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Bush ‘shoed at’ in Iraq – Hilarious

The electronic media is abuzz with reports of an Iraqi journalist who threw two of his shoes at President George Bush who was in Iraq addressing a press conference with the Iraqi President.

The Iraqi television journalist Muthathar al Zaidi threw both of his shoes at and later yelled โ€œThis is a farewell kiss, you dog,โ€
Considering what the Bush administration has done with the world at large, I must admit this was really satisfying specially coming from an individual in Iraq. On a lighter note I might also fear that America could now be heading towards implementing a ‘Shoe-less’ travel policy


  • d0ct0r |

    Shoes could be used as WMDs(Weapons of Mass Destruction) so i am assuming that on his next press conference in Iraq bush’s team would ban shoes. All journalist would be allowed in barefooted ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Sajjad |

    I wonder if he really meant to hit “the bush” or if it was more of a symbolic gesture. Nevertheless, still an excellent throw. Also proud to be a Zaidi. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Excellent ,someone had the guts to show the outrage .Please note the laughter in the voice and tone of
    the news reporter.

  • guYasir |

    Bush rightly shoed at in Iraq so Iraqis have to show him that USA its a sole-shoe-super-power of the world while we Muslims are soul-super-power by the Grace of Al-Almighty, Glory be to him, He who’s the sustainer and cherisher of the World’s.
    In other words Bush-Brown are child’s of Rothschild. He who feed ’em they are Rothschild allies and minions.
    Rothschild is a product of Kabala for their centuries old plan for world domination.
    So UK= U-Kabala oR U-KaKa while US= U Suck [sordidly]
    Isn’t hilarious like horse-trading?

  • Asim |

    This shows US fails in Iraq war
    and did won any heart or mind of iraqi person
    and a media report gives farewell for millions of death
    happened due to US war on terrror.

    Infact the world becomes more dangerous place after
    US started its own war on terror by creating terror
    for US and the world.

  • ali |

    i am very glad on this shoot of shoes on bush
    this was the desire of many people of the world which one journalist of iraq.
    I would like to say him who did that


  • farrah k raja |

    I think this was the moment of TRUTH ,everyone at least the people I know from various nationality and accross Europe,enjoyed and felt greatly relieved at this expression of anger.

  • guYasir |

    Bush-Brown and their cronies name create revulsion in our minds since they started gratuitous-war and more when they published Mohd(pbuh) cartoons and flushed down world holiest book Koran papers.
    Its enuff to create revulsion so one can say in least that they are none but $Debauchers$
    They who spreading debauchery-democracy and fascist-freedom in our lands and subverting us under the guise of Illuminism which is a mother of all [isms].

  • guYasir |

    Correction; not under the guise of Illuminism rather under the carpet of Illuminism which is a mother of all [isms]

  • Anwar |

    This may be a catalyst for self examination and new dynamics in Iraq…
    Funny it was. Glad to see our president physically so alert to dodge the shoes… Wish he was mentally just as alert before deciding to invade a sovereign nation.

  • farrah, k.raja |

    It has become serious:
    Muthathar al Zaidi the journalist who threw shoes at Bush is in prison and tortured while the press conference continued the screams of the man were heard during the recording rest of Press conference.
    A march protest with the shoes in hands have started in Iraq to ask USA to quit Iraq.

  • Capt (R) Dr Razahaider |

    This is what ailing Iraqi community has and had so to present the departing soul on his legitimate departure to hell.

    Bush marvelous doctrine and philosophical strategy as world order to nib the Muslims and Islam by hook or crook had expected built-in legitimate ending as fate which qualifies to be presented in the same way of shoe hurl as award.

    World is witness to the event , sufferers and victims do not need arms as ornament and force as manpower to smash and degrade most powerful man and state on earth .

    I think it is and was a sufficient gesture as expression which qualifies the concept that what you sow, so shall you reap.

    This event is a right and timed piece of alert for Americans dignitaries to restructure and redesign so to replenish a better policy that is understandable to the globe and sufferer community in particular.

  • Vijiith.Chaterjii |

    ” The Pen is mighter than the sword” and a journalist should know the meaning of this adge in letter and spirit.

    I would have been extremely happy had this guy written an op-ed against the policies of President Bush or taken out a protest march or launched a signature campaign or participated in iraqi elections to bring about change, unfortunately he choose otherwise.

    The problem with the people in the islamic world is that they don’t have the guts to throw shoes on Saddam, Saddat,Asad, Gaddafi, Zia, Muhsarraf, Suharto etc. and the numerous despots that have graced the islamic world, this incident goes on to prove the cowardness and the hoplessness that prevails in the majority of the islamic world that you can’t even raise your own weak and meek voice against the dictator that screws and fucks the entire country for ages but once the dictator is removed by force by a super-power people suddenly disocver the virtues of democracy and start throwing shoes. It goes on to prove how silly and stupid the incident. President Bush handled this situation very well. He could retorted to the journalist, Where were your balls when saddam was there? But he being a product of a democratic society choose other wise. This is the difference between the people who breath air in democracy and people who breath in theocracy and dictatorship and the incident highlights the difference above in great light.

  • Bishop Ijaz Inayat |

    Shoe is a stronger weapon than a gun or a bomb.

    Zaidi’s shoe has aroused the thinking of contemporary humans more than any other event. He has risen higher than the strongest man in the world.

    I salute him.

  • Bishop Ijaz Inayat |

    Bush saves himself to expose the US flag to the shoe hitting.

  • Arshad Khan |

    Musharaff probably would have sentenced this man to death for throwing his shoes at his master if this happened in Pakistan. Zardari too would have done the same.

  • Asad Ali |


    the neocon Bushers are yet to be “shoe-ed”
    Iraqians are wonderful shoes throwers,
    the zionist butchers to be shoved in some

  • Asad Ali |


    Welcome to Christian Republic of USA

    Welcome to Hinduist secular Republik of India

    Welcome to Anglikan Republic of UK

    Serbian Orthodox Republic

    Zionist State of Israel and others

    (Women are quite saved there and are not raped )

    roma, do we see any relevance of your rant to
    the subject ? you do have a particular choice of shoes?

  • Asad Ali |

    @vijith Chaterjee,

    your chatterings over Islamic world is spectacular,

    Musharraf had several attacks and attempts, similarly,

    others also had, but the news never reached India,

    where Indian culture of Dalit and minorities killings is

    a “routine”, even a journalist pen can not change,

    since centuries !!

    Now the point is, can Indian Brahman ruling class can be

    thrown shoes at, in India ? or get burned alive daily ?

    No, you are wrong ! breathing in two party dictatorship

    (US) is different than multi-party chaotic curruption,

    e.g India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Israel etc etc.

  • roma |


    Just look at the video link again and tell me if any other country in the world that is not Islamic treats their women in such an inhuman/sinful manner?

    This question is open to all muslims. Anyone can answer the question providing it is accurate, factual, and not OFF topic. Let see if you people are even capable of handling such a simple task.

  • Asad Ali |


    pain in your anti-Islamic arse youtubing all the time,

    show me a country or civilization where women is
    treated good ! where are you from ?

  • roma |



  • Asad Ali |


    To begin with, show me one “civilized ” country
    where they don’t have two dozens of “woman defence”
    refuge, protective, equality Ministries and NGOs ?

    Half of Pakistan’s history is dedicated to women,
    Pakistan’s constitution, civil societies, Govt.posts
    and functions, Army, police etc, women is present
    every where since 1947, now the civil attitude is
    negative, I think you are personally responsible for
    If you are trying to degrade Islam and muslims
    yourself being a non-muslim, then you must know what
    will you be getting in ? just try once !!