowermost while Obama wants worldly war and materialism aka Illuminism [which is a mother of all isms]
    Enough is little more than one has (Samuel Butler)
    Either for needs or level of comfort but the higher level means higher corruption or higher comfort in contemporary world dictionary.
    Regarding politics to which I think perverse+corrupted+rotten and dont wanna join it at all but what to do whole environment is politicized even paan wala doin politics.
    Despite i know its a [megalomaniac-morass] yet i wanna join and wanna change the system instead of changing faces/feces by an illusionary democracy
    its just mY desire and wo desire kya ju fulfill ho, we’ve gotcha self-business of Textile and Construction by Grace of Al-Almighty, Glory be to him, He who’s the sustainer and the cherisher of the WOrld’s
    US/UK/EU are no longer a sustainer of the world rather they are satan/scathe of the WOrld.
    Whatever I did say above I said under the rule of “freedom of speech” same rule which being used in our beloved last and final Prophet of Arab cartoons and our not our but World holiest book Koran which papers they tore and flushed down(God-forbid)US/UK/EU and their leaders name create revulsion in my mind I couldn’t controlled myself and I write anything and everything against ’em Freedom of speech afterall.
    Christian and Muslims can work 2gether it can be true in previous century but in 00 we can’t in presence of evangelists and zionists and communists and crusades
    As long as I know crusades means Jihad for Christians but being a chum of zionists they forgot Jesus preaching and following judas-lovers and turn their asses towards us and fartin like boom boom bombardment. As ya mention that crusade name using by gays and lesbian so One can say in least that they are $Debauchers$
    I’m sorry if i hurt ur feeling becuz U UK gal and might not bear all dis but truth always hard to digest becuz its bitter in taste. How about ur taste?

  • guYasir |

    The question isn’t that would we understand Obama? The question is that Would Obama understand Osama?
    In my view its a conflict and contradict debate which will lead to us towards Armageddon.
    How about your views? how’d ya conclude this contradiction of conflicts?? if ya farrah take Obama seat.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    forget obama if you elect mr nawaz shareef or mr zardari or mr fazul ur rehman as a president of usa. the american will remain hostile towards pakistan.

  • guYasir |

    nota or lota, I gonna kick all lota’s from our Politics and I’ll show the world I can Change the world in real direction.
    The contemporary world has convert from white to black which means black clouds of doom are swimming on our heads more viciously than ever.
    India/Israel/US/UK/EU/UN/IMF are “stupefy-sirs”
    who run sordid-system which is full of KaKa

  • nota |

    You sir are a pure-idiot! And with your political ambitions you will make an excellent Abdul Qayyum Khan Jatoi sit-in (no one will be able to tell who is dvmber…) 😛

  • guYasir |

    I dont talk nota and lota. I only use ’em only for KaKa.
    And mY below comments is just Only for farrah she who who understand or wanna understands or wanna differentiate what is Evil and what is Eternal? Else are U-KaKa

    Cuckold-Cheney Orchestrated[Obama] and current-cabal of terrorism and wars and Indians are their cuckold/cockold cronies and wanna scathe Pakistan and I wanna safe mYasir Country. Can ya cum Pak-capital on New Year. I’ll take ya to PM house and will stay Parliament Lodges and will do discuss more on Obama and Osama.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    @nota and @guyasir
    you two are great people having a high level of intellect.
    please do not fight over a nonsense issue.

  • guY-sir |

    Is dis non-sense issue means Obama is non-sense glad to know that aap kay mouth may kaka oh kute oh sweet…Isn’t Obama face seems like a KaKa?
    I hate Khan as well in ’em most are homos and I hate fags.I’m straight ek dum “straight”
    in khans I saw many cuckolds like Imran Khan and Feroz Khan oR maY be jawadkhan… are ya cuckold-cock? nah but U-KaKa

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    you need to consult team of medical professionals.
    i think you are by an alien.

  • guY-sir |

    In the name of God Who’s yoUr and Our God [same] but yet differ becuz we work for the same cause but intensions differs.
    ‘Obama I need yr attention’

    Updated with sum Updates [Encore]
    This freedom of speech of Mine is for All Indians Local and Abroad

    I Know V for Vendetta nowadays and you are the culprits of the earth since ya created East India Company in corporation with your chum UK.

    You’ve done good planning with your buddy an identical Israel Is-real? nah but Orchestrated by U/UK. You’re the inventor of chess game and world is like a [chess game] aka “game theory” and ya do play good chess better than us while we play [chest game] and you led our youth astray thru your ashtray means media notoriously Bollywood aka Hollywood and *womanize*+++ aka feminism which is a gift/gulag for any woman.
    You have also close financial doors through ur chess boards or in other words you put us on IMF begging;

    IMF= [International Mother Fucker]-(Obama are ya pondering or wondering or wandering)

    But we dont need money we’ve plenty even more than yr Rothschild none but (USurious sucker) {Here intension differ we wanna clean USury] Rather dis is our [lucifer-lover-leaders] who need Money and Honey we can defend our country by giving blood at our soil…

    We aren’t ur friends Punjabies/Bhutto can be ur friends whom I call KaKa and you Indians and our Bhutto are products of UK= U-KaKa. I ain’t, gotcha? we are rather “fiends” instead of friends nowadays dont cum at our blogs no evil-espionage allow go to rediff and give comments there and if ya do espionage according to yr ancient habit then bear all mY words-war.

    I passed my comment at rediff last month where I wrote that. Democracy is a “ruse” for all of those who are “rubes” and India gotcha largest democracy in the world means largest Rubes……………………………………………… [V seek Theo-democracy becuz we aint rubes rather cutes] {Here intension differs]

    And they blocked my comments means invisible. Is dis largest democracy? nah but dis is your [illusionary-illuminism] which is leading ya 2wards Abyss.

    Obama I’ll write on U soon wait and watch and remember V for Vendetta instead of Victory…

  • guY-sir |

    And Theo-democracy which should be derive from World’s Holiest Book none but KORAN instead of any illusionary-isms.

    World gonna go towards more “darkness” if ya gonna take charge from Bush but I wanna “illuminate” ya which could prevent ya from Abyss.
    WE’LL Meet sOOn In President House of Pakistan.
    Take care yr serfs, soldiers aka sordid-suckers.
    Good bYe

  • guY-sir |

    heYa farrah,They do put humanity before religion.acha here yr illusion aka isms starts which is enuff for

    [United States of Abyss]

  • guY-sir |

    in Khans many are homos so ya go kaka point and find food 4u becuz U KaKa i aint. gotcha? dr kaka

  • Asad Ali |

    @hey Guyasir,

    dud, your IMF definition is THE best, it pained by ribs
    with laughters, it sounded as if bush has just
    received a third shoe, and this time it really hit him,
    but take it easy, your points are not at all bad, some
    of them interest me ! homos have serious 23 chromosomes
    distributions problem in their matbolism, try to be
    tolerant, the Khuddrahs or Hijras are more dangerous,
    as there are plenty in Nato armies in Afghanistan, and
    I wonder why they feel at home ! ha ha ha ,now Indians
    army has joined them, there will a lot of fun dancing
    over there. The new bollywood Hijra team is aleady there !